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Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Name:
Age (15-27):
Looks as a Human:
Looks as a Wolf (if turned into one):

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Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Name: Jade
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Perso: Jade is a very kind person to talk to. She beilives in fighting for anything that's right and hates it when people look too closely at her eyes. Many people think that Jade's wierd because she doesn't talk much, but its only because she used to be beaten by her mother (died in car crash) and she's a very fun girl to meet. The quietness is also because people aren't always nice to her and no one talks to her much either. Jade is also timid of new things, like meeting people for the first time after a long time because she was nearly killed by her mother. Its been hard on her and she wants someone to put her hand on their shoulder.

Apear: (5'3") Lean girl with bright green eyes no matter what. Her eyes are quite bright to look at and that's why she has long bangs covering her eyes and her long black hair flows softly. Its really fluffy, soft and smooth. She has a scar on both of his wrists because of her mother and she thinks that her mother might've been human while her father was a werewolf, but she'll never know because she's never met him. She has silver streaks in her hair.

Wolf Apear: A long furred black she-wolf with a silver cresent moon shape on her forehead and a silver, right, front paw. She has fur that goes over her bright green eyes. A scar on her front paws, well the wrists. She's a very fast wolf and a great fighter, not so good at hunting, only for survial. Her silver right paw makes her understand different things. Her silver paw stands for the beating she got, as her mother said, but its really because she's ment for greater then she got.

History: Jade became a werewolf when she was two. Her mother left her in the woods (before she began to get drunk and beat her) to get her coat. The alpha female tried to find her mother (Jade's) and her mate bit Jade, but since she was crying; she felt no change when she was changing. She knew for a long time, but never told her mother until a mistaken move of changing to try to attack her. Her mother coudln't believe it, so she started to harm Jade to see if the curse would go away, but it didn't. Then Jade found her pack mother and stayed a lone wolf.
Crush: Chives
Mate: Chives
Other: She's very smart when she's a human, more then when she's a wolf.

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Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Haha! I see! I used the same character for Jade.

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