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message 1: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
Characters should follow this lay-out:

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Simons | 143 comments Mod
((I'm just going to use what I have already lol. It will make it easier for me))

Name: Layla Frey
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Coal Black with Red Streaks
Clothing:She is always wearing a red long dress with a slit all the way up to her thigh. She is also sometimes seen in some tight clothing for fighting. She will wear a tight tank top which is black and she wears tight black pants which will hold knives and guns.
Weight:125 pounds
Parents:Zeus and Gaea
Magic:Could bring Rain, Thunderstorms, Drought, can command the forces of nature on Earth, heal injured living beings and to cause living beings to grow. Has telekinetic power.
Weapon:She doesn't really use a weapon but she does carry a dagger and a sword on her. Her ability to transform into an ugly demon.
Animal: She has a horse named Cyclone, a wolf named Arizona Sunset, and a Dragon named Amethyst.
Weakness: Layla has very few weakness but they are there. Fire hurts her no matter what she does. She takes little damage but she does get hurt more in the inside than it shows on the outside. She is a little slow on dodging hits but 50% of the times she can easily get pass them. She is easily upset.
Bio:Layla was born to the parents of Zeus the God of the Sky, and Gaea the Goddess of the Earth and also the ruler of the Titians. Layla is not the only child of this couple. She however is her father's most favored. Layla grew up with her dad and training hard. When she reached the age of 18 she left her father behind and came to live on Earth. On Earth she felt she belonged there. She could make the flowers bloom when she walked pasted them. She felt like she was home. When Layla reached the age of 24 she was cursed by Hades with the ability to be transformed into an ugly demon when she was upset. Layla wasn't happy with that but there really wasn't anything she could do. As she grew older she fell in love with a man named Sparta. Together they raised a farm and Layla created her animals. This was how Cyclone was born. Cyclone was the fastest and strongest horse on her planet. She soon created all the others. She and Sparta were doing good, until one day they had a fight. She ended up meeting Edward a few days later and they were dating for about 2 years. During that time they were fighting because she soon found out that Edward was Sparta's brother. She ended up leaving him and she was heart-broken. She ended up meeting Toby through Kitten but they didn't last long. She also soon fell in love with Vlad and so far that is where she had stayed. Layla is a very good fighter and will do anything to protect the ones she love even if they had some bad times.

message 3: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
((((but shes suppose to be a vamp not a god ....))

message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Simons | 143 comments Mod
((She is one of my confusing characters. She is a goddess/vampire/elf.))

message 5: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
(((( alright just thought id ask have fun and good luck))

message 6: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Simons | 143 comments Mod

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