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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments ok!

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That was fasttt,then again my computer's pretty jankedd so yea :b...what topic do you feel like doin?

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments haha i JUST got mine fixed, i'm up for anything

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I WISH mine would fix..I've been begging for an iMac for my birthdayy and i WILL get one,im determined :D andd about like a Horror high school type of thing? Like there's this serial killer spree going on around town....ehhh? :D

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments sure! sounds good, i usually get nothing for my birthday

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kooool deal and that's like against the laws of birthdayss.....

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments hahaha there's never anything i want, you wanna make characters?

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You neeeed an iMac,I'm like addicted to the Apple Store now scince I just started going..yes,I am a noooob :b and yesh,yesh I do :D

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments hahahahaha, alright you make yours first

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oh geez..this may take awhilee :b I'll make a guy and a girll..even it out :)

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments alright kool

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments dang i g2g, be back later

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Name: Annabelle Jade Levesque (LUH-VEC)
Nickname: Jade
Age: 17
Grade: Junior;11th
Appearance: Jade has had long dark brown,almost black,hair that cascades down to her mid-back. She usually wears it down most of the time but pulls it back when she's irratated or it's just in her face. Her skin has a natural deep tan to it's tone due to her half-Indian background so she usually is unharmed by the sun. She had a heart-shaped face with angular cheekbones to add to her facial structure. Her eyes are a light,chocolate brown but usually don't give off a warm,cozy emotion. She stands at an averagely tall height,around 5'8 and she's quite slender considering her high metabolism but she does have toned muscles scince she use to take dance.

Personailty: Jade isn't exactly the type of person that comes off as happy-go-lucky. She has a very guarded and hard exterior that few people penetrate through. She's always been very protective of her personal life and she intends to keep it that way. She's not one to trust easily but if she wants to keep you around,she's probably one of the most loyal and grounded people you'll meet if you truly get to know her. She has a very sarcastic humor that usually attracts people or gets her into a shitty mess but some people are just too sensetive for her liking. Jade's a very independent person and has her own mind and opinion about things that gives her a very blunt attitude. She'll tell it how it is whether you want to hear it or not. She's a complicated person and she usually doesn't know how to figure out herself at times although she'll never admit it.
Bio: Comin back to this eventually
Family: Father; Keith Levesque
Little Sister; Leyla Levesque (10)
Mother; Penelope Chenowenth (Deceased)
Other: She's taught herself how to play the piano scince she was 7 and she's a Writer..she has a Blog

((just makin her sister,minor character))

Name: Leyla Levesque
Nickname: Ley Ley
Birthday: July 22,2001
Grade:Fifth Grader
Personailty: Leyla can come off as being very blunty rude at times. She tends to speak her mind no matter what the cost and doesn't mind doing it intentionally just to get on somebody's case. She's also very headstrong and focused but this also causes her to be very logical and narrow-minded at times which adds to her stubborn attitude. She's very intelligent for her age and is much smarter than people give her credit for but this also makes her lack in the friendship department which she tries not let get to her. Leyla is also very intuitive about people and usually picks up on certain aspects of things that most people ignore. Although she may come off as a little cold,she's still a kid and overall,hates it.
Crush: She believe strongly in indefinite girl-power meaning;boys suck.
Other: She's been keeping a huge weight on her shoulders for awhile now and it's been eating her up inside...but she can't stop.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments awesome!!!

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Name: Luciano Anthony Grimaldi (Loo-chi-on-o)
nickname: Luke
Age: 18
birthday: October 31,1994
Gender: Male
orientation: Straight
Grade: Senior;12th
Persona: Luke is very much what you would call a closed-book. There's little about his personal life that he'll tell you about and there's a small chance that that'll ever change. Although he may seem a little standoffish,he can actually be quite sociable if he decides for himself that your someone he can trust. Gaining his trust is a long process but it can be worth it if you want to have his loyalty at your side. Luke is quite a sarcastic guy if you choose to get to know him and that can make his demeanor look a bit cocky but he doesn't seem to mind. For those he cares for,his protection is an immmediate aid and it's an impulse he acts on;anything to keep them from getting harmed. Luke is a passionate guy undearneath all his..issues but it's hard for him to try to express all his sensetivity,if he even has any. He's got the reputation of being the 'bad boy' and he tends to live up to it without even trying. Luke's personality is very complex,even he can't figure himself out.
likes: He likes drawing..anything; The sky's seeming everlastingness and just being away from everything.
dislikes People's Ignorance, People's pure stupidity and People in general.
Looks: Luke has seemingly dark hair but it's really a deep gold in the right lighting. He usually style it in messy spikes or leaves it in a messy shag. Luke spends alot of his time outdoors so he has almost a slight natural tan to him but it's not very deep. He's a fairly tall guy,aorund 6'1 and has quite the muscular built which girls find an attraction to,though he rarely pays attention. He has a very chiseled facial structure and set in emerald green eyes that's always filled with a mysterious intensity.


Mother; Aliza Lily Grimaldi (Custody as of now)
Father; David Jonathan Kennenth (Jail for attempted murder)
crush: It takes alot for someone to catch his eye but it's not like he hasn't had his flings. He and Jade have been friends scince childhood and she knows him better than he knows himself sometimes. They actually met when he kissed her by a dare...and she slapped him in the face. They've been best friend's ever scince.
Other: He's you can probably tell from his name

((haha,sorta copied this from some other rp with a lil edits but i didn't feel like makin a new one..too lazy :b))

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments ((hahaha no problem, i'll make mine right now))

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((yayyyyz :D))

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments Name:September Rose Marx (she has no real last name, that's just the one she chose)
Nickname:Whatever people call her
Birthday:December 31, 1994
Grade:11th, junior
Appearance:She has scars on her back that are often an inflamed pink color but she doesn't care and she almost seems to show them off. Very dark chocolate brown eyes with long dark lashes are her main feature...
Personality:She is one of those people who loves to try new things but she often gets herself into trouble while doing them, or doing anything. She's not afraid of anyone and her bravery sometimes makes her careless and she ends up hurting herself or someone else, sometimes by accident and sometimes with her fists which are never shy. She has no trouble with men but she tends to stay away from them non the less because the only thing she fears is getting close to someone and losing them because her whole life has been a constant loss of loved ones. September is very artistic and musical but she will never show anyone her art because she's very sensitive about it, but she does play the drums in a band at times. She can be really sweet and caring or very fierce and hot tempered, depending who she is with, but she is always easily provoked because she's kind of sensitive. She is kind of a show off but can be really shy when the right people are around.
History:Her parents put her in a store's trashcan and abandoned her, leaving her to die when she was only 2 years old, and being so young she was unable to get out. She spent a whole day in the trash can in blistering heat, almost dying of dehydration before someone came out to dump the trash and found her. She was sent to the hospital where they were able to bring her back to health after some time and then she was put into foster care. She stayed in the foster home until she was 4 and then the family who was caring for had to move and she was dumped into an orphanage. She lived there a whole year before it caught on fire and more than half of the children and staff were killed, she was caught in the fire and burned badly on her back where she now has horrible scars but she was rescued by some firemen, and one eventually adopted her when she was healed. He died when she 12 when a building collapsed and she was left with his wife and son but she became a raging alcoholic and he was soon old enough to leave the house so he did and she never saw him again. The wife eventually became abusive and beat September daily until she turned 15 and ran away. She spent about a month on the streets almost starving to death before she had to go back, and she stayed there being abused for another year before the wife killed herself. Luckily September was left with some money to survive on and she moved away into a tiny apartment and found herself a job, but she is in need of a heart transplant.
Family:Has no family that she actually knows
Crush:She's hesitant to date anyone that she really likes because she fear losing them, but she has been with a few men in her time, but never anything serious, though she does have a few good guy friends like Jaxon, whom she is constantly hanging around with, and he is the only one who know about her heart condition.

Name:Jaxon Samuel Harps
Birthday:May 21, 1992
Grade:Freshman in college
Personality:He has always been very athletic, but has never been one for playing on teams because he is on the shy side, especially when it comes to girls he really likes and showing off his skills. He falls in love fast and hard but almost always ends up getting his heart broken so he has kind of grown weary of girls and stays away from most of them unless something about them really draws him. He has a huge heart and wants nothing more than to help everyone and make everyone happy
History:His father left when he was just a baby and he has never met him, nor does he have the desire to. He has his mother's last name and has lived with her and her alone, well except for the boyfriends she sometimes had, since then on. His life was pretty boring and uneventful except for the few young boy fractures and such. Then he met September at a coffee shop when she was supposed to play with her band but she got in a fight with one of the other band members, and has kind of taken care of her like his little sister ever since. He has had to bail her out of jail more than once because of fights she got into, though they were never serious charges.
Family:His mother Rebecca Lee Harps
Crush:He has always sort of had a thing for September but he knows it will never happen because she has made it clear she doesn't like him in any way other than a friend and never will like him otherwise.

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Amaaazinnn characters :D

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 14 comments haha i got a little tired on the guy...

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