Tiger's Voyage (The Tiger Saga, #3) Tiger's Voyage question

Ren or Kishan?????
Brianna Brianna Jul 13, 2011 07:54AM
MMMMMM kind of hard to say....i was always a "ren go getter" but now his memory is loss im starting to loss faith and easing my way over to bad boy Kishan...he deserves a happy ending just as or even more than ren!

I LOVE Kishan i think he and Kelsey are better togehter then Kelsey and Ren so... KISHAN!!!!

Ahhhhhhh..... love triangles always hurt my brain....
Once again I'm stuck choosing between two incredible guys... but sorry Kishan....

Danni i agree
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Team Ren. Its good hes protective of what he loves! And Kishan does not seem like hes actually in love with her. I think REN ALL THE WAY!

Definitely Ren. As much as I love Kishan and want a happy ending for him it just felt wrong with the two of them as a couple and Kelsey is with him for the wrong reasons. My heart was breaking for Ren. He will never get over her, but Kishan would. I love Kelsey, I really do. I think she is a good, kind, strong moral character, but she is being a coward and hurting all three of them in the process.
When it comes to memorable romantic characters, for me, Kelsey and Kishan would be like putting together Bella and Jacob, or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Wickham or Romeo and Rosalind....It's just wrong. So Team Ren.

Had to vent.

For Kelsey...Ren
My own preference...Kishan.

I loved Ren in the first book; then he lost his memory and turned out to be a meanie. The second book, Kishan stole my heart. Now in the third book, there is a new person in my heart! I choose..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................WES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was originally a Ren girl, but then Kishan came along in the second book and I switched allegiances without question. Kishan is a very real character. Not everything he does is noble or selfless, he acts like an actual person. AND he knows that he has flaws. He worked to improve himself for Kelsey. He worked to better himself. Ren is consistently, or was until this most recent book, perfect. I think that both men are amazing, but as far as loyalty goes. It's Kishan baby! Kishan all the way.

I'm only a little over half way through Tiger's Quest and I love both Ren and Kishan, but my heart belongs to Ren.

I have said this 1,000's of times, already ::

I'm for Ren & Kelsey ALL THE WAY !!!!!


01. 350 YEARS AGO, Their parents, Rajaram & Deschen, chose Yesubai for Ren. But KISHAN STOLE HER FROM HIM !!!!!!!!!
02. Today, Ren chose Kelsey Hayes, for himself. And, again, KISHAN STOLE HER FROM HIM !!!!!!!!!

Team Ren! Kishan and Kelsey have nooooooo chemistry at all! And Ren is supposed to be better looking. so Yeah.;)

Team Ren!!

yeah i agree with nightfern. ren is TOO perfect. and really i think kishan deserves a happy ending more than ren because kishan has been beating himself up for 300 years about something that wasnt his fault. plus kishan is closer to kelsey's age, hotter and i like black tiger's more. and kishan is really sweet too.


Kishan. But i want Kelsey to be with Ren because it is not fair for Kelsey to rip Kishan's heart out if she is still in love with Ren. Anyway they have the whole golden light up thing when they touch each other, so Kells should just be with Ren and stop Kishan's suffering.

It's sooo hard to decide. *sigh* But I think I'm gonna choose Kelsey + Ren <3

Kishan..... Soooo Kishan, Ren and Kells just go together too well and I'm in LOVE with Kishan, his happy ending is more important to me, unfortunately that means he's off limits

Team REN!!!! It's obvious Kelsey loves Ren and Kishan is like a pity date cuz he loved that girl (I can't remember her name) And he has had no one to love and Kelsey felt bad for him.

F 25x33
Lashya Wilson Are you talking about Anamika, from the 04th book ????????????????? "Tiger's Destiny ??????????????????????? ...more
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The bonds formed between her and Ren from the very beginning make it almost impossible for me to see how they could not end up together...unless he died. I like Kishan, but it seems to me he has yet to meet the person for him...unless it's the niece.

Kelsey should totally go to kishan. He was so noble, and stood up for her. Ren is most likely going to break Kelsey's heart again and still Kishan will still be there for her.


I say who ever Kelsey picks if it's Ren or if it's Kishan it's her choice....

i vote team kishren cause i can't pick just one :)

i think kishan will end up with kelsey and thats sad.... i wanted kishan for myself
besides it was ren who stomped all over kelseys heart.
i think maybe ren will end up with nilima

I want to say Kishan, because he completely stole my heart in the 2nd and 3rd books, but I feel like Colleen Houck is going to go the traditional route and have Kelsey go back with Ren. :( I need to read the last book...like now!

Kishan. He is understanding and stickes by kelsey. He loves her no matter what and even though he knows Kelsey cannt love him the same way she loves Ren

Kelsey should be with Ren because she really loves him, and she even admitted it. Has anyone that whatever Ren has Kishan like too. Like when Ren was engage to that Indian girl Kishan like her and now Ren has Kelsey and guess what Kishan likes her too. Y can't Kishan just be with Nilima and call it a day

can I pick both? lol. but, seriously I think I'll go for Ren, but my heart is feeling terribly sorry for Kishan.. tsk tsk tsk.. always the "Other guy" :)

ohmygosh ren, i know he forgot but that's not his fault because of durga's deal, and you could tell he did not want to do it and only made it for kelsey's sake. i just know when he gets his memory back it will be just like in the beginning of the second book =)

has anyone notice

Kishan all the way. I was such a sucker for Ren, but he broke Kelseys heart to many times. Kishan was a inmature cocky kiss bandit (if that makes sense) But he has changed into someone Kelsey can rely on. & lets face it She can't rely on Ren.

TEAM KISHREN! TEAM KISHREN! Kelsey should decide. She doesn't care a willy- nickel about our opinion. WOULD YOU?

Im kinda surprised that alot of people chose Kishan after reading Tiger's Voyage, because I was opposite. i loved Kishan since he entered in book 1 and even more in Book 2... he just seemed so right for her and Ren just seemed to perfect and safe... but after seeing how heart broken Ren was after getting denied and how much he affected Kelsey I finally saw that they belonged. i still love Kishan, probably more then Ren still, i just dont find him right for Kelsey anymore. so, my vote is for Ren (as of right now... considering my vote changed about 8 times in the book)

V Oct 19, 2011 05:51PM   0 votes
Team Kishan. I liked Ren before but Kishan stole my heart.

I love them both. I like Kishan is better because he's actually the guy that listens and does what Kelsey wants him too without causing problems unlike Ren, Ren just does what he wants and that's pretty much rape.

i have been with KISHAN from the start i always go for the bad boy characters and he has got! to lvoe her if he is willing to let her go ren just wont do that he kept going after her and breaking her heart but Kishan was willing to let her do what she wanted to do even if it meant letting her be with his brother, but ren just couldnt accpet that someone wouldnt want him

I have to say Kishan too it's the same reason as Brianna has. But even if Ren did get his memory back i would still be with Kishan after hearing what Ren had said about kelsey.

I pick Ren they have a bond that every girl dreams of have one day with a guy. Plus i hate Kishan for screwing with her head. You never flirt with a girl who has just lost the love of her life its rude and direspectful. I honestly think that if she doesnt pick Ren, it won't be either of them and honeslty I wish this fight was still between Rean and Li because they fought for her fairty.

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Ren...definitely. I choose Ren because Colleen Houck can describe the power of one touch or one kiss in 3 paragraphs! Kishan's kiss or touch is just: "It was warm and comforting. It felt nice."
I know a lot of people think that Kishan is right for Kelsey because they never fight but that just proves they're wrong for each other. Soulmates fight all the time! But in the end, they always love each other no matter what. That's what counts. No couple is perfect. Plus, it shows that they aren't afraid to be themselves around each other.
My third reason for Ren is that Kelsey and Ren are connected in a way that Kelsey and Kishan never will be. Hey, Kishan said it himself, "She's the perfect girl for you."
Another reason: Kelsey chose Kishan for all the wrong reasons! She's being selfish because she's only thinking of saving herself from being hurt because she's so insecure she thinks Ren will just leave her again! She said Kishan was "safe" and "practical". Well here's a news flash Kelsey: Love is NOT practical! She's only going to end up hurting the two boys she cares most about if she keeps lying to herself.

Sorry, just had to get that out.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I think Kishan's a good guy, he just isn't the right one for Kelsey. He's the square pillow. Kishan can be with Durga.

I think Kelsey belongs with ren but to me Kishan is the better guy.

I cannot choose.... .3. it was Ren first, but then he got all "enlightening" and mean and stupid, so I'm really leaning over to Kishan.

Yep, definately Kishan. Kells can have Ren, the jelous *mumbles on about how much a jerk ren is*

REN REN REN!!!! When I read about Kishan and Ren, Ren just seems to get to me.... Yeah, I know. I sound like a total weirdo.

I love Kishan but RENNN<3

Kelsey can have Ren.

I want Kishan.

REN for sure, theres just no way Kesley and Kishan are going to last. Besides she will ALWAYS be Draw to HER tiger!!!!!!

Kishan is the better man in Tiger's Voyage. Ren and Kelsey are both selfish and therefor deserve to be together. Kishan should find someone better - he's too good for them. :P

I love kishan he's my favorite character in the book. When I started the first book I loved ren but now I love kishan!!!! This may sound weird but I always thought kishan looked like kyrian in dark hunters graphic novel. Weird huh?

So Ren! Memory lost or not the love is too deep for it to be gone forever. He'll get his memory back I know it, he's gotta get it back, I have faith he'll get it back. (Totally for Ren and Kelsey together)

ok...I think that Ren went about it the wrong way when he tried to get her back....but Kishan....oh my....ya no what KISHAN DESERVES HER

KISHAN i did not like him at first but the little i mean BIG kitty has grown on me! and i agree with sabrina! ren is 2 perfect where r the human flaws like my mama says "a man with flaws is a man with love" what ever that means? but ya i guess it works here. so um....KISHAN ALL THE WAY

Ren. I still think he and Kelsey are meant to be together, even though they are so difficult to realize it!

I like Kishan too, a lot. But I go with Ren.

Am I the only person out there who likes Ren!?!

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