Wings (Wings, #1) Wings question

In the new movie wings who should play who?
Faith Faith Jul 12, 2011 08:58PM
Who should play Tamani, David, Laurel, Chelsea,Shar, or others!?!?

i vote no disney actors

I think that the girl that played Annabeth in the movie Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief should be Laurel.

Miley Cyrus better not be the Laurel.I think Minka Kelly would make the perfect Laurel.

OMG When is the movie? :D

Patricia (last edited Jul 25, 2011 03:02PM ) Jul 18, 2011 11:18PM   0 votes
It's my understanding that Miley Cyrus is attached to the movie and my then 9 year old step-daughter actually screamed "NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!" when I told her she was to play Laurel... but that was 2009. -->

I am really hoping she is just too old for the role or just won't want to play it and they cast a relative unknown for the part....someone who actually reflects the delicate ways of Laurel.

Since I am not a member of the IMDB, I personally was unable to follow the IMDB link listed --->Kimi ★★★ Yep in 2014! <---- so I do not know what it says. If it does say Miley, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it changes for the better.

OK, im gonna start of with something happy.
I really hope this movie will be good (just like stephanie meyer did good...) because aprilynne pike will have chances to SPEAK UP because (i think) she will be a producer in the movie.
Aprilynne Pike: i really love your books, and please, feel the right to speak up! If you really love the characters you made, then you WONT LET MILEY PLAY THE ROLE!
Im not a fan of miley, but i dont hate her either.

1. I really hope that a talented, sweet, and caring girl will be for LAUREL

2. I hope that for DAVID, it will be a guy who looks sweet, and also caring, and his 'talent' that he 'excepts' people will just show in his eyes or something!!

3. TAMANI, (this is y i disagree with taylor lautner) should be a playful, flirting, i guess i could use the word 'flexible' in his case, but he also needs to be someone, who is despritely in love.


Annasophia Robb all the way! logan leriman for david and some weirdo for tamani. I hate tamani!

Karen Oh yeah i love her too.
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Ashlyn annasophia robb would be perfect for Laurel! maybe not logan leriman... I love Tamani! He is way better that David. Sorry David.
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From what I learned, Miley Cyrus is set to play Laurel in a "made-for-television" movie that will air on Disney Channel. I REALLY hope that this doesn't happen. Disney will butcher it. Just imagine what they would make Avalon look like... :(

Laurel: Anna SophiaRobb
Tamani: Zac Effron/ Taylor Launter
David: Josh Hutcherson/ Matthew Knight
Shar: Ian Somerhalder/ Jared Padelecki
Chelsea: Jennifer Lawrence (hunger games) / Molly C. Quinn


i really think Miley Cyrus shouldnt play Laural. Laurals character keeps to her self and in my opinion is a little shy to share her emotions. On the other hand by just looking at Miley I can see confidence and an overall out going person. We'll all see how she portrays laurals personallity, who knows she might stun us all!!
Also whats up with every body wanting taylor swift? She may look like laurals description but i really dont think she could forfill laurals role.

I just cant wait for the movie!!!

Is there actually a movie coming out? There were plans in 2009, but it's 2014 and still nothing. Kinda disappointed :/

woah... how did news of a movie escape my notice?? maybe because i didnt like the series enough to look into it. if i had to choose i would say no to miley cyrus- she doesnt look anything like laurel- am i right??

I don't know who came up with the idea that Miley Cyrus should play Laurel, but I don't agree. And from what I can tell, not many people do. They need to be more imaginative.

i like annasophia robb 2 play laurel :)

I feel like the person who plays Laurel should be young and vulnerable. I felt like in the book david was her first boyfriend and she was new to everything and her parents kind of babied her. SOOOO I think Miley Cyrus would NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT be a good person to play her.

Miley Cyrus is playing Laurel :)

I vote jaden smith!!!! Lol he to young. But I frikin love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard that Miley Cyrus is going to play the main character! (forgot her name!) That would suck if she did!

If Miley Cyrus, is going to play Laurel, i will throw up.

taylor swift will be perfect for laurel bcz she looks like a fairy but MILEY CYRUS no way she sucks!!!

It's crazy how many people want Alex Pettyfer to play every lead character in all the book to movie series that are coming out in the next few years. I have no idea who I envision for any characters in this book. I don't think I'm passionate enough to think about it. I like this series but it's not my absolute favorite so I dunno who I envision. But I'm definitely Team Tamani! =)

david...alex pettyfer?

deleted member Aug 14, 2011 07:24PM   -1 votes

If Miley Cyrus was casted as Laurel, I would seriously be hurt. How could Aprilynne Pike have accepted that offer? Money isn't everything.. look at what happened to Twilight.


I should play Laurel!

I think Taylor swift should play Laurel. Laurel should seem innocent. Not miley Cyrus. I will die if its miley Cyrus. Go Taylor swift. Oh and some hot guy for tamani

Michelle (last edited Jul 15, 2011 01:12AM ) Jul 15, 2011 01:11AM   -2 votes
I think that Taylor Swift would make a perfect Laurel!!!!!!

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