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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 217 comments Mod
Advertise groups that you like here.

Remember-- don't make your advertisement your only post. You might think no one will know. But the Sign Painter will.

message 2: by Rudy (new)

Rudy I know right now all of us belong to this group, but...

Calling All Demigods!

Welcome to Camp Half-Bood! This group, unlike so many others, is an RP group for JUST Percy Jackson. We've been around for almost a year now, and are still going strong! With over 450 members, you might think it gets hectic, but with well-organized topics and great mods, the group runs smoothly.

message 3: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) | 19 comments Yay for unsolicited advertisement! I, too, hope people check this group out!

message 4: by Emiri (new)

Emiri Tachibana (spiritflight) | 3 comments

Roleplay Central~! A site with many different roleplays, and fun to be had! We have many roleplays such as the FAYZ, Percy Jacksin, Fruits Basket, H.O.T.D, The Hunger Games, The Mortal instruments, and Blue Exorcist! Sadly we are limited to our 13 members, most of which do not even post! -.- So, join up and keep RC running, because Roleplays rule!

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