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message 1: by Hannah (last edited Jul 12, 2011 03:12PM) (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Its the city.

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan started to clean the tables. It was his favorite part of the day, to leave. He wiped down every single table quickly and his owner left before him. He put his apron away and his took his blue shirt out of his tucked in pants and smiled as he locked up for the night. His paycheck was raised a little because he was the longest working waiter, he got $100.50. For a week. It was a very fancy restuarant and Duncan enjoyed working there. His boss was very nice to him.

No one really questioned his sunglasses because they were sort of scared of him because he had big muscles. That made it easier for him to relax. People asked too much about his sunglasses. He took them off because the moon was out. It was a cresent moon. He was starving for food, but he paused as he saw a stray dog. A small yellow lab pup and he made sure no one was looking and he drank its blood. It fell limp and he wiped his mouth.

Duncan buried the pup because he couldn't live without blood. It was his longest time without blood, about three years. His hunger grew stronger every year if he didn't eat, but the full moon was when he could go crazy freely and not worry about anything. He could turn into a bat then and only then it would be hard for him drink blood otherwise.

He felt really bad when he was 16. He took his girlfriend out on a date when it was a full moon. He turned her into a vampire, then she dumped him. She still lives somewhere in the same nieghborhood, but she probably doesn't know how to control herself yet.

message 3: by Hannah (last edited Jul 12, 2011 03:23PM) (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Burying this dead pup I found." Duncan said in his Astrailian accent

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) ((Meee))

The pup jumped up all of sudden and licked Marina's face. "Arf!"

Duncan chuckled. "I'm Duncan. Are you a witch? A mage?"

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Oh. He's not mine. Keep him. He's cute. I found him. He was wandering around and then he dyed out of uh no where...... I called him Akira." Duncan smiled, revealing fangs

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Wait." Duncan called, but she was gone

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Morning Time 7:45

Duncan was at the tables, lazyily waiting for someone to come in. He was bored.

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) ((bran AND waled again.. WRONK?))

Duncan turned around and saw Marina and smiled, "Hey." his sunglasses shone brightly

message 9: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Thanks." Duncan replied "Two pancakes and add a cup of fresh orange juice.

Duncan smiled and wrote her order down and bent down to pet Akira, but he snapped at his hand.

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Yeah. Its okay. Probably remembers when I sucked his blood." Duncan said

Akira nodded and growled. It almsot sounded like he said, "Never do it again."

Duncan heard the bell to say the food was ready and gave Marina her food and drink.

message 11: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan nodded.

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Would you like to go on a date with me?" Duncan whispered

message 13: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan didn't think it would work, he moved his sunglasses up a little, turned around and whispered, "Yes."

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan had to wait to go on a date with Marina. "OMG! I forgot the time and place!" Duncan yelled, "Wait. I need a time and place!"

((Make up a place, I'll make it.))

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Where do you want to meet? I actually got out now." Duncan said, panting and sweating because of the sun.

message 16: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Ok." Duncan smiled

He left work and got in the shower. He jumped out and put on nice dark jeans and a white polo shirt. He also put on black high tops. He was ready and watched tv for 8 hours.

((..... A long time.))

message 17: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan kept on looking at Criminal Minds to his watch to the fridge.

message 18: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Duncan remembered to brush his hair and he brushed his teeth and quickly got out a batch of brownies, homemade fudge and blondies. He left to go to his date. Then he put on his sunglasses. Then took them off. It was dark.

message 19: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Jack walked into the coffee shop, it was dark yet open still.

message 20: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments Storm was making coffee, smiling.

message 21: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Jack smiled and said, "Small cappincino with vanilla and half and half."

message 22: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments "Okay.." she said then made what you said.

message 23: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments She handed it to him and said "It's on the house.."

message 24: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Thanks." Jack said, but threw down the amount of money anyway, "For you."

message 25: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments "Thanks." she said.

message 26: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "No problem. Hard day at work, at least yours can be better." Jack said

message 27: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments "So what do you do??" she asked.

message 28: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) ((GTG))

"I am a part time worker with models, but none of them catch my eye." Jack said

message 29: by Storm (new)

Storm | 8 comments "That must be interesting." she said. (bye!!)

message 30: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Not really. My father works there too. He made me go. I didn't want to work there at all. I've always wanted work at a Retirement Home. Helping older people sounds so much more fun." Jack sighed

message 31: by Nyx aka Storm (new)

Nyx aka Storm (StormAllyRain) | 1 comments She nodded and bit her lip.

message 32: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) "Do you like your job?" Jack flirted

message 33: by Saeko (new)

Saeko (ibleedrainbow) | 3 comments Ebony was drinking coffee while reading a magazine, bored out of her mind.

message 34: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Jack walked over to Ebony, "Hello miss, would you like anything with that coffee or another?"

Jojo(SexybeastYo!) (JojoMcKillinKins) A young girl walk's in. She looks around and sees a girl and a guy. She walks in all the way and sits at a table. she opens her notebook and starts to write. She thinks to herself about how she wishes she wasnt alone.

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