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message 1: by Murdo (new)

Murdo Morrison | 7 comments Hello, I would like to let you know about my recent book, Roses of Scotland. For more information about the book please visit I was born in Glasgow and Roses of Winter draws upon my family's wartime experiences as inspiration. Writing this book was a 'labor of love' and I really would love to get it known to all who love Scottish historical fiction. It is available (modestly priced) on Amazon in the Kindle section at It is also available as a free audiobook at

message 2: by Murdo (new)

Murdo Morrison | 7 comments The paperback version of my historical novel Roses of Winter is now available. It can be accessed on CreateSpace at It will also appear on within the next day or two. Roses of Winter is also available for libraries and independent booksellers to stock and sell.

message 3: by Moi (new)

Moi (moimoi) | 2 comments Congratulations Murdo

message 4: by Murdo (new)

Murdo Morrison | 7 comments Thank you. Seeing my work as an actual book was quite a moment.

message 5: by Anne (new)

Anne (spartandax) | 23 comments Congratulations on your new book. since i was born during WWII(1941) it sounds very interesting. I know how you feel about holding your book in your hands, when mine was published, I had to keep looking to make sure that was my name on the cover.

message 6: by Murdo (new)

Murdo Morrison | 7 comments Thank you. I started work on the book in 2002, fitting it in the spaces around a work career. Almost a year ago I retired from working for others to devote myself fulltime to writing. I am currently working on a sequel to Roses of Winter. A non-fiction book is finished and I am creating an audiobook version of it. Print and ebook versions are in the works.

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