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What if you got to meet Suzanne Collins?
Nicole Nicole Jul 12, 2011 02:56PM
If I got to meet the author of The Hunger Games, I wouldn't freak out, (maybe I would in my head) I would tell her how much I loved her books. And I would show her my book that I'm working on. The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset

I would beg her to tell me where Peeta was! (seriously..And I would thank her for opening up so many new ideas and for giving me a new apperciation of our world and people too..Thank her for changing me perpective on things.

I would thank her. I hope I wouldn't become tearful. I would tell her that my eyes were opened up about war. I'd tell her that I'm afraid that some of us aren't paying attention to the war. We see it on television, but I'm afraid it's become normal to us. Also, I'd mention that we can't wallow in gloom and doom and we need a break. I'd tell her that I hope that we can reflect on war as much as we reflect on Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives from wherever. I'd tell her that maybe I will write some letters to MTV, FOX and maybe Nancy Grace. That I want to ask them to consider programming about the joys, challenges, funny moments and heartbreaks that happen to the spouses, teenagers, kids and friends who are at home while the ones they care about are deployed. These television channels can make a positive difference in our society. I'd tell her that I want to see a balance in television programming and that I'm going to try to do something about it. I'd also tell her that I think she's a great writer and that I enjoyed reading about all of the characters, villains included and that I even love some of them.

I would let her know that she was onto something great until she wrote Mockingjay and slap her too for killing off Finnick lol...only joking too but I would like to really wonder why it felt like Mockingjay was rushed and incomplete

I honestly do not know how I would react. She is such a good writer. Love her work, especially the Hunger Games. I would probably be in front of her with an open mouth trying to wake myself up. lol

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I would SCREAM!!!!!!! I love her!!! She's AMAZING! I love, love, loved the Hunger Games!

we will have to talk about how and why she ended the last book that way, and why she killed some characters the way she did. but of course tell she did an amazing job on all the books specially with last 15 pages in the second book. and how the hell she came up with the idea for these books

I would ask her why did she choose Peeta over Gale in Mockingjay and why did she kill Finnick in a couple of words!!!!!!!!
It was an awful rubbish bullshit death!! (Sorry :P)

I wud freak and then ask her what her secret to good writing is. Then i would ask if she wanted to start a new book series together.

My sister met Suzanne Collins at a book signing in PA. She said she was really cool, reserved and low key. She had long wavy hair and glasses. My sister said, you'd never imagine that she was a complete genius who could spin out these incredible stories based on her appearance. If I met her, I would probably scream out how much I loved all her books, jump up and down and scare the life out of her :) I'm sure she'll be doing another book signing tour again. I'd LOVE to meet her!!!!

I would slap her for killing Finnick Odair....No Im JOKING I would really congratulate her cause her books are just amazing! But I would ask why she had to kill so many people (specially Finnick xP)

I would be so excited and ask her a whole bunch of questions and probably make her think I'm annoying. But it would be an amazing opportunity!

i'd give her a high five

Lalala*Saredo* (last edited Oct 13, 2011 02:18PM ) Oct 13, 2011 02:16PM   0 votes
i would totally freak and be like hey why did u kill so many ppl in Mokkingjay espescally Finnick he was awesome i loved him more than Katniss i acutally liked Prim too i was pissed when she did i wished Katniss would dye instead of her. Also i would be like OMFG SUZANNE COLLINS IS HERE!!! GIVE ME AN AUTOGRAH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KILLED FINNICK IN MOCKINGJAY, i wish i meet her i would partically ask a bunch of quetions untill she called security to throw me out!!!!!

i would be bowing at her feet

I would cry. And then beg her to tell me how she wrote it, how she gets her ideas. Every minutae of her writing. Because I want to do for other readers what she did for me.

Haha, I would probably geek out for sure, then beg her to let me be her apprentice in writing!! "Teach me your ways Oh wise one!"

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Well I have already met her sooo............yeah but shes very nice she is gonna be in the movie!

And i'd ask her if she really had any idea how successful the whole series was going be? Is she excited or scared about the movie being made? And what will she do now? And then i'd say, 'hey, you rock!!!!!'

I would hug her until she filed a restraining order.

Kerem Mermutlu ha ha! :)
Oct 14, 2011 09:28PM · flag

I would freak out (maybe) tell her how much I love her writing and then how badly I was disappointed by Mockingjay.

Caitlin The ending felt rushed and a lot of the deaths where worded so weird I didn't realize they where died for a couple pages. I didn't like how Katniss th ...more
Oct 26, 2011 02:17PM · flag

I'd freak out :) n I'd ask her to marry me.. Ok no, but ahhh! I'd derisouly be likeee AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

If I ever met suzanne collins I THINK that I would be able to keep my cool; but I mean who knows? I would tell her she is an amazing writer and how much I loved her books. It would be so cool though!

i would either keep my cool and be like i LLLOOOVVVEE your books they where awesome or i worl be like OMG YOU SUZANNE COLLINS I LOVE YOU YOUR A FREAKING GENIUS OMG OMG ITS SUZANNA COLLINS!!!so yeah either way i would geek out:)i sound like a crazy person but it is suzanne collins

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