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message 1: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments It is made.

message 2: by Zachman (last edited Jul 12, 2011 01:05PM) (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Name: Michael Cartwright

Age 19

Looks: Average height, average build, black hair, blue eyes.

Personality: Likes to lead, happy most of the time, serious in battle.

Occupation: Military recruit

Other: N/A

message 3: by klutzygirl (last edited Jul 12, 2011 12:39PM) (new)

klutzygirl Name: Jay
age: 17
gender: female
looks: short, slim, blonde hair and green eyes
occupation: recruit

message 4: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Michael walked down to the mess hall to get breakfast. He had a long day ahead of him. He was supposed to go on a mission and needed to go to briefing soon. He had to eat first.

message 5: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Jay skipped breakfast, a bad habit of hers. She was being dragged out yet again for another mission. She prefered the heavy cement shelter of the military bases to that of the world outside where everything was quickly being destroyed by the demons that flocked the city.

message 6: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Michael saw Jay skipping along the road. He ran up to meet her. "Hey, how's it going" he asked.

message 7: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "Good, you?" she asked.

message 8: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments "I could be better. Gotta go on ANOTHER mission. Why don't these demons just leave already" Michael complained.

message 9: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "I feel the same way" she smirked. "Im being dragged out on another mission as well"

message 10: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments "Do you know where your going" he asked.

message 11: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "Not at all" she grinned.

message 12: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments "They never tell us anything" he said as they entered the mess hall.

message 13: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl She nodded. "they just hand us a gun and tell us to shoot"

message 14: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments After breakfast Michael said goodbye and left for briefing. He hoped he would get to shoot some demons.

message 15: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl She sighed, watching a clock. Her briefing was early in the afternoon.

message 16: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Michael was walking towards the armory to get suited up for his mission. He was to protect a convoy heading into the city. The convoy was bringing food and ammunition to the troops and civilians. The only problem was that they were going right through a demon camp. What a day!

message 17: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Jay was assigned to accompanying a group of army medics who were traveling to a destroyed base on the outskirts of another city. A few demons had been reported still prowling around so she had to gun down any possible threats.

message 18: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Michael was in the passenger seat of a humvee. They were only a half mile away from the camp. He hoped that the demons would just let them pass, but that probably wouldn't happen. He got ready for a fight.

message 19: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Jay rolled her eyes as the medic team took forever to load all their supplies into the back of a truck.

message 20: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Micheal's Humvee was second in the convoy. They were about to pass the demon camp. He was getting tense. He didn't know what to expect, so expected the worst. But when they drove by no one was there. He let out a sigh of relief. 'Where could they have gone' he wondered.

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