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Misty | 15 comments What is the one item that many children carry with them to help them face the scary monsters, go to bed at night, go shopping with, and be a friend to and play with? Countless numbers of children carry a stuffed animal with them and will go nowhere without it. I know that as a child I did the same exact thing. According to Shelby A. Wolf in Interpreting Literature with Children, “in the world of children’s literature, characters may be human or not.” With the changing world today, some children may only have one friend, a stuffed animal or doll, to make them strong and safe.

This book award is named after my favorite stuffed animal as a child, Pampers. The award will be given to a children’s picture book that shows a child or even an animal that has found a friend in a stuffed animal or doll. The book must show that the two characters are inseparable. It could also demonstrate that chaos happens because of a separation but does not have to.

Please complete all nominations by Monday, October 13th.

message 2: by Mrs. Claar (last edited Oct 04, 2008 06:12AM) (new)

Mrs. Claar Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems
In the story Knuffle Bunny: a Cautionary Tale, we meet Trixie, a very precocious toddler, and her best friend, a stuffed rabbit called Knuffle Bunny. Trixie takes Knuffle Bunny to the Laundromat to help her daddy one afternoon. What happens next is the chaotic part. She screams, cries, and “goes boneless” after she realizes her bunny is MIA on the way home. She tries everything this pre-speech child can do to let her daddy know that Knuffle Bunny is missing. This book definitely fits the criteria for your award for several reasons. First, by the time you reach the end of the story, you realize how important Knuffle Bunny is to Trixie; the bunny is so important that Trixie’s first real words are Knuffle Bunny. Second, when they are separated, chaos is mild to describe what happens. A miniature meltdown occurs and causes her and her daddy to be not so happy. When the parents realize that the bunny is missing, the run as fast as they can to the Laundromat, hoping that is where the bunny is. As daddy is searching for the bunny and comes up with nothing, Trixie is near tears. Daddy is determined to find Trixie’s bunny and “looks harder” by nearly climbing into the washing machine at the Laundromat. Knuffle Bunny is found and the world is right again. The last reason you should choose this story is that the only thing funnier than the text may be the illustrations that goes along with the text. The mixture of photographs and expressive drawings, bring the characters to life in the story. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale is creative, original and down right hysterical. A perfect choice for the Pampers Award.

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Stephanie Ballato | 12 comments The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends

This book is great for the award. The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends is about a new club that started in town. Sister Bear wants to control a lot of the club, but there is also another little girl who wants to. They learn that they cannot always get their way, and everything that they want. Sister Bear finds comfort in her stuffed animals and dolls. When Brother Bear asks who Sister Bear was taking to go play; she tells him, her stuffed animals and dolls.

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Sharon Green | 13 comments The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams The Velveteen Rabbit felt insignificant in the Boy’s life. The wise Skin Horse explained to the Rabbit that nursery magic can happen by being loved by a child, and the toy can become “Real”. By chance Nana tossed the Velveteen Rabbit into bed with the Boy one night. They became inseparable and enjoyed a wonderful love filled life together. They went everywhere together. Then the Boy became very ill for a period of time. When he recovered, the doctor instructed Nana to discard the Velveteen Rabbit describing him as a mass of germs. The Rabbit was put in a sack to be burned by the gardener. During the night the Rabbit shed a tear and a lovely fairy appeared. She was the nursery magic Fairy, and she turns all the toys that have been loved Real by children into Real to every one. Now the Velveteen Rabbit could play and jump with the other rabbits.
However even the seasons and being discarded could not keep the Boy and Velveteen Rabbit apart. In the spring, the Rabbit returned to visit the Boy who first made him Real.
I believe The Velveteen Rabbit deserves the Pampers Award due to the unique way the Boy and Rabbit are inseparable even after the Rabbit has been discarded.

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Caitlyn | 12 comments Corduroy

Corduroy is a toy bear that is waiting to be bought from the store. A little girl comes by the one day and wants to buy Corduroy, but her mother had already spent too much money that day. The next day, the girl comes back and buys Corduroy. The girl and Corduroy become friends. The girl made Corduroy a bed just his size, and also sews a new button that he was missing on his pants. Corduroy is a good example that shows the friendship between the little girl and Corduroy.

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Megan | 12 comments That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
In That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown, we meet Emily and her old gray Rabbit named Stanley. Throughout the story, Emily and Stanley go on crazy adventures, including visiting outer space, riding through the Sahara Desert, and going deep-sea diving. Emily and Stanley are truly inseparable, but Queen Gloriana the Third wants nothing more than to have Stanley for herself! She sends whoever she can find to offer Emily other special toys in exchange for Stanley. Despite some generous offers, Emily will not part with her beloved Stanley. One night while Emily is sleeping, Stanley is stolen from her bedroom by the queen's servants. Emily is very upset and angry, and marches up to the palace to get Stanley back. She finds Stanley having a miserable time with the queen, and she rescues him. Emily feels sorry for the queen, and gives her a brand-new teddy bear to have adventures with. At the very end of the story, Emily receives a note from the queen telling her thank you for the wonderful gift. Now, both Emily and the queen have their own special stuffed animals to have exciting adventures with!

This book is perfect for the Pampers Award. The first reason this book should be chosen is because Emily and her stuffed animal Stanley are truly inseparable. They do everything together, and they are best friends. This book should also be chosen because it shows what happens when Emily and Stanley are torn apart from each other. They are both miserable, and it makes the reader see that they belong together. The ending of the story conveys to the reader that it is important to have a stuffed animal that you can share experiences with. This book also incorporates humor as the two go on wild adventures together. Children will love this book, and it is most deserving of the Pampers Award!

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Liane | 13 comments Little Quack and Baby Ducky

This book shows Little Quack's attachment to his toy, Baby Duck. The book starts off with an upset Little Quack, unable to find his toy. Throughout the rest of the story, he retraces his path that day to figure out where Baby Duck was left. How much Baby Duck means to Little Quack is obvious in his persistent search for his toy. When it looks as though all hope is gone, Little Duck is devastated. But all is not lost and Little Duck finds his toy, hugging it the whole way home. This is not your typical plot sequence to view a child or animal's attachment to their toy. But I think the emotions and urgency in which the search for Baby Duck continues, was a wonderful device to establish the importance of Little Duck and Baby Quack's attachment. A sure winner!!

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Carly Brown | 12 comments I Love You, Bunny Rabbit by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

This book was truly amazing! It is a heartfelt tale about a boy who loves his worn and stain-covered bunny so much that he refuses to give her up for a new toy. This story teaches children to loves and care for their loved ones no matter how messy they get sometimes. Every child has had that special stuffed animal in their life that they love and care for like a child. I truly believe that children will love this book.

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Jenna Spinazzola (JennaSpinazzola) | 12 comments Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity

This book is very cute! It is about a girl who brings her bunny into school and she notices another girl in her class has almost exactly the same bunny as she does. The girls glare at each other, but don't express their feelings through words. You can tell they are upset that somebody has the same bunny as them. Somehow they end up switching bunnies and while they are sleeping, they wake up and realize they do not have the right bunny. So then they tell their dads that they need to be switched this instant and it is like 2:30 a.m. The dads end up getting a hold of each other and the girls get their bunnies switched. At the end of the story, the girls see each other and after they get their bunnies switched, they ask if they want to play with their bunnies together. You can tell how important the bunnies are to the girls and they also become best friends because of their bunnies.

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Olivia | 12 comments I Love You, Mister Bear

I have chosen I Love You, Mister Bear for the “Pampers Award.” This is an extremely adorable book by Sylvie Wickstrom. This is a story about a little girl, Sosha, who is out for the afternoon with her father and they come across a yard sale. At the yard sale, Sosha finds a little stuffed bear but does not buy him because he has a big hole in his tummy. Sosha and her father continue their daily activities of visiting the park, playing in the sand box, and swinging on the swing, but the whole time she is talking to her father about how to fix the poor little bear who is back at the yard sale. Finally she cannot stand it any longer! She must go back to the yard sale! So ,she and her father race back to see if the bear is still there. Amazingly it is! And from there on out she promises the old shaggy bear that he will live with her forever. Sosha keeps that promise by taking him to the doctors to get fixed, giving him a bed to rest in after the operation, giving him tea in bed during the recovery, and putting on shows for him to keep him cheery. In addition, they took baths together and Sosha even made him his very own outfit!

I Love You, Mister Bear, like I said before is an extremely adorable children's book that shows the inseparable bond between a little girl and her stuffed animal, Mister Bear. If you want a book that preciously demonstrates through the illustrations and story content itself about the beginning of a lifelong “forever” friendship of a little girl and her prized stuffed animal, then choose I Love You, Mister Bear for the “Pampers Award.”

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