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Darkling (deideidarkling) .

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Name: Ana
Age: 19
Gender: female
Speices: human
Looks: [image error]

Name: Heath
age: 21
gender: Male
Speices: Human/Wolf
Looks: Anime Guy Pictures, Images and Photos

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Name: Kai
Age: 18
Gender: female
Species: Cat Demon/Human
Looks: http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/09/89...
Other: She is the Princess of her clan

Name: Aiden
age: 20
gender: Male
Species: Gifted Human-Can catch glimspes of the future, enhanced agility and strength
Looks: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/poll...
Other: He is the worlds youngest billionare

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cool u wana start

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Uhmm...Sure? Is this midevial or modern?

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um it dont matter

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Darkling (deideidarkling) 'Kay, how bout modern, but people are aware of the other races, even if they dont accept them?

Padding silently over the forest floor, a young demon wandered, more curious about the humans living near her clan then she should be.
Slipping slightly through the trees she narrowed her glowing red eyes, watching a pale women carry her child to it's father, a smile painted on her pretty face. "Interesting..." the young demon, named Kai, murmured as she slunk away from the scene.

Aiden slowly opened his eyes as one of the maids he had hired pulled open the thick curtains in his room "Time to get up, Sir." she stated gently before leaving the room. Groaning faintly and running a hand through his pale hair, the man begrudgingly sat up and swung his legs off of the side of his bed, stretching and glancing at the clock beside him "Uhg...way too earlier..." he muttered as he stood, walking to his wardrobe and grabbing a random suit.

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Ana sighed as she looked out her bedroom window. She was just a normal, thats what her brother always told her. She was the only normal one in her family but it seemed that she was always the one getting into trouble with regulary people and the creatures.

Heath sat up in a tree watching his house and making sure his sister was safe. He had left after they had gotten in a fight and did not feel like going back yet.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai got bored of sneaking around after a short time and walked out of the woods and into the town. Most people ignored her, used to seeing...different races by now, but she found others stared at her, mostly men, and the thought somewhat freaked the young demoness out.

Aiden quickly rethought the suit idea and pulled on plain jeans and a t-shirt, wandering downstairs and pulling on shoes and grabbing his jacket, ignoring the protests of the maid about leaving without eating. Flashing her a grin he jogged out the door and towards town, a cocky grin on his face as he did so, enjoying the sun.

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Ana put an a sun dress and went into town to look for her brother. She hated when they fought.

Heath saw her leave and relaxed on the tree branch thinking he would get some sleep.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Reaching town quicker then expected Aiden glanced around, looking for something to do. Sighing slightly and leaning against a building he tried to remember the girl from his vision, she was important for some reason, or else he would still be in bed. Studying every woman he saw through the shaded lens of his sunglasses, he began to get impatient till a fair girl with long black hair entered his vision and a grin spread across his face as he pushed off the wall and headed towards her.

Kai slipped off the street and headed back towards the forest. Pausing as she reached a tall tree, a sigh escaped her lips, "Human are confusing..." she murmured gently, sitting down where she was and starting a daisy chain out of childish habit.

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Ana looked around and turned the corner running into a couple of guys. She back up "Sorry" she said and looked up at them they were some of her brothers friends that were no good. "Where is Heath" she asked looking at the leader.

Heath sighed and looked down "Yes they are" he said to Kai

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden watched her for a time, unnoticedm making sure it was the right girl. He kept his distance, acting like he was window shopping, Even her voice is the same... he thought faintly, smiling wider.

Kai jumped and dropped her chain, looking up to where the voice had come from, red eyes wide from being startled. Relaxing slightly tilted her head softly to one side "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to disturb you..."

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Heath's friends smiled "Awwww poor normal can't find big bro to protect you"

Ana backed up and started to walk the other way she knew if they attacked her she would stand no chance and no one would help her. So she did not make them any madder and just started to leave.

Heath chuckled slightly "Its fine" he said

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai smiled slightly up at the man she could just see, "I didnt know there was anyone but human here..." she stated faintly, sitting back down and picking back up her chain and adding more flowers to it.

Aiden's eyes narrowed at the way those men spoke to her and he had to keep himself from speaking, his hands forming fists at his side. He turned as she walked past and followed her for a minute before speaking "Uhm, Miss?! Did those men hurt you?" he asked carefully, worry in his redish brown eyes.

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Heath jumped down and landed by her.

Ana turned around and looked at the guy that had just spoken "Uh no its fine" she said. She was very surprised that someone had said something to her.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden smiled alittle, looking relieved "Oh, thats good, I was worried cause of how they spoke to you. Oh! heh. Im sorry, I forgot my manners. I'm Aiden, heh...one of the humans that live here." he stated, smiling kindly at her.

Kai looked up for a minute and smiled at him as she finished ehr chain and turned it into a crown, standing and placing it on his hair, giggling faintly since he was very much taller then her.

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"Hi i Am Ana and i am human to that's why they always pick on me" she sighed sadly and sat on a bench near by the where they were standing

Heath chuckled again and looked down at her "Does it go good with my blue hair" he said in a funny voice.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden sat near her, making sure to keep a proper distance between them so she wouldn't be uncomfortable "Well, thats sick and wrong of them." he stated, gaining an annoyed look, though his eyes and voice remained friendly.

Kai grinned as her eyes widened alittle, surprised he was playing along "Of course!" she replied through her giggling, her promanant canines glittering in the light as she pulled ehr pale hair over one shoulder, "Oh! I'm Kai by the way." she added as an after thought, reaching up and brushing some of his hair back from his face absently.

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"Yea it is" Ana said "but it happens alot" she sighed sadly looking away. There was a small bruise on her neck "Well i have to go" she said and got up and started to leave.

Heath smiled "I am Heath" he said flashing his Canine teeth that were bigger then hers.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden noticed the bruise and his eyes widened slightly "Ah! Miss Ana..Uhmm..." he rubbed the back of his neck and stood fluidly, walking over to the girl "Allow me to escort you...I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a sweet girl..." he stated gently

"Well it nice to meet you Mr. Heath, my, what big teeth you have..." she murmured, smiling sweetly, and hooking her hands behind her back "Do you live with the humans?" she asked curiously

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Ana blushed "Um thank you but its ok i can get home just fine"

"No but i have a human sister" he said sighing and looked at her.


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Ana blushed "Um thank you but its ok i can get home just fine"

"No but i have a human sister" he said sighing and looked at her.


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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai looked confused for a moment before mentally shrugging Anything is possible she thought to herself "Human sister? Thats...interesting...I didn't know that...a..." she sighed alittle, looking up at him in confusion

Aiden smiled softly "Alright, stay safe Miss Ana." he replied gently, nodding his head alittle before walking off down the street, back towards the shop he had been looking at.

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"different moms" he stated an smiled at her " wana meet her"

Heath's friends followed Ana until she was alone.

Ana felt that she was not alone so she turned aroun only to get grabbed by her neck and thrown against a tree.

"filthy human" the guy said walking up to her.

She was coughing and holding her neck she whimpered and looked up at him

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden sighed and thought back to his vision, she had had more bruises in that then she had had when he saw her, More bruises.... "Shit!" bolting down the street in the direction she had gone he continuiously asked if anyone had seen her.

Kai's eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, literally bouncing where she was till a thought crossed her mind "Oh..Uhmm..I dont know really anything about humans...except that they are really fragile..."

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Ana gasped as she was hit again " stop it" she cried nearly begging them

He smiled "it's ok you will be ok and so will she" he held out his hand, his ice blue eyes starring into hers

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai smiled and took his hand, excited to finally get to meet an actual human, her excitement nearly rolling off of her in waves.

Aiden heard the yell and bolted onto the scene, ramming into the man who had hit her, knocking him to the ground, eyes narrowed "You filthy bastards..." he hissed at them.

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Heath smiled and took her to his house "Ana " he called looking around the house

Ana whimpered again and started to cry she covered her head and closed her eyes "please no more" she whimpered

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden scooped Ana up, still glaring at the men, who were still shocked that a human had attacked them and quickly got her away from there, noing what he had done was stupid but not really caring "Miss Ana? Can you tell me where you live?" he asked gently

Kai stayed close to him, looking around herself in curiousity.

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Ana told him after thinking for a minute

Heath smiled "it's ok"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden nodded and carried her to her door, holding her with one arm and knocking out of habit.

Kai jumped at the sound of knocking and glanced at Heath

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Heath went and answered it he was shocked at what he saw

Ana coughed

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden stepped inside and nodded his head to Heath "Some bastards were beating her up on the street..." he stated, setting her gently on the couch he spotted.

Kai stood where she was, shocked at the bruised and battered girl.

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Heath went over to her quickly and held her hand "Ana......Ana wake up"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden stepped back and stuffed his hands into his pockets, feeling nearly as awkward as Kai at teh moment.

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Ana groaned.

Heath cussed " not again please not again" he said and picked Ana up and put her in her room and closed the door. He looked at the people in his house "who did this" he asked the man the looked at Kai " are u hungry"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden sighed alittle "This group of guy, obviously not human. She was asking them about this Heath guy, they started talking to her like she was dirt. I found her later getting beat up by them...thats all I know..."

Kai shook her head quickly, crimson eyes wide "T-they hurt the humans here? For no reason?"

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Heath groaned "I am Heath her brother that was gram and his ass hole friends " he sighed sadly

Ana slept for awhile

"she is always getting hurt because she has a creature brother, the creatures don't like her and neather does the humans" he sighed again

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden nodded slightly "The creature thing I get, human also, what I dont get is why they decided to beat the shit out of her in broad daylight!?" he half growled, narrowing his eyes in disgust "Or lay their hands on her at all!?!?!"

Kai slunk back slightly from the enraged man, still throughly confused "W-why would a human approach creatures she knows dislike her?" she asked innocently.

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Heath sighed once again and looked at Kai then and the man "that's always the way it has been do you want to hear her story"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai watched Heath, curiousity and confusion written across her face as she chewed her bottomlip and nodded softly.

Aiden crossed his arms and nodded once, leaning against the wall, still enraged but calming slowly.

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"Okay" He said "Well me and Ana have different mothers her mother was human mine was part wolf. When she was 14 is when everthing fell apart on her i was sent to jail and she was sent to a work plant then they found out that she had a creature brother and beat her starved her and nearly killed her before i came back for her. " he paused

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai covered her mouth and her eyes widened in shock, knowing only the history of her own clan she knew nothing of other races, or their treatment of eachother.

Aiden had his eyes downcast, listening patiently though his hand were balled into tight fists.

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Heath stopped for a mintue "Then the humans and creatures came they teamed up and killed our parents and the rest of our family we where forced to run. Finally we came here and settled down then they came along Gram and his friends He wants Ana for himself and they want me out of the picture he has been trying to buy her from me thinking that she is a slave for me" He paused "She is really a good person but no one will give her a chance she has been marked as unworthy since birth."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai looked at the floor, hand still covering her mouth, a look of shock and horror painted across her face.

Aiden didnt seem to have moved except for his tensed muscles and clenched jaw.

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Heath sighed sadly and went to the kitchen

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden hung his head softly as he crossed his arms, falling into his own thoughts on how to get back at Gram and his bastard lackies.

Kai stiffled the urge to flee from the entire scene and padded after Heath, staying quiet and keeping her distance, worried about him but knowing better then to push someone who didn't want to be bothered "H-heath?" she called softly, keeping her voice low.

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Heath looked at her "Kai are you hungry"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Kai shook her head again softly and tilted her head alittle "Are you upset?" she asked faintly, watching his expression carefully "The other man is very upset...its alittle scary, but your...calm...?"

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