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Karigan's vision
Tammie Tammie Jul 13, 2011 01:17PM
I was just wondering what everyone else thought about the meaning behind Karigen seeing Estora behind the Mad Queen Audacious mask in her vision while in the white world. I have only one idea so far that I would rather not say until I've heard other opinions.

I agree, something to do with the history of the Mad Queen...something about what yet is to happen maybe

I'm not sure but I thought it was connected with Karigan waking up in the Queen's sarcophagus in the High King's Tomb.

I think it was a connection to how Estora was forced to take command at Zachary's illness. About how it almost turned into a really bad situation, just like whathappened to the Mad Queen.

Tammie Yes, I think that very well could be the reason. Thanks for responding.
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