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Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 80 comments Mod
These are Ranks that you can be. If you do AWESOME roleplay,(ill be watching how you do.), and behave well, the mods will discuss if you will be promoted.
If you do you will receive a notice, and A mod will edit the What Rank Are You topic.

Ranks: (descending order)

1. Mods- WE ARE LIKE - THE GODS OF THIS GROUP!!! DO NOT DEFY US! You know what privileges we have so don't ask. Access to the platinum class in the hotel.

2. Satoosa's- For you people who saw this word a yelled WTF, A Satoosa is a Japanese word of Hokage or top leader. Satoosa's can banish players for up to 4 days. They also have access to the V.I.P area of the penthouse. They CAN delete charrie's without asking me first, but they can't become part of a jury. Satoosa's deliver messages to mods.

3. Sage (Sagi)- Sagi Cannot banish ANYONE AT ALL! Just letting you know, but they can suspend someone from a TOPIC not a folder: for ex: Sagi:You cant go to Hogsmede in Hogwarts RP for a day.
Player: crap.
Sagi have control over Booges and serfs.

Everyone ABOVE has access to the gold class in the hotel.

4.Mulkeeper's- Mulkeeper's Have access to the silver class in hotel roleplay. Mulkeepers have a special ability that even ranks above (besides mods) cant do, they can add events! Its a Mulkeeper's duty (he-he, duty) to organize events but have to be approved by the Godmods.

5.Salikzar- A Salikzar my sound like a powerful name, but is almost part of the low guys. They are regular people who have control over every one below them and can assign counselors.

6. Ninja- You should know what they can do.

Everyone ABOVE has access to the Silver class.

7.Genin- New graduates of Roleplay Academy. Now Rpers of skill and strategy. At the top of the bronze class.

8. Academy graduates- The AG Just came freshly baked from the Academy Oven. They have control of every one below their level and are head boy and girl in their class.

9.Academy Students- The AS are almost at the bottom of the food chain, have control over serfs, Babies, and Blortz.

Those Above have access to the Bronze Class

10. Serfs- These can only Roleplay ONE charrie.

11. Boogs- The tiniest most insignificant people EVER.

12. Babies- Enough said.

Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 80 comments Mod

These special ranks can be earned once you pass the "Genin" rank. These ranks have any type of authority they what, but have to ask ME, not the other mods, ME!!
The down part of this, they cant upgrade to a mod or satoosa or a sage or ANYTHING.

1.Jonin- Jonin are elite personal ninja's for the mods.
Watch out for their poison ninja stars! ***Bonus RANK***

2. Waterpledger- Have the automatic power of water and can use the slightest amount of god-modding.

Ex: Liena uses water to entomb Sidnee (sorry Sid).

3. Oompahh-Lumpahh- "doopity doo-" OH, Oompahh-Lumpahh can ...well ...*sigh8 they can block people WITH MY permission.

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