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Magic being/ human:
Grade: If in school

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Name: Lukas

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Norway Pictures, Images and Photos

Personality: Lukas is a quiet, but strong man who loves to sit down with a good book once in a while. He hates loud people a lot, and prefers silence. Harnessing magical ability, he is immortal, and anyone who tastes his blood is immortal for a short time. He can only use certain spells however, and is very new to people skills, making him an awkward person.

Magic being/ human: Magical being

Job: Hunting

Grade: None

Crush: None

History: Lukas grew up in Norway with his family, learning basic magic when one day his father left them, leaving behind a ring for Lukas, telling him to wear it all the time. One day, Lukas took it off for some indoor swimming, and it was stolen. Since then, he has had many magical beings confronting him, and he thinks it is connected to the ring, and therefore, is looking for who stole it.

Weapons: A steel longsword


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Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Aemilia 'Aimee' Knight

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Aimee is a petite young woman, only standing 5 feet tall with an innocent expression always gracing her near elven features. She wears her rich chocolate hair long and free, nearly reaching her thin waist, while her dark gold eyes stand out brightly against her fair skin.

Personality: Aimee is a very untalkative young woman, perfering to keep her thoughts and ideas to herself. She never openly states her opinion of others and usually treats everyone in the same way; as if they are her superiors and can do what ever they desire to her and treat her anyway they please. She is a kind individual, very loving when she allows herself to be open, and she adores children and animals.

Magic being/ human: Magical being

Job: Healer, defender/fighter if need be.

Grade: Nope, she chose not to attend a school, to many people.

Crush: ...

history: Born to a fleeing woman Aimee never met her mother nor her father and was raised by everyone in her community. She was taught to sing and dance, play and laugh and to treat everyone with respect and as an equal.
When she turned 11 her entire life, her home, literally went up in flames and she was devastated. She wouldn't and couldn't speak for the longest time and many of the people who had been attempting to comfort her left her alone.
She quickly took to wandering and taught herself basic healing spells, easily developing a love for magic and found herself a teacher, learning spells for survival, offence and defence, summoning, healing, and simple spells for ones or others amusement.

Weapons: she keeps them in twin sheaths crossed acrossed her back.

Other: ...

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ƜσℓғǤιяℓ (bisexual) Name: Skyler
Age: 21
Gender: female
Personality: strong, bold, loves to fight, protective, sneeky
Magic being/ human: magic being
Job: protector of the forest
Crush: open
history: she was left alone in the forest by her parents when she was 6. She grew up there and is now the "wild child"
weopans: bow and arrow in her pic, sword-
Other: has a wolf named Demon-

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