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Furyfang | 333 comments Mod
((Rp here and I can't get a pic of it so I'll describe it.))

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar awoke in his den, blinking several times, and sat up. He yawned, then stretched, causing a few bones in his spine to make a cracking noise. He shook out his fur, and padded to the entrance of his den. He looked around camp, in search of his deputy.

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Sandtail made his way through camp.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 136 comments Stormclaw awoke in her den to blackness she pushed herself up and walked over to the freshkill pile scared she would run into a cat. She still wasn't used to her sightless eyes.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar spotted Sandtail, and hurried over to him. "Sandtail!" He called, padding towards him.

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Smadtail nodded.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar stopped in front of him. "Have you sent out the dawn patrols yet?" He asked.

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Sandtail shook his head."I'm leading the border patrol later with Rainstorm,"he replied."I sent the hunting patrol earlier."

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar nodded, shifting uneasily. "Alright. Watch out for any LightningClan cats. Lightningstar is trying to steal more territory...or so I've heard," he growled.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather licked her paw. "Stonestar,"

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar snapped his head around to look at her. "Yes? What is it?" he growled.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather growled slightly. "We need to talk." She walked back to her den.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar flicked his tail in annoyance. He nodded at Sandtail, then followed Jadefeather to her den. "What's so important that we need to talk?" he asked quietly. "Is there a sign from StarClan?" Ever since they lost they're previous home, Stonestar's trust in StarClan has become less and less.

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Sandtail dipped his head and padded out of the camp.

Rainstorm followed closely behind.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) | 136 comments Stormclaw listened carefully making sure she wouldn't have a run in with any other cats.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather stood silent. "Well..."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar sat down, wrapping his tail around his paws. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Well what? Is there something wrong?" he asked.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather sighed. "I did get a message from Starclan...."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar growled slightly. "Well, what is it then? Another bad prophecy I suppose?" he snarled, his hackles beginning to rise.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather growled. "Calm down! It was a message about Lightningclan, you fuzz ball!"

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar scoffed. "Whatever it is, I doubt it'll be useful," he growled. "StarClan already betrayed us all once. Or do you not remember?" His eyes flashed with anger, and hatred, as he remembered that horrible day.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather snarled. "I am a medicine cat! Starclan has never betrayed us! Trust me, I would know..."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar narrowed his eyes. "Well, then, what's the message?" he asked, flicking his tail angrily.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather sniffed loudly. "There is a great threat on it's way, and no one can stop it."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar sighed. "Of course there is," he mewed angrily, and stood up. He began to stalk out of the den.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather frowned. "I'm not done yet!"

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar growled. "I don't care! I don't want to hear it anymore, Jadfeather!" he stalked out of the den, back towards Sandtail.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather growled. "Am I the only one who has faith?! You're supposed to lead us, but you're just bringing us down!"

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Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar stopped a few tail lengths away from the den, and turned back, fur birstling, and teeth showing. He glared at her. "What's there to have faith in? They betrayed us!" he snarled. "I have no reason to follow them now. And it's because of me we survived in the first place!" he growled. "If StarClan is so urgent to warn us, why didn't then warn us before our previous home was destroyed?" His claws were now unsheathed, and scraping the ground.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments "There was nothing they could do." Jadefeather said forcefully.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar scoffed. "I'm done talking to you about this. Do your job, Jadefeather," he growled, and stalked out of camp, into the forest.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather muttered to herself. "I am doing my job, if only you would realize that."

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar walked through the forest, growling and muttering under his breath.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather shook her head and went back inside her den.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar stopped under a large tree, and started climbing into it. He soon rested in between two branches, and let out a heavy sigh.

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"It must be hard...isn't it?" The soft tone of Silentremedy's voice was released into the air, as she arched her neck to rest her gaze onto Stonestar, watching him calmly as he layed in the trees. "Even as a newcomer into your clan, Stonestar, I can still realize such frusteration what life has given you" she murmured, her bright eyes reflecting off a nice warm shimmer from the sun.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar growled slightly at the younger cat. "You have no idea," he snarled. He looked down at her. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be on a patrol?" He asked, stretching across the branches, his tail hanging down.

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"One of the others said they'd take my place, said I should get to know the clan better first" Silentremedy answered calmly, not taking the leader's hostility personally. Sitting herself down, yet not breaking her gaze at him she sighed. "My leader, if I may ask, with this clan going through a couple of situations, may I ask, what goes through your mind as this happens...?" she asked calmly.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar flicked his tail. "I'm going to answer with a question. Why is it important to you what goes through my mind? I mean, I know you want to learn more about the Clan, but maybe you should be asking Sandtail that question," he growled. "And I'm fairly sure every cat knows at least how I feel about it all."

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With a sigh, Silentremedy, twitched her tail and leaped herself gently onto a branch, which was right across from Stonestar's. "Stonestar, what is happening anyway? I have not received any detailed answers on what has happened to the clan. What are we going through exactly.." she murmured, twitching her ears.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar looked at her with cold eyes. "Do you really want to know?"

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"This is my new home that we are talking about so yes, I would like to know" Silentremedy mewed firmly yet her tone soft and fluent.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar sighed. "Fine," he growled, and sat up on his branch. He began the story. "Well. There was a land far beyond this one, where we use to live. I was deputy then," he murmured. "There were four Clans then, but they're names were different than out Clans names." He paused a moment, as if trying to remember. "They were called ShadowClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. Our territories resided around a lake. The prey was plentiful, and there was peace among the Clans. But then," he growled, "a fire broke out across the forest. Only RiverClan survived, while the other Clans had to deal with lack of food," he growled. "I was part of ShadowClan. I became leader of ShadowClan, but soon, it didn't really matter," he growled. "Because of lack of food to go around, each Clan split into two Clans. My deputy left me, and became leader of a Clan," he growled. "The food became less and less, and more cats died. I knew that it was time to leave the lake." He paused again, memories flashing in his mind like fish darting in a river. "So I teamed up with Lightningstar and his Clan, and we sought out new land. The other three Clans followed us, of course, and we soon came across this place we now call home." As he finished the story, he sighed. "So. Now you know."

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"Well, at least now the clan has a nice home now, right? Isn't that what turly matter..?" Silentremedy asked, grooming her luxurious pelt.

Jasmine ~Classy Jazz~ (darkchaoticwolf) Stonestar nodded. "I suppose so," he muttered. "I still think the Lake was much better though." He began washing himself.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather took a walk and saw Stonestar and Silentremedy.

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Silentremedy nodded and sighed. "Well, each place has their own specialty, this place seems fine the way it is" she commented, switching to his branch.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather growled and her hackles raised.

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Pricking her ears up, she glanced down below and smile. "Hello Jadefeather" she greeted softly with a polite dip of her head.

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Jaidyn | 1336 comments Jadefeather bared her teeth.

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