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Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 80 comments Mod
If your a mod, your rule book is here:

http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/6... (copy and paste it to the bar thingy)

If your NOT a mod,this is the book of sanity, the book of which entitles you to be an *Ahem* ULTIMATE ROLEPLAYER!!

This shows all of your responsibilities and guidelines you have to follow:

1. Follow the rules. *DUH*

2. If your charrie doesn't meet the standers, you have 2 days to edit it or it shall be removed.

3. If you receive a letter saying you are part of the jury, defendant, prosecutor in a Courtroom, you must be in the Courthouse by the specified date or you will be replaced.

4. Please stay active, if your not active for a month or so, the mods will debate if you shall stay or not.

5. Your complaining about a mod or another Player? Tell me, (I'll say a little birdie told me) and I'll confront him/her.

6. DO NOT SPAM. Ugh. Its a pet peeve.

7. Your charrie MUST meet standers. If it doesn't, a mod will notify you and you will have 2 days to edit your charrie or we will delete it.

8. Only Roleplay about whats in the folder. (You may personal chat by saying what you say in ((these)) and what your avatar talks in "these".

9. No going in out in The Forbidden Forest, (Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry), In other people's cabins (Camp Half Blood), or any other forbidden places or i will hunt you down.

10. All mods Satoosa's (highest rank after mod) can banish you if you misbehave (mods can banish up to a week, while satossa's can only banish up to 4 days.

11. Behave. You'll have 2 warnings and after that your OUT SUCKAH! But if i pity you, i may resurrect you and let you back in the group.


-Happy Roleplaying!

If you have any questions please post here OR the Q&A Topic.

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 10 comments 2 and 7 are the same.

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