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message 1: by Colleen (last edited Jul 11, 2011 09:30AM) (new)

Colleen | 432 comments Mod
Post free fiction E-books here.

message 2: by Athanasios (new)

Athanasios (athanos) There are A LOT of books out there. I'm not just referring to the traditional publishers, I'm also bringing in the new indie ebooks. How can you chose?

FREE is a good motivator. I've made the first 8 chapters of my work Mad Gods free for anybody who wants to have a risk free look at the beginnings of Predatory Ethics.

Just go to:
Mad Gods Volume I @:
Mad Gods Volume II @:


message 3: by Chrysoula (new)

Chrysoula Tzavelas | 15 comments Gifts of the Blood is free on Amazon right now and seems to be an angel romance. I've picked it up but haven't read it yet.

message 4: by Richard (last edited Feb 03, 2012 01:59AM) (new)

Richard Farnsworth | 13 comments Outside the Wire
Fallen angels, demons, lycanthropes, monsters and even a disembodied hand (or is it), Outside the Wire is a collection of six previously published short stories about things we don’t want to let in, all anthologized for your reading pleasure.

Available for free at smashwords

...and for $0.99 at Amazon

What a deal. If I didn't write this, I would totally get it. :)

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