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~RP Start!~

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Ana and Travis walked into school and went to their group of friends

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Ron walked around the school, looking for the office.

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They started talking with their friends

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Ron found the office. "Can I get my schedule, please?" He asked.

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They kept talking

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Ron got his schedule and walked around, trying to get more familiar with the place.

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Ana and Travis watched more people show up

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Ron found his locker, wondering whose locker was next to it.

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Ana and some of her friends went to find their classes and lockers

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((Her name is Ana lol))

Ron saw that there was a girl on one side of his locker. "Hi," he said.

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(DANG IT!!!!)

"Hi." she replied putting some stuff in her locker

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"Um, my name is Ron. I'm new here and I have no idea where my English class is." He chuckled nervously. "Can you help me?"

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"Yeah, sure." she smiled. "I'm Ana." she said shutting her locker and slinging her backpack over her shoulder

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"Nice to meet you," Ron said, following her.

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"Nice to meet you too." she said heading down a hallway and stopping in front of a door, "This is it."

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"Okay thanks. Um, my next class is Chemistry. Can you show me where that is?" Ron nervously chuckled.

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She laughed and headed down the hall a little more

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He followed her, smiling.

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She stopped in front of the room, "Right here." She smiled

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"Okay thanks. I think I can figure the rest out. Because third I have study hall so I'll just walk around the school. Thanks, I really appreciate it." Ron went back to English and sat down.

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"No problem." She said and headed to her class. Her class was on the other side of the school so she had to hurry and get there

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Ron was paying attention in class, and he didn't even realize how the time flew by and the bell rang. He went to his locker, got his books and headed to Chemistry.


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She got her things and headed to her math class

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