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I Go far in romance, as far as the other person goes!
just to let you know, I love long posts xD

as long as like this sentece xD

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Thats cool, I do too xD

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We could have like, two different species, their races are forbidden to even talk,

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Yeah, I'd bugsy The species xD

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I do girl, I am Shiz a boy xD,

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I'll make my character soon

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Name: Cecelia Parker ((Sessy,))
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Sessy is sweet, she is protective to her race, her feeble mind helps her along the way, she hates Angel hunters
Race: Fallen Angel
Form: 17 Year old girl.
Motto: Don't judge by looks,
History: Sessy's Mum died when she was very young, her younger sister Candi, died not long after, Sessy never had a chance to meet her dad, her Mum left him when Sessy was only 4
Other: she loves Ice cream

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What was?!

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I didn't see them, sorry,

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Anyway, i have to go shower, We can rp when I get back, if you want to make a character x

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you still on?

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oh okay, erm, ...

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whats going on...

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Lol, you might wanna do that

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I'm guessing i have to be the guy :L

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then I would of just wasted like an hour of my life?

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I'm a Reformative kid,

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