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Make your charries here! Follow this format:
famous for:(sings, dances, acts, models, etc)

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name: Jorden Hayes
fake name: Bess Hunter
age: 17
famous for: acts and kinda sings
appearance: , she quite tall and fit
personality: kinda smart and athletic, very considerate, but sometimes sassy when you say something offensive.
other: takes pics in her free time, goes to high school cuz one day she was in her studio writing a song when she was gagged and brought to some abandoned factory. The man(Ryan) and his two partners(Will and George) told her she will only live if she gives up her acting and singing career and goes to high school. She doesnt know this, but the reason they did that was because she got a movie role that Ryans sister wanted and almost got if it werent for Bess

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments Name: Joshua Scott
Fake name: Lucas Phillips
Gender: Male
Famous for: mostly singing, some acting, and a tiny bit of modeling.
Appearance: He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is quite fit.
Personality: Warm, kind, smart, and kind of a cowboy(you know that kind of gentlemanly way cowboys are)
Other: Some mysterious person blackmailed his whole family(particularly his mom), so all of them went into hiding. Going to school was part of the hiding.

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Jade♪☠ | 1134 comments Mod
Name:Dylan Knife((Lucas sounds good.))
Famous for:He was the drummer for a band and he's been in some movies
Appearance:He has black hair that hangs over his dark green eyes. he's about 6'1 and skinny.
Personality:He doesn't talk much and he's pretty smart.
Other:REALLY skilled at drums

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yay! and i agree with Lucus

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments Okay, great! Lucas it is then. ^_^

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments Just want to randomly say that I did research project of the guy I used for my pic.

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cool, what does he do?

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments The pic is of James Dean. He was an actor, mostly in the 50s.

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ooh, cool

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments Yeah, I got an A on that project, thank goodness.

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haha, nice

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments ^_^ Yep.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments I added something to my charries profile.

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ok, ill put why my person went to school.

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Kennedy | 108 comments name: Bella
age: 16
famous for: models
other: kinda is a snob. not very smart, but really popular

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1461 comments I'm going to say something else about my actor. He can play the guitar and the piano.

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Molly Haines (krystalya) | 552 comments Name: Yala Banks
fake name: Krystalya Webb
age:(14-18) 15
famous for:(sings, dances, acts, models, etc) Famous Actress who does all her own stunts, works part-time as a stunt devil.
appearance: Very short and athletic. Brown hair and green eyes with tan skin. She has a very curvy body and hate it. Guys swoon over her daily, but she hates it. She never wants to date a guy, she has sworn against any guys who try to date her and she gets in plenty of fights that way.
personality: Smart, kind, courageous, brave, arrogant and stubborn. She is a leader, but she knows when to follow. In school she is the bad girl who gets into trouble a lot and talks back. Her nicknames are Little Devil and Rat.
Other: Krystalya was kidnapped one day by a man and he told that she had to quit acting and being a stunt devil. Being the stubborn one, Krystalya said no, until her kidnappers threatened her younger brother.(p.s. brother wont really be in the story) What she doesnt know is that the only reason she was threatened was because the new movie she was doing, the stunt she had to do would have killed her. And this man(Aarion) didnt want her killed, cause he loves her.

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Zoe Snicket (ZoeNightshadeTheHunteress) | 38 comments Name:Zendaya Thorn
Fake name:Zoè Malzia
Famous for:Being a Musican
Personality: Very creative, loves to express her thoughts in music, confident and bubbly. Very intelligent
Other:the only reason she is hiding is because her fame came through a talent competition, but lots of people didnt like her and there was one group who kept spying on her and trying to kill her.The last thing they tried to do to her was drop her own grand piano on her, but she escaped and decided to go into hiding.

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