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Ren or Shay?
Dawn Hale Dawn Jul 11, 2011 07:20PM
I can't decide who would be better for Calla? Who do you think she should have chosen?

I think that Ren is so much more better for Shay only because I really believe that he loves her and compliments her well because he is strong in spirit just like her...Shay was starting to annoy me a little and I really cannot wait for Wolfsbane so we can see what happens.

I definitely like Ren a lot better than Shay and it annoyed me to no end that Calla insisted on being with Shay.

Cheyenne I know! I loved Ren. I can't believe what happened to him!!! ...more
Jul 13, 2012 08:55AM

i love ren but i know shes going to end up with shay you can almost always tell

I think Shay is childish in how he follows her around... When Ren makes his love for Calla known, and lets her be her own, strong person.

REN!!! Shay is annoying!

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I pick Shay. First, I don't think Calla really likes Ren. They have been bethrothed since birth, and their relationship was never allowed to develop. She just knows that they are supposed to be together. There is physical attraction to Ren, but that is where it leaves off. Secondly, Calla has had an opportunity to develop more of a relationship with Shay, so I think that there connection is closer. I don't discount that Ren thinks he wants Calla, but I don't think it is for the right reasons. Besides, I think that Shay completes Calla and visa versa. Calla would never have to worry about being second to Shay, where she would with Ren.



Ren. He's cheeky but really sweet as well. Shay seems immature and boring. I just think Ren and Calla are perfect for each other.

I do have to say Ren. I thought Shay was very pushy. But I think Ren should have tried more to get to know Calla more. Calla did stuff with Shay because it was unknown to everyone, and she stopped/ got stopped to do things with Ren. From reading the book she had the same feelings with both of the guys when they touch or kiss. With Ren if she did anything at all with him everyone would have known. I didnt like Shay cause he acted like he own her plus of how he pushed her to do things knowing if someone found out she could have been kill.


I love Shay but i also like Ren a little bit


Shay till the end <3

shay all the way.. but Ren has something about him to you sorta have to like

hm i dunno im still debating I like them both for different reasons :/ So ill get back to on that after the 2nd book :D

Ren all the way,, i just LOVE bad boys!

I'm a Ren fan, but I can see why Calla would chose either guy. Their both reliable, good looking, and treat her great in different ways. But I can see Calla actually being on her own for a while. She is an Alpha after all and perfectly capable of standing on her own two feet (or four feet). It wouldn't surprise me with all of the drama and choices between the two.

Ren was the better fit for Calla. It's possible that shay was a better person in general, but he didn't understand calla as well

Definetly Ren. I'm sorry for the people who like Shay, but the chemistry between Shay and Calla just wasn't there. Sure, Ren is a jerk sometimes, but it's obvious that he really cares about Calla, and yes, loves her. And Calla likes him back, even if she pretends she doesn't and might not want to marry him when she's 17. I guess I just love that kind of romance: the cocky jerk who actually cares about the girl, and the strong, confident girl who pretends to hate the guy. But once she realizes that the guy isn't half as bad as she thought, she admits she loves him, too. (Hey, I admit it, I'm a sap)

Shay, with no exceptions. There is definitely something about Ren that strikes me as unappealing, the attraction between Calla and Ren seems almost artifical, and I think the romance and plotline between Calla and Shay is definately stronger and more genuine. I dont know, perhaps its his possessive behaviour I just dont like Ren. The only connection Ren and Calla share is forged by the keepers. Shay all the way!!!!

Only Ren!!!!!!!!

i like them both so much this is a very hard decision but i always pick who the character chooses so Shay for me

but also i dont think is much of a competition since calla is not in love with Ren

Ren hands down!!!!!!


SHAY!!! Calla doesn't really love Ren but she loves Shay and would do anything to protect him and so would he.

Shay.I feel that him and Calla have a deeper connection then her and Ren.Ren and her are connected because of there past and pack.Calla loves Shay of her own free will.

From the first chapter I fell for Shay and thought Ren was kind of a jerk. But slowly through the book Ren became totally hot and sweet. By the end when he gave Calla the ring and offered to go with her even if it meant protecting Shay I had totally fallen for him too. So now I'm confused and love them both although I think she will end up with Shay because she always seemed to have deeper feelings for him and just kind of liked Ren.

Go ren!!!

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Calla doesn't want to be with Ren because that's what's expected of her. Shay is the alternative. Ren already loves her so much. Shay has already left her hurt and wounded and hanging. Love me some Ren!!!

Most definately Ren!!

REN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Shay all the way baby :D But I'd really like Ren to end up with someone who's always loved him from behind the scenes.

Definitely TEAM REN!!!

Maybe I am the only one, but Shay seems too annoying for me. Calla could make much more nicer couple with Ren. <3

I didnt like either!! I thought Ren was WAY TOO pushy and demanding of Calla. He also seemed to control her since he was the alpha.

I thought Shay was not that great either because if it were not for him convincing Calla to read the Keepers book and go into the cave just about none of the bad things would of happened. I did not see how she could have loved him.

The end of the book also leads me to believe that he already had some sense of the world he was a part of and that he helped turn calla from the keepers side but fell in love with her as most storys happen.

Ren..all the way...they are made for eachother...Shay seems nice but not for her..

TEAM SHAY. i do not believe love happens if its arranged in any way. i think if calla ends up with ren it just wouldn't ever be real love.. NEVER. LETS GO SHAY! <3

I like Shay better. Ren acted like he owned her already and pushy about them being together. Shay let her make the final choices about their relationship but letting her know how he feels also. Ren just forced his choices onto her.

Ren. Even after reading book two.

I'm on Team Ren with this one :)

preferable it'd be Ren. Shay is a knob. because a) he's a knob, b) he never leaves Calla the hell alone, c) CALLA IS A FREAKIN' ALPHA AND THEREFORE DOES NOT NEED YOUR PROTECTIVENESS, SHAY, and finally d) because we learn in book 2 he is the new Alpha or whatever, and it's just really pissing me right off.

REN FTW!!! Why do I always fall for the guy that will never have the girl? :S

Ren all the way, because underneath all that tough exterior there's a sweet guy ^^.


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So many things wrong with this. . . Have you actually read the book and looked beyond the pages? Obviously not because then you would have realized that Ren does love Calla, and that she loves him. (Something above physical attraction, that fact that she wanted to go back for him and did, proves it) Calla and Ren grew up together, despite the reasons behind it, caused a special connection between the two, something Shay and Calla could never have. I would also like to point out that Shay and Calla’s relationship probably only occurred due to the fact that she felt as if she was trapped into the ‘marriage’ and would be unhappy so it would make sense that Shay would be the alternative, the escape. But would you doubt for a second that Ren wouldn’t love and treat her as an equal (like the Alpha she is) something that Shay wouldn’t be able to do, for he is controlling and thinks of her as weak. I know that they both love her, but have you ever heard the saying “If you love something set it free...” this is exactly what Ren does. If he can stand aside and let her live a happy life with someone else doesn’t that prove that he is the better man and the better love for her?

Yes their relationship was forced but the little things he did for Calla shows a lot more. Like how he gave her a ring and was getting all shy about it. And the fact that he lied for Calla and Shay. He must really love her if he can watch the girl he was supposed to marry run off with someone he sees as competition and cover for her. And most of the time when Calla is being physical with Shay her thoughts always go to Ren. :)

REN!! Even after what he did at the end of the second book.

By reading all the comments here, it seems you girls like abusive jerks. Scary... Oh, granted some of you haven't read Wolfsbane, but just because Ren does the right thing once or twice, doesn't change the fact he is an overbearing alpha male who only wants to control and possess Calla.

Definitely Shay! Shay knows what he wants, while Ren seemed confused and always putting on an act with Calla to keep everyone happy. I don't think he actually knew what he wanted until Calla left with Shay.

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