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defintely a fave!

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message 1: by Kathi (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:04PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kathi i read this book cover to cover twice in a row. i really felt it was written in such a way that it gave a word picture to the truth of how Satan messes with me. it doesnt bother me at all that the author presents it as a vision that came to him. i know that God speaks to me in my sleep.. and i awake knowing things i had never known before. ... of course, then i lent it to someone (who???) and now i have to go purchase another copy. i will definitely read it again when i get one.

message 2: by Pius (new) - added it

Pius Akakor infact i never stop reading this book.Especially the chapter on the Great White Throne.Kathi please go for your book.

Jayson Lackey This book was my first read when I first got into church. I had been a believer for about a year and 3 months. In the church I was raised in they did not believe in that type of warfare. But I did. I read this book not long after changing churches. Listed among the most revealing I have ever read.

Angela Bertone I read the quest and the call. Both are amazing. I would recommend them both.

Erin Wolff I agree this is one of my top favorite books. My husband and I actually have more then one copy that we have on hand just so we can borrow it and or give it away. You can buy used (in like new condition) for next to nothing at

If you like this book, have you read the others in this series ("The Call" and also "The Torch and The Sword")? In my opinion they were not as good, but still really wonderful and really help your walk with God.

Other books that are amazing and really make you desire more of God and who He is and all that He has for you (like "The Final Quest") are "Like A Mighty Wind" By Mel Tari, "Adventures In God" By John G. Lake, and "Open My Eyes, Lord" By Gary Oates. All awesome books!


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