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Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 253 comments Mod
I am too lazy to make dorm for each year, so just post for your year's dorm in here. If you personalize your dorm in any way, post that too, just remember that you're sharing with however many other people there are in your house and year of your gender, so a small bit of wall space and maybe four square feet is all you have apart from your bed.

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Claire (Fifth year)

Jade walked in, throwing her trunk on the bed. Her cat Midnight jumped up and streched over the pillow. "It's good to be back." Jade said outloud, even though no one was here yet. She set up a mirror on her nightstand and looked into it. "What do you think, Midnight? I like green eyes but I'm so used to them being blue." Midnight's yellow eyes peered at her. "Yeah, I like blue too." Jade said, changing them blue.

((does anyone remember what that's called? I don't remember! Tonks does it!))

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
((fifth year dorm))

Saffy looked over. "Hello" she said calmly. "How was your summer?"

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Claire Jade looked over her shoulder. "Good, and yours?"

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"It was good. Your hair looks different from last year." she noticed.

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Claire "I made it more of a dirty blonde." Jade said. "Are you taking Divination?"

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"Nope. Arithmancy." she replied, smiling.

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Claire "Same here."

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"Yeah. I've never put much stock in reading tea leaves."

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Claire Jade laughed. "Its not like I'm a seer anyway."

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"What are your other electives?"

message 12: by Claire (new)

Claire "Arthimancy and Ancient Runes. Yours?"

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"Runes and Care of Magical Creatures."

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Claire "Cool. Are you going to try out for Quidditch?"

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
"No, I'm the commentator. You?"

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Claire "Nah. Its not really my thing." Jade said.

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod

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Dovewing | 194 comments Mod
((oh, wow, I haven't posted here in a while.))

"Oh. Well, goodnight." Saffy lay down in her bed and fell asleep.

Saffy woke and stretched, blinking at the sunlight streaming into the dormitory. She got up and got dressed and otherwise ready for the day, then went downstairs and headed to the great hall.

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