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New topic. Ok? This is once again a Logan and Sky only topic unless either Hannie or I say it's ok.

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((Logan and Skye's Tokyo!!! Sounds like a travel show!))

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((It does!))

The flight from New York started to decent after 16 hours of flying. Logan took Skye's hand. "Look, Moka, Tokyo" He pointed out of her window at the glittering expanse of Tokyo.

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"It's beautiful! So many lights!" Skye's eyes sparkled in wonder. She'd seen so much of the world with Logan!

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"We haven't even started" He murmured into her ear, hearing her thoughts. The flight attendant brought them some champagne. He sipped some.

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"No thanks," she said to the flight attendant. "Pregnant..." she smiled, looking down at her tummy.

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"Arigato" Logan thanks her. She brings Skye some expensive apple juice.

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"Thank you!" Skye smiled at the attendant. She took a sip.

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Logan looked out of the window, still in awe

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"It is amazing, isn't it?"

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He nodded. "Busy too"

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"That's Tokyo!" Skye laughed and took another sip of her apple juice.

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"It is" He agreed, laughing. "You'll love the house here..."

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"We have a house here too?!?"

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He nodded. "We have a few around the world, Moka, I'm an investor..."

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"My husband is an investor..." Skye smiled at him.

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He smiled. "How about we go on a world tour? Russian house next?"

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Skye laughed. "You're so..." she couldn't find the right word.

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"Or how about our... Seychelles island?" He asked, grinning.

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Skye shook her head. "Oh Logan..."

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"You don't want to?" He asks, trying not to look hurt.

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"No, as in you always have some new place to go to!"

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He smiled. "I want us to buy a home in Istanbul. But I need help....?" He asked her.

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"Choosing he right one" He smiled at her.

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"Oh, okay then!" The plane landed.

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Logan held her hand as they plane slid around on the runway. "Early typhoon" He mused.

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"Typhoon?" Skye clutched her tummy.

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Logan laughed. "Mearly a little one. It'll pass before we leave the airport, I presume". The plane finally slowed down and turned. The lights turned back on. Logan chuckled.

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Skye smiled weakly. "I was scared, thats all..."

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"It's fine" He squeezed her hand and the 12 minute taxi to the gate began. The flight attendant rattled off in Japanese.

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Skye didn't understand Jap. "What's she saying?" Skye whispered to Logan.

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Ladies and gentmen, werrrrcome to Narita...." She started in English.

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"Oh, right."

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Logan laughed.

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Skye tried to concentrate. With little result. "I need to go to the bathroom..."

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Logan turned to her. Just then the flight attendant announced "Prrreease remain seated untirr the seat bert sign is switched off"

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Skye swore under her breath.

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Logan chuckled and pressed the call button a flight attendant came, and Logan explained what was going on.

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Skye gave Logan a thankful look, standing up and running to the bathroom.

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The plane hit a bump on the Tarmac.

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Skye stumbled...

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Logan was up in a flash and caught her, steadying her.

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Skye had tears of relief in her eyes. "Thank you, Logan..." she breathed.

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"Do you still need to piss?" He asks, worried.

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"Pee, sorry, I meant... Umm... Wee" He held her softly, leading her to the massive First Class bathroom.

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Skye was still in shock from the near fall. She let Logan guide her.

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Logan opened the door for her.

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"Thank you..." she whispered again. She slowly walked to the toilet.

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