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(can we do a fantasy rp?)

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(surre why not)

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race:elf folk
apearence: blond hair blue eyes soft hands,short and lean
personality:fun,michevious, nice friendly
other:has a "nursery maid" (protector that tries to keep him out of trouble... but usually ends up that when jay IS in trouble, he doesnt help. jay is the prince of F'ar`geghn~hOOl

name: nana
age: she'll kill you of you ask her
race: shapshifter
personality: ONLY IN IF FOR THE MONEY. :D
appearence: shapeshipfter
other: is not gendered.:)

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we can compromise. he has a child form and an adult form. GO GO HEAVEN!!!!!!! :D sorry manga series. same concept exept hes the king of hell and jays elfen.

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its ok. *pats back*

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skool :)

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((she/hes an extra))

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awesome you wanna staart

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((:D alright)) Jay was up to his no good. He had just stole money from a bartender and put sleeping powder into his drink. When he woke up, poor old bartender would be in for a really big suprise.

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jay looked up at her. "Watch where you're goin, lady!" He sneered at her and stuck out his tounge out at her in a very childish way. "naaaah!"

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jay morphed into his adult form and broke the gaurds arm. "Dont EVER touch royalty." Nana clouted him on the head. "OOWWWWW nana!" he moaned and shifted back into his child form. "fool."

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jay scowled at Macy. "stuck up prissy girl!" he called, taunting her openly.

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Jay gasped and started laughing. "wow. you're just my type." He caught up with her and punched her in the jaw, wondering how she would react.

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jay blinked as the foot connected to his hand. "Weak," he proclaimed.

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"o princess. Fight like a man, won't you? Or get out of town. This place is too rough for a girl..... like you," he said looking her up and down disgusted.

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Jay rolled his eyes. "oh, bother. Just what i need, i stuck up brat..."

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"Why dont you just go back to your pretty little castle and play dress up with your stupid braindead maids, eh? Or have tea-time with dear old Algela?" He sneered once more. "For your information," His voice deepened and he shapshifted into an adult. ".. im also a man." ((hold on, ill find a pic of him : http://i736.photobucket.com/albums/xx...

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".........." Jay looked grim. "Do you think i care about your father? At least you get to SEE him, you selfish brat! I'VE to travel the world. MY parents are not here! And just to be clear, YOU bumped into ME. I hope your father DIES!" He hissed, stalking off into the woods, feeling more alone than ever in his child form. Nana followed behind him, but before she did, turned to face her. "Look what you have done."

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Nana tried to council him. "She did not mean it...." Jay hugged nana. "You're the onlyone who understands."

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Nana shifted into a mother tiger. She nuzzled jays head affectionatly. "mmmm." She gave a throaty pur and curled up beside him, falling asleep. Eventually Jay gave in and konked out too.

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Nana and Jay still slept soundly.

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((sorry)) Jay woke up with a jolt. "what was that??!!" Nana growled sleepily. "Go back to sleep.

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Now, fully awake, they crept through the forrset

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Nana was now awake too. "What is that blasted noise?!" Jay scowled."Its a search horn. It searches for royalty. S'wat we had in the kingdom too, remember?" Nana growled. "Now, i remember."

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Nana cirled jay nervously, growling at passerbys. "I dont want to lose you, jay." Jay shifted into an adult. "Oh, nana," he said, his voice thick with emotion.

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Since they were near a lake, jay stripped down and jumped in, laughing. Nana watched amused. Jay turned beet red. "Nana! Dont look." Nana laughed and growled pleasantly. "I've seen you naked ever since you were a baby. "There is nothing to be ashamed of."

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Nana sat onto the sand and suddenly perked up hearing a rustle.

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Nana growled. "Jay..." He threw back on his clothes. "whats the matter nana? Tree, six oclock." Jay turned and he shot an arrowso fast that it hit the tree behind macy inches from her head, and split the tree in half. "Did i get the pesky vermin?" Nana relaxed.

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Jay heard it to, and decided to ignore it. "Nana, whoever dares spy on me, i will have their head hanged from my hands."

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Jays ears pricked up and and his eyes traveled over to the general area of macy. "Hmmmm, Pretty Little princess? You there?" he called mockingly

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Jay smirked. "Nope, not pretty little princess. She would have flipped me off by now," he said laughing

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He shrunk back to his original form. "I dont like her very much. Shes too bratty and stuckup. SHE should try living in a cave most of her life." Nana giggled and licked him lovingly. "Hush child."

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Jay had a certain feeling that she was here. He switched back to his adult form. "Pretty princess, spying on a naked guy is low, even for YOU."

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Jay laughed. "Pretty lil princess, you have no idea how to spend a night in the woods.Be careful Nana might eat you." Nana snapped and growled. "Get away from here, GIRL," she spat. Jay looked lazily at Macy. "So, why ARE you here? Dont you have someslavesto order around or something?"

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Jay heard the gaurds comming to search the island and the horn suddenly started blaring. "Oi princess, sooooooo what will you do? Gaurds are comming. Going to run or hide?" he called lazily

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Jay winced at the inpact ofthe lake water and sang a spell around his head, so he could breath freely. Nana changed into an eagle and clawed at macys eyes. "HOW DARE YOU!!" Jay surfaced looking ridiculous. A wet elf with a temper.In the form of a little brat. Who wouldnt laugh?

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Jay roared with anger and set out a death spell before he could figure out what was going on. The spell struck macy. The way death spells work are sort of like poison. Starts with ya toes then sloooooowly, so you dont notice it starts to rot your insides. The first signs of the spell is immobility. The second is coughing up blood.

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Jay was stillshaking with fury. "HOW DARE THAT INSOLENT BRAT HARM ROYALTY!!!" Nana collapsed and started spasaming. "nana! NANA!" he screamed into the night that had now befallen them.

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((They're both royalty, though technically him and macy are the same rank? He's a prince, and she's a princess.))

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((i dont like him either, but his meaness all plays out in the eeeeeeeeend)) Jay smirked. "My Nanas on the brink of death. Let this girl suffer and let her insides rot." He immediatly felt bad and flew to the castle sticking his head through the window. "Princess? Can you move?"

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"Yes, i did. But now i dont know if i want to or not," he added mockingly.

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"Leave. Im going to heal her. But this takes concentration, and you are a distraction." Jay pointed to thee Door.

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Jay nodded curtly. He looked at her with pity. "hmmmmm.Princess." He started chanting and his forehead beaded with the effort. "Death isnt a good look for you." He revived her.

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Jay looked down at her severly. "What did you do to nana?" he asked his voice calm

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"I see." Jay was quiet. "lay down."

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"Because if you dont, i will give you pain," he said simply.

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"Not that kind of pain. Emotional pain."

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