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Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 890 comments Mod
The votes are in, and this month's poetry contest will have the following themes:

Have fun! :)

Start Date: July 11

End Date: July 28

Good luck, everyone!

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 890 comments Mod
Monstrumentality: A new word

It rains,
And hails,
And blows in the wind,
As the soldiers march off tonight,

Into the depths,
Into the blind,
Into the wind of the road,
Slaying each thing in sight,

But is it they
Who should be killed?
Or the mutants
Which they slay?

It burns,
And stings,
And leaves many scars,
As they continue their solemn plight,

Throwing their sticks,
And throwing their stones,
Trying the hardest they could know
To slay the most monsters tonight,

But Is it they,
Who’s blood should be shed?
Or the mutants,
Which they slay?

Their screams,
And wails,
And agonizing spells,
Float into the winter’s air in spite,

The screams now fade,
The wails renegade,
And the monsters
Set the dead alight,

But we must ask ourselves,
Once more tonight,
Is it the mutants who have died?
Or the monsters who took flight?

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