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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod

District 12 is one of the poorest districts in Panem. It's located in what was formerly Appalachian mountains. They haven't won The Games for many years prior to The Hunger Games, since Haymitch Abernathy, an alcoholic and an embarrassment to the district, won the 50th Annual Games. District 12 specializes in coal mining.

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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod
At the reaping, a woman with a funny looking appearance briskly walked onto the stage. "Welcome to the reaping of the *number* Hunger Games! For the female tribute..." She shuffled around in the glass ball, and pulled a slip of paper. "Teresa *lastname*! And for the male..." She said, shuffling in the other ball... "Jerry Tomas! Please, come up to the stage." She said, and the two tributes walk to the stage followed by one peacekeeper each. "May the odds be ever in your favor! Now, you will be escorted to the train station to say your good-byes."

((It's kinda quick, but oh well. XD))

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Teresa was scared. Her family depended on her for everything. She snuck out into the woods almost everyday to get them food. Maybe one of her friends would give them a little bit of their catch while she was gone? She should have had this planned out!

Jerry didn't want to go. He had a good life and even though it would be better in the capitol or another district it was one of the best you could get in district 12. He noticed his partner, it was one of the girls from the seem. Then he noticed her blue eyes and knew it was Teresa.

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