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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 40 comments There is yet another scam that targets authors, traditional and self-pub, and esp. on Amazon. I'm a traditional author and I receive tons of so-called PR offers, you know the kind... for a price they (the PR firm) will make your book look really good via sites such as Amazon and book blog/reviews sites. They do this two ways...1. Write sensational good reviews for your book, under various bogus names AND... 2. Get this, then they write bad reviews about the authors who are your biggest competitor! It is obvious to professionals in the publishing industry which reviews are bogus, (fake name, no transparency to a real I.D. of the 'person' writing the review). The bad part is that a best-selling, hard-working author can get really bad reviews if they have been targeted (by an author who hires one of these bogus PR firms).

The general reading public is most likely not concerned who the person is who wrote the rave (or harsh) review and sites such as Amazon do not care. I've been slammed on Amazon in this type of scam and I know from reading reveiws (that are just plain nasty and without common sense merit)that other legitimate authors have been dragged through the dirt, too. I would applaud an action by book retail and book-lover sites that require readers to write reviews under their real name... doing so would help stop the 'scam reviewer.'

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

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