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Brooke played volleyball at the beach with some friends

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Adrian walked around the beach, not sure what to do.

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Some people started joining to make the teams even

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Adrian saw a volleyball game going on so he joined the team with less people. "Hey, I'm Adrian," he said to the girl beside him.

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"Hi, I'm Brooke." She replied bumping the ball

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"Nice to meet you," Adrian said, setting the ball up so someone could spike it.

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"Nice to meet you too." She said as one of the guys in the back ran up and spiked the ball

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"Nice," Adrian said to the dude who spiked the ball.

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He said thanks and went back to his spot

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They were winning 6-5. People started leaving the game.

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She chuckled and served the ball after saying the score

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Adrian dove for the ball when the other team spiked it. He didn't see that there was a small peice of glass and he got a long cut down his arm. "Ow!" He yelled.

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Brooke went over to him and looked at the cut. "I'm gonna go see if there's a kit somewhere." she said and hurried to go find one

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"Thanks!" He called after her.

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"Welcome." she called back then asked a guy that worked there for a kit. He gave her one and she ran back

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Adrian smiled when she came back with the kit.

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She smiled and started taking care of the cut on his arm

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"Oh, that burns!" Adrian exclaimed, wincing.

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"I'm sorry." she said trying not to make it burn so much

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"It's not your fault," Adrian said, chuckling.

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She smiled, "Still."

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Natalie ran towards the water with her surfboard in her hands.She laughed and dove into the water

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"Thanks," Adrian said as she bandaged the cut up.

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"No problem." she said and smiled

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Adrian looked at Brooke. "So what do you plan on doing now?" Adrian asked.

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Adrian looked at Brooke. "So what do you plan on doing now?" Adrian asked.

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Adrian looked at Brooke. "So what do you plan on doing now?" Adrian asked.

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"Get the glass out of the ground." she said getting the glass and throwing it away

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Natalie ran onto the beach with her surfboard.She dove into the water and started paddeling

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"Good idea," Adrian said, grinning.

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Brooke laughed a little, "Do you still wanna play or do you wanna take a break?" She smiled

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"Let's take a break." He pointed to the ice cream shop. "I'm hungry, do you want to go there?"

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"Alright, sure." she smiled and helped him up then they headed to the shop

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"What kind of icecream do you want?" He asked.

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"Mint, what bout you?"

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Natalie sighed and left the water.She went to the ice cream shop and waited in line

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"Um, chocolate chip." He ordered two cones and paid for them. He handed Brooke hers.

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Natalie orderd a sherbert cone.She put her change in the tip jar and pushed her wet hair from her face

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"I get to pay you back." She smiled.

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Natalie finished her cone and sat down,yawning

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Chris sat down eating his ice cream

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Adrian smiled back at Brooke. "You wanna sit down?" He asked, motioning to the bench.

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"Sure." She smiled and sat on the bench with him

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"So..." Adrian trailed off.

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"How's it been?" Brooke asked

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"Pretty good. How's it been for you?" Adrian asked, smiling.

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"It's been good." she smiled.

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"Well that's good." He smiled. "So do you live somewhere by the beach?"

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"Same to you." she smiled. "Yeah I do. What about you?"

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