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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Madison (ruthmadison) | 18 comments This is my favorite. The writing is so lyrical and full, it makes me want to quote whole pages out loud. The message is profound and continually relevant, and I find the redemption simple and beautiful. It reminds me that there is always hope, in tiny ways, even in great darkness.

message 2: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (last edited Jul 13, 2011 02:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
I really enjoyed this book, I especially liked what Faber called three key reasons why books are so critical;
• Quality – providing knowledge and giving understanding to life’s questions.
• Leisure – provides enjoyment and entertainment
• Ability to act on what you learned from the first two

message 3: by ♥Xeni♥ (new) - added it

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) | 220 comments I haven't finished this book. Started reading it maybe 6 or 7 times already, but something always distracts me. I'd love to have this one as a book of the month read somewhere just so I can read it and discuss it and learn to love it like you two!

message 4: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Would you like us to set it as a individual challenge for you Xeni? Everyone else reads one book, but you have to read 451

message 5: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Haha another Xeni side read :p

message 6: by ♥Xeni♥ (new) - added it

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) | 220 comments Hahahaha. xD I've already read more than 451 books in my life!!

And cute Kim... so cute :P NOT

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Probably Bradbury's best book, Fahrenheit 451 will stand the test of time.

Franky This one has to be one of my favorite books ever. I think I read this book at least once every few years and I find something new with each reading experience. Really is a book for our times, relates to today's world.

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