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Jαsmin (jasminismyname) Name: Connor

Goddess/God: Ares


Personality: Indepenent, knows how to get out of tight situations, sarcastic, easy to get along with unlike Ares, doesn't like to be told how good he looks

Apperance: Tall, slight muscular build, jet black hair, piercing green eyes with brown flecks in them, tanned ivory skin

Crush: No one yet

Weapon: Samurai sword

Other: to much surprise he has never had a girlfriend and is very skilled when it comes to fighting like his father, the god of war

Sibling: Erik

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Jαsmin (jasminismyname) Name: Jessica (like to be called Jess)

Goddess/God: Hades

Age: 17

Personality: A complete rebel, likes to do things her way, doesn't back down, sarcastic, very rarely shows her kindness, always finds a way to win a fight

Apperance: 5'5", wavy honey brown hair that goes to her mid back and is slightly layered, eyes are copper brown, constantly wears her black ray bans

Crush: Not sure whos available

Weapon: Cross bow

Other: Can summon souls from the underworld at will in an instant, but only does it as a last resort

Sibling: James

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