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K.C. Webb It was well over 30 yrs ago now that I read this book, but unlike most of the other books I've read, I can still build the vivid pictures in my mind. It was brutal and horrific at times and possibly based on some truth I fear. It's a book that has never left me. What are your thoughts on this book?

Dianne I tried reading this book.And put it down twice. Not that i don't have the stomach for blood & gore. It was the descriptive language & the use of the word n****r that i didn't like. I know that to get a good feel for the characters of a book, the author may want describe the character in great detail. So the reader will be able to understand the characters. And who they are. But as black person myself, sorry i found it offensive. It wouldn't have been so bad had the N word not been so repetitive. Wouldn't dream of passing this book on, as i do with others.
Mines in the trash bin.

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