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Post this to make charrie:

Age(In Moons):

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Name:Jadefeather
Age(In Moons):26 moons
Rank:Medicine Cat
Personality:Jadefeather can be very snappy and rude when things don't go her way, or if somebody is wrong. She is usually very nurturing and sweet, but you never know what you're going to get.
Other:Jadefeather hates to deal with other people's responsibilities.

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Name: Rainstorm
Gender: M
Age(In Moons): 15
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Cruel, vicious, silent, aggressive, and fierce in battle.
Apprenitce: Needs one.
Other: The next deputy.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 136 comments Name: Stormclaw
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Rank: Med. Cat Apprentice
Personality: She is sweet and kind.
Apprentice: NONE
Kin: Lightningkit
Crush: None
Mate: NONE
History: Stormkit was born during a hard time in the clans. Her mother had greencough and died while giving birth. Stormclaw has always been much smaller than the other cats and she's blind. Her sister Lightningkit wasn't so fortunate she was born without legs and died because she didn't move enough. Stormkit was forced to become Med. Cat apprentice and got her full name only a few moons after because of her ability to sort herbs so easily for being blind. Little did anyone know her real father was a med. cat but he to died mysteriously after she was born almost like someone knew his secret.

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Name: Stonestar
Gender: Male
Age(In Moons): 36
Rank: Leader
Appearance: Dark gray pelt, with dark brownish speckels covering his back. Also has light blue eyes.
Personality: Fair, trusting, agressive, but cares about his Clan. He's a bit hostile, but all the same, still a good leader.
Apprenitce/Mentor: Has none
Kin: Open
Crush: Jadefeather
Mate: Open
History(Optional): Ever since the previous leader of ShadowClan died (now known as StoneClan since it split up into two different Clans), Stonestar has lost his trust in StarClan. His former mate also died in the fire.
Other: Doesn't really trust StarClan anymore, has six lives left.

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Secondslikecenturies | 716 comments Mod
Okay ur suppose to make Rainstorm deputy once he kills Sandtail, but nobody knows about it.

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Name: Silentremedy
Gender: F
Age: 9 moons
Personality: A drop of perfection is is known to be. With a heart pure as gold, her thoughtfulness towards her clan is beautiful and bright, just like herself. Wise and careful, she makes sure her words are nice, yet firm, to show others that she stick to what she says. She is very careful of what she says, espescially of what happened in her past which she wishes not to speak about at all. With a bad temper, only a fool would purposely cross the line. Yet they would soon pay the price with only half of their ear. Silentremedy, skillful and sly, like the creatures that lurk in the dark. Yet this beauty carries the kindness, yet sweet tone in her voice, as when she releases her voice in song, nature sings with her. Silentremedy truly believes in the power of music, as she finds it inspirational and moving, as she was given the inspiration to create poetry, as she sometimes gives advice in sweet poetry. She is truly not one to forget about, as she is truly angel...she is, of course, Silentremedy.

Kin: deceased
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
History: Born in the high rocky mountains Silentremedy felt trapped, and prisoned, with the help of her parents that constantly tortured her. After a couple of weeks when she was born, she and her siblings her raised to be none other than her family's servants. If they had not obeyed they would be locked up in a secret and rocky den, and kept there for a week. One by one, Silentremedy's siblings were killed by her parents, as they had tried and tried to run away, yet had only met death along the way. Finally, Silentremedy, at apprentice age, and spat back at her parents, only to be pushed off the edge of the mountains, to meet her death. at the end of the fall, Silentremedy was given a sprained ankle, which gave her a limp, yet was now free from her prisoned life. Now, here in Stoneclan, she was properly healed, as her limp had vanished away completely, as she was finally given home. Stoneclan, was where she belonged.

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Name: Fireface
Gender: M
Age(In Moons): 10
Rank: Warrior.
Appearance: He has a flash of firey ginger fur on his face and the rest of his tabby pelt is a dark ginger. He has calm blue eyes.
Personality: TBA
Kin: Rainstorm
Crush: Silentremedy?
Mate: None.

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aw cute :]

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Name: Deepfear
Gender: male
Age(In Moons): 21
Rank: warrior
Appearance: Deepfear is a dark russet black tom with long front claws and dark deep, amber eyes that flash when angry. he has long, limber legs and a longer tail with dark tabby stripes that help him blend into the shadows.
Personality: he may have anger issues, but he has learned to channel his anger into being a loyal member of his clan. he is one of those cats who end up being looked up to as well as sometimes frowned upon. In battle, he looks out for his fellow clanmates as best he can, and is often seen taking on multiple cats to make sure the apprentices dont get killed. at times when he is very injured, he lets loose his immense rage and becomes a nearly unstoppable fighter. he takes no heed of injuries or the cats he fights other than making sure they arent his clanmates.
Apprenitce/Mentor: he doesnt make the best mentor
Kin: Jetstorm(murdered) and mother Ivyflower (died after Jetstorm from grief)
Crush: none
Mate: none
History(Optional): his brother Jetstorm tried to kill him because he was jealous of Deepfear. it seemed to him that Deepfear got away with anything he wanted.
Other: Deepfear sleeps in a den outside of camp

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Age:27 Moons
Appearance:Tallface has a black and white coat with pale green eyes, his tail is long and his feet and long.
Personality:Always ready for battle, vicious, clever, fast.

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