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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Name:

Dragons can either like to go and see humans, or they hate humans. I copied this roleplay idea from the book 'Voice of Dragons'

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Name: Shadows in Flames (Shadow or Flame)
Role: Border Protector
Looks: large black dragon with red wings and blazing red eyes, he has black spikes from his neck to his tail
Description: Shadows in Flames is a very agressive dragon. He doesn't like humans at all, they killed his parents; Ice Flame and Midnight Eye. Shadows in Flames is always ready to listen and battle for the Elders (leaders). Nothing can kill Shadows in Flames, it is said. He can blow fire from 20 ft away from himself.
PA: agressive, loyal

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) Name: sapphire of ice(sapphire or ice))
Role: what can i have important
Looks: she is a silver dragon with blazeing gold eyes she has great big wings and a sapphire embeted in her fore head thanks to humans
Description: she hates humans ever sence they made her a toy so she got away the only human she will trust is the one that set her free
PA: ferce good fighter but still kind hearted

message 4: by Drama (last edited Aug 08, 2011 10:17AM) (new)

Drama | 529 comments Name: Moon of the Night ((Moon or Night))
Role: Border Protector
Description: She doesn't like humans
PA: Timid,

message 5: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) never read book can i still rp

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Sure

message 7: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) Name: Whisper of the Sea(Whisper)
Role: Watcher of the seas
Description: He is not much for war and violence unless nesessary. he is not really racist against humans and thier people just individuals the same for dragons. His parent Night Whisper and Mist of the Sea were each killed by a human and a dragon.
PA: tbrp

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: blaze of a thousand wraths (blaze is prefered, but shes also been called wrath, much to her displeasure)
Role:....uh, watcher of the fire?
Looks: the right side is when she's good, the left is when she is her ;black' side
Description: she is not big on fighting, unless anyone so foolishly awakens her 'black' side. her 'black' side is a ruthless fighting dragon with no mercy.
PA: tbrp

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