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Who is your favorite character?

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Cheyenne In any of the Leven Thumps books who is your favorite character? I like Geth, and Clover.

Sherry Dale Rogers This book is so weird, a talking toothpick...really. If you minus that part its actually a good book.

Cheyenne How does Geth make it any worse? I love him! He just gives it character, It would be way worse without him. And you have obviously only read the first book, so you don't know what happens! Plus you know there is a reason he's a talking tooth pick.

Madeline i'm on the forth book and i love geth, he's awesome! i thought him being a toothpick was hilarious...

Cheyenne I know I'm on the fourth too. I love toothpick Geth, and it's awesome.

Kasidee yea i read the whole series and i LOVED them

Cheyenne I haven't read the whole series yet, but I'm going to!

Madeline me too!

Ammon I finished the series a while ago, around the time book five came out. Geth is by far my favorite character in the whole scheme of things. Him, Tim and, Clover. Can't wait to get my hands on Obert's other book "Geth and the Return of the Lithins" it's gonna be so awesome.

Cheyenne Yeah, me too!

Kasidee i saw some books by him at deseret book but i dont remember what they were called but i know that they had to do with leven thumps because it had one of the charectors on the cover or something

Alyssa My favorite character is Clover. He's totally awesome!! I love him!

Kasidee ya clover is amazing! but idk who my favorite character is

Emily Ann Leven he cool

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Raevyn "Lucia" [I'm in it for the books] Geth in character, but by name alone it's Winter.

Perenelle Leven and Clover :D

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Leah Heath I reallllly like Clover:)

Whitney Geth is hot, I like him a lot. and I ship Winter and Leven really hard.

Kalla [A Bookish Nerd] CLOVER!

Phoebe Maybe I'm more for the talking toothpick.

Whitney Phoebe wrote: "Maybe I'm more for the talking toothpick."
Ha Ha! yeah a talking toothpick in cool but which one...geth was one and there is Ezra...so which one?

Phoebe Eh...Geth. It must of been pretty darn painful to form eyes, a mouth, and some limbs.

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B I dont know... i cant decide between Geth, Clover, and leven. I REALLY like Leven. He tolerates Clover so well. And sometimes Geth gets annoying... i think Leven.

Lizzie Geth! Clover!

Sarah  Thompson I love Clover! He is so funny and adorable!

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