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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod

District 3's main industry is electronics. They specialize in televisions, automobiles, and explosives. The bread from this district is bite-sized square-shaped rolls.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Bridget smiled. She had been working on this explosive combination for moths and thought she finally had it almost all worked out. She would have to finish it after the reaping though which was disappointing.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Bryant walked into his cousins office. His cousin was the head of the branch of an explosives company. His cousins branch was a bunch of teenagers that were bloody geniuses.

Bridget looked up from her desk to see the boy that often came here. She knew he was her boss's cousin but didn't know any more than that. She started thinking about the reaping. What if she was picked? Who would take over for her here? She wouldn't be able to finish her explosive.

Bryant walked into his cousin's office. "Auntie wants you home on time tonight. She said if you don't come home on time you're in big trouble." He said and then turned to leave. He wanted to talk to his girlfriend before the reaping.

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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod
At the reaping, a woman with a funny looking appearance briskly walked onto the stage. "Welcome to the reaping of the *number* Hunger Games! For the female tribute..." She shuffled around in the glass ball, and pulled a slip of paper. "Bridget Adams! And for the male..." She said, shuffling in the other ball... "Bryant McPherson! Please, come up to the stage." She said, and the two tributes walk to the stage followed by one peacekeeper each. "May the odds be ever in your favor! Now, you will be escorted to the train station to say your good-byes."

((It's kinda quick, but oh well. XD))

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Bridget couldn't believe this. It couldn't be happening to her. What would her family do? Who would take over her job? This just couldn't be happening.

Bryant smiled. This could be fun. He would go win the hunger games and then he would come back a hero.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Annette was at home. She had just said good bye to Bryant and given him the flower. She has started crying when she had said good bye and hadn't stopped. She was now laying on her bed bawling her eyes out. What if he didn't come back? What would she do then? She knew that he didn't have much of a chance.

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ɐlʎʞ | 331 comments Annie was walking down the street to work. She wasn't her sister but any money was better than no money. She saw a little girl with red hair she recognized from the reaping. She realized it was Minnie. She walked up to her. "I'm Annie, Bridget's little sister. I just wanted to say good luck to your cousin." She said and then ran off knowing she couldn't be late for work.

Minnie sighed. She looked at the girl running down the street and knew that at least one of their family members wasn't coming home. That they might even kill one another. She started walking again and finally made her way home. She opened the door and went up to her room. She flopped down on her bed and started crying.

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