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Title: Angel Story((Not Named. lol))
Rating(M, Ma,): M (Violence and maaaybe a sex scene? Later? I dunno yet. lol))
Word count: (So far...) 3,215
Summary(Optional): Millie has only known this life. Nothing else. But this is the life she loves.
Being an angel is never easy, but the rewards are huge. Eternal life, super strength and speed, even special powers that aid in their plight.
What is their plight? To destroy the forces of evil. Demons, or well... Fallen Angels. But what will happen when the two armies have to join together to conquer a new enemy?
Love, betrayal, anguish, and action. This has it all.
Hope you enjoy! :D

Human kind sees the world in colours; each creature can be judged in their own way. We on the other hand see the world in stark contrasts; good evil and human. We all have our place in life, good will always fight evil but neither of them will ever win; while humans walk around oblivious to the struggle going on just above their heads. They for now, have god’s favour; where we, god’s first creations live fighting one of our own to save these miserable, faulty creatures. In my long existence I have met one human I could trust yet even he along with my child were snatched from me by the failures of the human kind. I would never say I fight for the life of these animals. No, I fight for my beliefs and my god; but the way things have been going for me lately I might just switch sides.

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Chapter 1
“Millie, Millie... MILLICENT!” A loud, rough voice jolted me out of my sleep, sort of.
“Hmmm... Too early...” Strong hands grabbed hold of my shoulders as I mumbled my protests.
“Get up Millie. Get up or I’ll get a bucket of water.” The arrogant voice snapped at me. I shook the hands off me and stood up.
“Urgh I'm up.” I said, my eyes searching the room. Gabriel stood in front of the bed, all muscle and ego.
“Took you long enough. Now we unfortunately have a job to do. Together.” He looked at me like he expected me to burst into tears, but I just stared blankly. “Working together, in a group, against demons. Together.” He drew the last word out, talking like I was some dumbo.
“I heard you the fucking first time. Now would you please leave so I could get ready for this big, togetherness, you seem so happy about.” I shoved Gabe out of the room with a force that would have sent a human through a wall. “Wait for me down stairs.” Gabe just shook his head and stalked off. I picked up the closest set of clothes lying on the floor, then went over to the closet and proceeded to dig around for some clean undies. My room was a mess, you could barely see the white carpet and the dark navy walls had things piled halfway up the sides. It was huge, so huge I was able to spread out my wings and be able to move around freely. My wings were the length and height of a small car each, they were a pure white with black tips on the primaries and secondaries and completely black along the ridge at the top of the wing fading out halfway down the back. They were my favourite thing about my looks that and my hair, which was a dark copper until sunlight hit it. Then it looked like flames. My body wasn’t overly great though, I wasn’t curvaceous like other women, I wasn’t tall like other women. I was just boring little Millie. My eyes were dark brown, so dark that they appeared almost black, my lips were forgettable and the rest of my facial features aren’t really worth mentioning. One of the most amazing thing, I found anyway, was that I only look 21; where I was well, well, over that age. I pulled myself out of my reverie, got dressed and headed downstairs.
Gabe and Michael were whispering as I stepped down into the lounge room; a whispering that stopped as soon as I entered. A weird look passed over Gabe’s face when he saw me, almost as if he was in awe, but his smug self satisfied look appeared again too quick for me to be sure. Even Michael looked pretty impressed. I admit that the first set of clothes that I picked up did actually suit me. Though boss liked us wearing white I always was a rebel so I had lots of black clothes. I was wearing all black today, a long sleeved tight fitting shirt that made my breasts seem bigger and pants that hugged my legs until right at the bottom where they flared out slightely. The two Archangels in front of me were wearing just flannelette shirts and jeans, looking so alike I almost laughed.
“So what do we need to do?” Straight to the point, I didn’t feel like hanging around, I felt like kicking some Demon arse. Michael smirked whereas Gabe just looked annoyed.
“Wait up a bit I need to give you a bit of good news.” Mike’s eyes lit up and a grin spread across his brotherly face.
“Uh oh... Your good news is never really good news, do I really have to know?”I ask, actually worried but he just chuckled.
“Don’t worry this is really quite good news. Do you want to hear it?” Mike asked, Gabe just shook his head at me and stalked over to the kitchen.
“Yeah, I spose” I shrugged. Mike’s grin widened even further.
“You, Millie, are almost at Archangel level,” A gasp escaped my throat but Mike wasn’t finished. “In a week at the most you will be one of us!” Gabe had come back in with a soft drink that he spilt as Mike shared this news.
“Um... What!?” Shock spread across Gabe’s features. I crept over to him, standing close enough for what little chest I have to press up against his back, and ran a finger over his rough chin. His head turned towards mine his lips opened slightely and his nostrils flared. We were close enough that if either of us moved forward slightely our lips would brush. I felt emotions stir in me, ones I didn’t expect, ones that wanted me to lean those few millimetres closer and I felt Gabe shiver as I moved my lips closer to his ear.
“By the sound of it, I’ll be joining the ranks of the elite soon.” I bit his ear lobe, hard, and danced out of the way of his flailing limbs; a smirk plastered across my face. Rage and embarrassment clouded his.
“You could have just told me!” He exclaimed indignantly while I laughed high and pealing.
“Where’s the fun in that?” I looked over at Michael who was shaking with laughter but looking at Gabe in pity. “So Mikey,” He sighed at the nickname I had given him those many years ago when I was a child. “What do you want Mr. Ego over there and I to do today?” Gabe frowned.
“Not what I want you to do but what God wants you to do.” My shoulders slumped at the mention of my boss. “There is an attack planned on an Echuca high school. He wants you to stop them. Be careful because by the sound of it they have a lot of firepower in the group they are sending.” Deadly serious now, Gabe and I shared a glance. ‘Why was there going to be a lot of firepower in a simple high school raid?’ The look seemed to share.

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Chapter 2
Soaring through the air I let my muscles have a rest. The thermal now holding me up was warm and Echuca looked beautiful below me, the river glittering in the bright sunlight. I saw a glimmer out of the corner of my eye and almost had a heart attack, before I realised it was my hair lighting up. I was content, happy really, until I remembered why we were here. Sighing I turn on my glamour. Something all of us angels had. It was something really helped sneak around, it turned us invisible to the human eye but other angels and demons could see us. That was how we were able to have all of these fights and not be seen. The destruction always passes as some freak storm. Ready, I look over at Gabe. He seemed to be staring at me but the prick just stuck his finger up and dived. He pulled his wings in close as he sliced through the air like an arrow. I was almost awed by him at that moment before I remembered I had wings too. I dove after him. My smaller, lighter frame catching up with his giant bulk before long and I glanced over at him smirking. Then looked back at our target; only an occasional flash of a weapon gave away their position as they sat waiting for lunch time to start, for the slaughter to start.
Still diving I was able to make out the school itself. It was simple; buildings, football ovals, the like. There were at least five demons below us, and we were going to land right in the middle of them. I chuckled to myself as we began to pull up. Gabe was never one for sneakiness. He was full on, guns blazing, Gabe.
His sword was out along with my bow and arrows now. I flared my wings, beating down with a force to keep myself stable; Gabriel kept dropping. For a brief moment I stopped beating and the demons below us looked up. I brought my elbow back and fired as I was falling. All three of the arrows in the bow hit true. A demon with iridescent green wings got one to a thigh, one with navy wings got one through the neck and another with wings the colour of baby poo got one to the upper arm. Gabe was in their midst now and all of them converged on him. I landed gracefully behind one of demons (the one with the baby poo for wings); a dagger that was hidden up in my sleeve popped out and I slammed it into his heart. He fell to dust; which hadn’t even settled when another demon attacked. I drew my katana quickly and parried his short thrust. It didn’t stop him though. Cut after slice after cut, but I kept up. His broad sword must have weighed a ton but he manoeuvred it with an ease that was amazing even for one that was once an angel. There was weight behind each movement, a strength no human could ever come close to. But remember, I said human, and plus I was quicker. My beautiful katana darted through his guard more than once and drew blood; whereas his blade had barely even begun work on my defences. I saw Gabe out of the corner of my eye slice down another demon and scarcely beat away a different ones blade. While focusing on him I let the demon in front of me get through my strong defences, he’s sword pierced my right shoulder and made my hand spasm, which of course made me literally throw away my favoured weapon. I gritted my teeth against the pain and focused on the creature in front of me, my eyes never leaving his and more daggers slipped down into my hands. The demon glared at me from underneath his black fringe, his unnatural green eyes filled with hate. I smiled. Muscles tensed in his arms and his feet moved giving me enough time to estimate where he would go and I jumped out of the way slashing at his right underarm and hitting a tendon. Unfortunately for me, it was he was a lefty. His arm though, now hung useless. No matter that my life was in danger it was fun. This was what I enjoyed; the thrill of the fight, the kiss of the blade, the clanging of metal. I knew I could beat just about anyone in the air, so, I took off. Backwards of course, there was no way I was baring my back to him. Not even a beat behind the guy flew up to meet me. I spun through the air so I ended up behind and above him; using my body as a weapon I tucked my wings in tight to my body and angled myself at him. Still coming to his senses at my fast movements I hit him in the back and through the shock of it he lost his broad sword. It fell almost in slow motion as it tumbled down to the ground the sunlight glinting off its edges, beautiful, and deadly. We were high now above the clouds, though beauty of the surroundings didn’t affect me as much as that of the falling weapon. A slender knife dropped into his hand, long and narrow it seemed more like something to slit someone's throat with rather than this combat but I knew already never to underestimate weapons. I learnt that the hard way. I knew I had the upper hand here and I knew I would win as I flew at him. We danced, we danced to music not heard by many; it was to the music of the battle. More delicate yet more passionate than any ballet could come close to, this dance was for our lives. Twirling around each other, darting in out, feinting. It was the longest fight I had ever been in. Sweat dripped into my eyes and we got lower. My opponent’s forehead had sweat beading on it too and his sword strikes were losing power, though mine were just as quick. I had him. A large opening showed up as he went for a lazy feint. I darted in but he parried just enough for it to miss the heart. The dagger, though small, was heavy enough and sharp enough to punch through bone and the demon yelled as it went through his chest. We plummeted. I pushed him hard below me and about 15 feet from the ground I pushed away from him. With an almighty crunch the guy smashed into the ground and I swear it sent a shockwave out. I had flared my wings just before landing so I hit the ground a little bit softer.
I glanced at Gabe as I jumped on the demon and there was a look of horror and something; anguish maybe, on his face. My mind briefly wondered over that, and then time seemed to slow as my dagger came down on the guy’s heart. But before it could pierce something slammed into my side, hard, so it hard it knocked the wind out of me and made me hit the ground with a thump, my head cracked against the hard rocks. With probable concussion I crawled onto my guts to see a demon standing over the top of the one I had floored. She pulled the dagger out of his chest and pulled him up. The demon had pure white wings, her face was so sweet and pure, such the perfect picture of an angel, at least from a human’s view, until you got to the eyes. They were black and stormy with hatred and evil, this was an Arch demon. I then look at the guy, getting my first good image of him. My heart seemed to miss a beat, he was beautiful. His ebony hair was tousled messily so it fell over his eyes. His wings were the exact opposite of mine. Black with white tips on the primaries and secondaries, they were even white on the ridges and fell into black. Our eyes met and I saw something flash in them, his dark green eyes then hardened to hatred again. He looked up at the Arch Demon, he would have been at least 6.3, his height was evident even sprawled like he was. The female turned to look at me and pulled the guy up with ease. She had his broad sword in her hand and passed it to him along with my dagger which he placed in a pocket near his breast bone. A sly grin passed over his face as they both came over. They took their time and it was as if they didn’t remember I had a partner until the female was holding her knife over my heart. Strong hands gripped my shoulders and pulled me away from the blade. I was out of it. Dazed and confused I saw a pair of legs step in front of me. Loud angry voices echoed around.
“Don’t you dare come near her!” Gabe yelled. The demons chuckled.
“Or what? You’ll have a go at us? Just you, look at her, she’s in shock, she can’t help. Go run, live, don’t die here defending this...” The female stopped talking as if she couldn’t find words bad enough to describe me and I think that’s what finally brought me out of my stupor. Gabe had saved me, I wasn’t going to let him die defending someone he hated. I jumped up surprising the lot of them. Gabe was holding my katana and I held out my hand for it. He placed it there almost reverently and I sighed when I felt the familiar, comforting weight of it in my hands again. I smirked at the demons.
“Now. I think it could be a good idea if we evened the odds a bit don’t you, Gabe dear?” My voice was like we were out having a stroll discussing the weather, not about to fight. I was proud because I was shaking inside and exhaustion weighed down my limbs. Gabe smirked, chuckled and stepped into an offensive stance. One I copied, the pair in front of us lost their cocky stances and started to go onto the defensive; but the female cocked her head as if listening then nodded.
“Come on Chris let’s leave these losers. They won’t be any fun.” She turned and glanced over at her shoulder once before taking off with the other one, Chris. Now I know humans think we are all goody two shoes and would never do something like... I dunno, shoot an arrow into someone’s back. But humans are often wrong. I pick my bow and arrow up from where I dropped them and then load the bow, level and fire. I let out a short bark of happiness as the arrow strikes true, it bursts right through the female’s shoulder. She swore and dropped slightely but stayed up, she kept flying. I felt like meeting her up there and killing her but I didn’t. Instead I just acted like a child.
“Yeah run home to your Mamma, you pussies!” My voice reached them easily and I saw a hand raise a finger. I laughed. Gabe shook his head and sighed. As I turn back to Gabe my mind shifts back to the look he gave me right before the female shoved me away from Chris. It almost seemed as if he actually cared about me. Like, if I died he would too.
“What are you staring at?” Gabe asks, his voice holding no concern for me, more like the opposite. I hadn’t even realised I’d been staring at him until he said that either.
“Your ugly mug.” I grin and shoot up into the air. He was probably just worried that if I died on his watch he would lose points. I forced myself to believe that. It was just me over thinking things as usual. But as I glance over at him again I see him watching me a look of relief over his handsome features.

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