Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods, #1) Blue Bloods question

Did you like Blue Bloods??
Luna maxwell Luna Jul 11, 2011 11:17PM
i didnt like the way the book was writen it was a lot diffrent from the ways most people write and i just didnt like the way it was composed

I really liked the whole series. It was different enough from other YA series' out there that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

didn't like it. it was a lot of drama that was throwing the whole plot off. Until book three THEN you get to know what's happening.

I didn't like this book it was boring

It was a pretty good book, but not the best. Definitely worth reading though.

The first book wasn't great. The third book was really good. However, the fourth one had a lot of filler. Idk then I stopped reading (I was bored).

Quyen oh, ok, i'll continue ...more
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i really liked it, in the beginning i had to get used to the fact that vampire were original angels and about them not dying and reincarnating and stuff
but that made it interesting in think it was something new and not the same vampire stuff

i think the characters were good developed and there getting better.
I like the way melissa is getting the tension and excitement up to a great level and how the plot keeps amazing me.
I really liked it and is a nice series to read threw can't wait to read more

but i have to agree with some of you, it feels a little like she's promoting models and fashion and fashion brands i never heard of in my life, and you get to know over and over how pretty they are and what there wearing. That much detail over and over again gets a little annoying

It's been awhile since I've read it but I remember it being really captivating and interesting. I though it was an amazing book.

I absolutely loved the whole series, kept me reading!

i didnt like it...i read the first book but i did not enjoy it at all so i could not be bothered with the rest...

Veronica I did not like it either. had a very stupid plot. Still i completed all the books :P
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Actually, the first book in the series was quite a disappointment. But--listen up.
The first was, but I read the second anyway to see if it got any better. And then the third. And the fourth.
And eventually I found myself at the end of the sixth totally in love with the series and calling myself stupid for thinking it wasn't worth it. It totally was, for me at least.;D

i liked this series it was a nice easy read

I did not like. The characters needed more depth and the plot was meant to be so complicated that it was not credible.

Trini (last edited Dec 03, 2011 06:35AM ) Dec 03, 2011 06:34AM   0 votes
i love this book and several other vampire books. its not my favorite out of the series but i still like it. but it isnt better than vampire kisses to me! what do u guys think?

I don't really like it. Why do you have to know all the time what everybody is wearing? Plus, the writing just isn't great.

I've really enjoyed the series. Very different vampire stories:-)

I didn't really like the way it was written... I also felt like the author was just advertising the latest clothing... Half the brands and styles she said I've never even heard before.

i don't like this book, it make me stress

Great book. Not a fan of YA books, but the entire series has me hooked. Character development was great.

I liked the first few books, but now it's just becoming a drag. It has an interesting plot but the way it's written it lacks a few things.

i read the first one and it was ok and am thinking about reading the second, should i?

I love it! It has so many elements that are appealing to girls that love fashion and art. Since is it set in New York it might as well have that.

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