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Flannery O'Connor
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Did You Know? > flannery o'connor also drew cartoons?

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message 1: by Maureen, mo-nemclature (new)

Maureen (modusa) | 683 comments Mod
check out this neat preview post about her comics from flavorwire.

fantagraphics is publishing the book in december:

message 2: by Dan, deadpan man (new)

Dan | 640 comments Mod
Wow, I'd have never guessed. For some reason (it's southern) I've always struggled to with O'Connor's short stories. I think I need to revisit them soon.

message 3: by Patty, free birdeaucrat (new)

Patty | 896 comments Mod

message 4: by Alan (new)

Alan Prevallet (steelydan) | 12 comments These are amazing! I'm rereading Wise Blood right now and it's completely as engaging and hilarious as I remember. It just makes me giggle the whole way through, I think she is still my favorite author. It completely makes sense to me she would write these cartoons, her ability to see through people with such cynicism makes me croon. She was a bonafide comedienne of her day.

message 5: by Adrian (new)

Adrian | 253 comments The cartoons have a '40s/'50s quality, reminding me of Thurber. O'Connor didn't suffer from his visual handicap, so her comics have a more solid, finished line.

I recall one of O'Connor's letters where she mentions she had enough good material for a W. C. Fields screenplay. I wonder if she would have portrayed him as a Bible salesman/hustler.

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