Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) Clockwork Angel question

Will or Jem? :/
Lydia Lydia Jul 12, 2011 06:40PM
Ok! I absolutely love them both!!!! Even though Will is kind of a dillhole sometimes! (And yes, i just said dillhole) Jem is so sweet and awesome and from what i've read from the teasers that Cassandra has put out about Clockwork Prince, Jem really cares about Tessa! But Will is just.....WILL! I have read so many disagreements about this topic and I really wanna know what ya'll think :)

P.S. if you wanna read those teasers and haven't read them like a gazillion times like I have here's the site :)

Lydia wrote: "Ok! I absolutely love them both!!!! Even though Will is kind of a dillhole sometimes! (And yes, i just said dillhole) Jem is so sweet and awesome and from what i've read from the teasers that Cassa..."

DILLHOLE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA that just made my day...

I also agree, you have the good boy and you have the bad boy. Although you can't help to fall for the bad boy even though you know he is going to hurt you. I'm finished with the book and i don't know how far you guys have read and i don't want to give away anything. I think they both care for Tessa and I have some interesting ideas on how it might work out. i'm gonig to have to look for someone else that has finished the book to discuss it openly. but enjoy the story it's great. Do you guys know when the next one will be out? (sorry for any mispellings or grammer errors, second language and all)

Jem Jem Jem Jem! I am such a fangirl of his character. I had enough badass-ness with Jace (a character I love dearly). Will is...annoying. I understand that something messed up happened to him (I want to know what!), but that is no excuse to have mood swings like that. xD I'm starting to like his character the more I read the book, though.

But Jem. Ohmygosh. If I knew a real-life Jem, I'd be head-over-heels for him. He's very different from most boys in YA books these days. :)

And honestly, I think his personality meshes well with Tessa's.

Can't we just smush them together to make Jill? Oh, wait that's a girls name. Uhh what about Wem? No... that sounds like some wimpy lame name...How about...noo that won't work...this may take me a while

WILL!!!!!! no offense, but i think he's deeper... due to his dark past. i think Jem is amazing! but Will just seems multi-faceted unlike Jem who seems a little bit shallow... but Jem is still really sweet and lovable.

Soo torn. They both AWESOME!!!

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Jem, because he is so darn sweet!! !

I don't want to chose between Bad boy Will and charming Jem. I'm sticking with both.

Gotta love Will, just enough snarkiness that we usually characterize with Jace but also the hidden goodwill, the wanting to be a hero. Perfect for our main characters "love object" if you will. Jem's fantastic, but he is fantastic as that lovely supporting character that you can't help but love.

I used to like jem better but now that im reading clockwork prince and i know why will acts the way he does... Now im not so sure

Jem is an absolute sweetheart and in the first book my greatest fear was that something would happen to him. Will is not my kind of guy and I didn't feel any connection with him.

I like Jem better. To be clear, I don't dislike or hate Will, I just prefer Jem. I feel like he deserves more love (in the book). And I think if he's cured of his illness, he'd be even more badass.

is it just a slight impression or in the end Will sorta almost said Tessa could be his "whore"? Oo

I like Jem wwwwayyy better! Will is so rude to Tessa and to everyone around him. I don't care how tough your life has been, if you are having problems don't take your frustrations out on those around you. I just could not connect with his character because of all the wishy-washy feelings he was constantly having.

Jem on the other hand was always sweet and the perfect gentleman. Really the foil to everything Will is. Also he's Asian and I've always had a thing for Asian guys!

I would have to go with Jem. Will just makes me angry. And I get enough of that crap in daily life so... JEM! Plus, I know he is a mundane, but Thomas sounded sweet too. Sweeter than Will, that's for sure.

Everyone loves the bad boy complex but the whole he's really a good boy inside but honestly Jem is the way to go even if it would be tragic... unless Tessa finds a cure for him!

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Lydia wrote: "Ok! I absolutely love them both!!!! Even though Will is kind of a dillhole sometimes! (And yes, i just said dillhole) Jem is so sweet and awesome and from what i've read from the teasers that Cassa..."

Ohmigod... THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! DECEMBER CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH! by the way, I prefer Will because he's... Will. I LOVE Jem though... snd I hate Tessa (not really) for having them both... go for Jem and Will can enter this world... and time... and find me!

there both awesome but Jem seems more understandable though Will just way better


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Kassandra Will all the way. lol
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Lovebianca how the hell do you decide ,Jem is sooooo sweet but will's all mysterious ...more
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im usually attracted to the bad boys in books (damon in vd, patch in hush hush, gale in hunger games, etc.) : i wont lie i wanted her to be with will but the way it ended ive turned to jem

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I'm torn between them both, but Will's being a jerk, plus Jems ADORABLE, and sweet :D Jem!

I like Jem a lot. He is a kind Nephilim and willing to help others. But I love Will so much. His behaviour and everything behind it captured my heart right at the beginning.

Will, Will, WILL!!!!


I looooooove Will! I actually don't like Jem very much =/ He is just too boring for me to like him



i choose Will. right in the first place. i like bad boys. i like their silly doings. i like their sarcastic jokes. i like to wonder what will they do. those make bad boys a lil bit more attractive for me... :)

No quandry here - Jem is amazing, and he'd be the one I'd go for.

Will is the “Jace” of this story, but I felt his motivations were, better explained. It seems like he did something terrible as a child that may have cost his parents their lives, or unleashed something bad into the world. As such he feels like anything he loves he destroys. So I get him, but he’s so intolerably and senselessly cruel when he’s pushing Tessa away – I have a hard time forgiving him. But his love of classic literature goes a long way towards making me soften towards him.

Then we have Jem. I love him. He’s wise, and kind, and loyal. Most of the profound quotes I highlighted in the book were his. He wants what’s best for his friends. Yet he doesn’t come across the weak “puppy dog” BFF type so often used in love triangles. He expects to die, yet he doesn’t let that hold him back. I love him, but sadly I have a gut feeling Wil is intended for Tessa. I hope I'm wrong though. Jem is 10 times the man Wil is.

I think it's fantastic that so many people are weighing in on team Jem. Normally the good-guy doesn't attract this much love. I <3 you all for sharing my Jem appreciation. :D

Will. I know he seems kinda odd and bad for her. But there is something about him. It is like Jace and Clary in the mortal instruments. :)

Jem. Will's douchey... Though legenday, I'll admit.


Jem. *thinks* ...Definitely Jem. *thinks again* Jem.
He so sweet D: There are so many words I can use for Jem, sure I have a huge soft spot for characters like Will 'n all, but DAMN, Jem is just...amazing.
I can't even find the right words to describe him, he's really made himself my favorite character out of MANY other book characters I've read from other books.

i think will should go with magnus and jam should go with tess


I usually like the bad guys, but this time I´ll pick Jem. He's sweet, kind and gentle, yet soooo sexy. I don´t know if it have something to do with the fact he´s ill and probably die, but OMG Jem *sigh*

I like Will but Jem Jem Jem Jem Jem. I love him, he's so sweet. The love triangle in this book reminds of the love triangles in Korean Dramas 0_0 Hahaha dillhole. I'm so using that

Lydia wrote: "Ok! I absolutely love them both!!!! Even though Will is kind of a dillhole sometimes! (And yes, i just said dillhole) Jem is so sweet and awesome and from what i've read from the teasers that Cassa..."

i think the same has you :) Will (unless is just this book) just cares about him and no one else (unless jem maybe)... Jem cares about Tessa and i think they will be toghether... don't ask me why... i just have this feeling

I can understand the appeal of both, but I really like Jem. He's just awesome. And after that cover came out? I was like "YES!"

Why do the good guys, Jem in this case, always have to end up second string to the arrogant, emotional train wreck, bad boy?

I would love for Clare to prove me wrong and have Tessa end up with Jem. It seems that pairing the nice girl with the bad guy is this trend that YA authors are afraid to break.

Will might be more fun and interesting, but he's in no way psychologically healthy for Tessa with his behavior. ARGH. Just something that has been bothering me.

I like Will and all, but obviously Jem makes the better boyfriend, especially the line about a real man will accept you for who you are. I'm paraphrasing, but that's pretty much true. Quality men don't treat you like crap, because they have issues. They tell you, "Hey, I need some space I have a lot of things going on," not "Let's have some fast sex since obviously that's all you mean to me."

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I'm really torn on this question. There is so much to like about both characters.

Jem on one hand is a sweetheart. He's a really good friend and listener & also very caring he always worry's about Will.

Will on the other hand is completely opposite from Jem. Will is rude sometimes but secretly has a good side to him. He is also very sarcastic and witty.

So we have two completely different guys here. The sarcastic funny bad guy & the Nice and empathetic good guy.

I like them both but I think I'm going to have to go with Will. The moment when he rescued Tessa I have fallen in love with his character, don't get me wrong I love Jem too but I feel like Will has a lot of depth to his character and hes super mysterious and charming. He is kind of like an onion because onions have a lot of layers. You have to peel all his layers to get to his true core(:

WILL! Is Jem asian?! (:


Will. I dunno why. I just like the bad boy thing he does.

OR ...i can't really decide

JEM. i loove jem he's awesomeeee and he's soooo sweet :D the sad thing is he might (SPOILER) die.

well, whether he dies or not, its going to be will and tessa. i mean will's ok. like veeeery ok, bordering on "i hate this guy" especially after what he said to tessa at the end of the book... if you've read the whole thing, you should know what i mean...

Will...he's too pretty and bad for me to not like. I can't help it, I love him. Jem is a sweetheart and I really do like him, but Will has stolen my heart, it's pretty awful

Wow i totally agree! I love them both so it's very hard, but i think i should learn a lot more about Will before i can say who i like better. It's so dang hard! :D

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