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Character boredom
Suzanne Suzanne Jul 12, 2011 08:13AM
Hi Janet and fans,

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with your characters? As a reader, sometimes I can get a little irritated by the constant back and forth Stephanie has with Ranger and Joe. What if Joe or Ranger just decided to give up and move on? I'm just wondering if maybe you feel the same way. It almost seems that this love triangle is now the focus of the series - was it always supposed to be or is this an artifact of writing a series?

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I think the triangle was a bad idea from the start - these books originally were not 'Romances' and it has added nothing to the story line.

For me it's not about deciding and getting married. It's about living the best life she can. Getting training to be better at her job and in a better financial position, or chosing to move on - become a private investigator, or insurance fraud investigator, or getting back into the fashion scene as a buyer.

Steph needs to mature in all of her relationships - those with her family, with Joe, with Ranger, and definitely with Connie and Lula. She needs to be better at saying 'no' to her family when appropriate. She needs to learn from her 'on and off' situation with Morelli and take a stand. Perhaps she needs to see a psychologist and work on self esteem issues. She needs to recognize what her dreams are and pursue them, regardless of what the 'burg' might say.

Choosing to not be in a relationship rather than be in a dysfunctional one.

Personally, I could do without all of the slap stick from the recent books. One for the Money was laugh at loud funny without the slapstick - and it had a real plot, evil villains, and Steph, though new as a bounty hunter was not as inept as she is in the later books.

Yeah, I'm ready for some changes to the main storyline, but these books do always make me laugh out loud!

Stephanie Plum doesn't want to settle for one guy, she doesn't want to get married and she doesn't want to have children. She doesn't want to become her mother or her sister. She also doesn't believe she is as attractive as the boys obviously do and it makes her feel good to be lusted after by them. She has commitment issues but so do Ranger and Joe. Time for her to fall for someone who doesn't reciprocate the feelings. She needs to get better at her job. [But would we enjoy those stories so much?]

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Adrienne Ken,she has insecurities some due to the fact she lives in the burg and is different from the other girls. Morelli with his hit and run sex when they ...more
Jul 28, 2011 06:43PM

I've been frustrated with the characters and the series since the last sentence in book 12, "One Ranger is all you need."

I don't think JE is capable of progressing the characters. She has made her characters caricatures of themselves with all the stupid slap stick, flimsy plots, dancing bears, vordo and hobbits.

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