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Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 80 comments Mod
Apollo, God of music, art, healing, prophecy and the sun.

Character Cheat-Sheet Formula:

Other: (post anything notable about your character such as powers, weaknesses, relationships with other campers here)

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Name: Jacie
Age: 17
Appearance: She has long sandy blonde hair with red streaks in it, and bright blue eyes. She's about 5'6. She doesn't look it but she's very strong.
Personality/History: She;s very stong minded, and I born leader. When she was 9 her mother died, and not wanting to go live with her insane grandmother she ran away, but instead of being discovered by a satyr, her dad found her and brought her to camp, which makes her somewhat of an outcast amoung her brothers and sister. Dispite that she is still a very kind person. She follows through with everything she does, and she is a very loyal friend. She will do anything for the people she cares about
Other: Um....I'll think of something

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 7 comments Mod
Appearance:[image error]
Personality: She's very smart and strong, but because of her past she cut off everyone and is very cold. Her mother died giving birth to her and she lived with her uncle and aunt for so time, but most of the time she just bounced from place to place.

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