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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod

District 1 is one of the wealthier districts of Panem. Its primary industry is making luxury items for the Capitol. Some of them include diamonds and most likely other precious gems. It seems that names in this district are names of precious items, which may be a reflection on their "glamorous" nature and demeanor.

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drew (drewbeck) Penny yawned in her expensive house, her mind racing through every tactic to help her victim. This was her first year, and if they were the first to die, her rep would go down. . .

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Andromeda (Jenna) (hufflepuffsheirloveslee) | 165 comments Mod
At the reaping, a woman with a funny looking appearance briskly walked onto the stage. "Welcome to the reaping of the *number* Hunger Games! For the female tribute..." She shuffled around in the glass ball, and pulled a slip of paper. "*female name*! And for the male..." She said, shuffling in the other ball... "*male name*! Please, come up to the stage." She said, and the two tributes walk to the stage followed by one peacekeeper each. "May the odds be ever in your favor! Now, you will be escorted to the train station to say your good-byes."

((It's kinda quick, but oh well. XD))

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drew (drewbeck) Penny nodded, hearing her tributes. "Good luck!" she silently prayed.

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