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Jaye (jazzy123) | 398 comments Mod
K guys, since Toe-knee's entry won, She gets to start of the thread! Bear in mind not to write to much, we want this to last a LONG time!

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Jaye (jazzy123) | 398 comments Mod
The house is tall, ominous and a perfect place for me to hide. As the boy's shouts grow faint, I stride over the rotting threshhold and stare into the darkness.
I think I'm going to like it here.

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments I walk around the barren house as ideas on how to improve this place into a more living state pop into my mind. But the one thought that smothers all the others is that The One is here!

He runs into the abandoned house and stares at me with such a beautiful intensity that it actually keeps me from staring at his God-given torso.

"Hello," he says to me. His voice is alluring and hypnotic, and the shock that this guy i've been looking for just said "hello" to me makes my eyes flutter and I lose my balance. In an instant, he's at my side holding my arm to stabilize me. His hand is like scorching fire that zips through my blood and veins.

"Th-thank you," I manage to squeak out with a shaky smile.

He shakes his head. "Thank YOU, for saving me out there."

The boy bites his lip in frustration, and his lips! Completely, perfectly sculpted, lips. "Listen," he says earnestly, "I don't exactly KNOW who you are but I know we're connected somehow. I can feel it."

I open my mouth to agree, but he misreads my intentions. "I know, I know! That sounds ridiculous, but its true, and i feel as if I'm meant to be here; to help you-or something."

I immediately want to do anything to comfort him, and I think about all that has been happening. I may have felt an urging need to find this guy for as long as I can remember, but no matter how much I know I need his help to go back to where I feel safe, I am a girl of self-strength and pride.

To think i just might feel as comfortable with him as the sea makes me feel safe is terrifying. But now that he is here, the sea calls to me even more. The beauteous guy breaks my train of troublesome thoughts. "You're not okay, are you, with me?"

"What? No! I'm just thinking. I believe you. We ARE connected. I know so. My whole life I've wanted to find you, and here you are! Its just a lot to soak in now that you're here.You're my golden-I mean your the golden treasure i've been looking for."

Golden treasure I've been looking for? Wow. Loooong time since I have communicated verbally. Doesn't help when Mr.Gorgeous stares you straight in the face. I flare up with anger and embarrassment as I know that he just realized that i find him attractive. He thinks it is amusing! Sheesh! This connection thing has its ups and downs.

I sigh as he smiles just as I had earlier. "So what's your name?" I ask.

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OK, as one of the head mods *cough cough* I decree that if ANYONE posts anything like what *member* just posted their comments will me DELETED. C'mon guys, I said PG13!

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This guy posted something not... appropriate on this. It involved the murder and rape of our main character... HELLS TO THE NO'S I SAY!

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lol it wasn't explicit, i just didn't want anyone trolling our story :L

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J Adams Let me say that I thought that was a realistic direction in which to take the story. I didn't see that PG-13 part.

Apologies, and apologies, and apologies.

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Its ok :) just em' yaa pg13 and we want to try and make this story LOOOONG :)

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He doesn't come back the next day.
I stand by the window and watch the tide roll in, blue-green waves reflecting the moonlight. After a while I wander down the the beach and dive into the waves.

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"I should go" I say, prying his hands off my shoulders and walking away.
"WAIT!" he bellows striding after me. He catches my wrist just as I'm about ti start running.
"I want to see you again"
I think about it, and decide it's a good idea.
Scanning the beach, I see a small peninsula with a rocky point sittin on the edge of the bay.
"Meet me over there at sundown tomorrow" I murmer shyly and point to the very tip of the stony outcrop.
He turns and follows my gaze, and I tke the opurtunity to swiftly dive into the sea before he looks back.
"So sundown?" he says as he turns around and realizez I'm long gone.

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Jaye (jazzy123) | 398 comments Mod
(( sorry about all the typos ))

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Im drowning. i cant get air. i try to breath but all that happens is water comes in and starts to fill my lungs. I start to black out as a flash of white light shines.

i awake with a start. panting and sweating. i began coughing uncontrolibly. I am sopping wet some how. my bed sheets are soaked all the way through to the matress.
She licks her lips. Saltwater? "What just happened?"

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Jaye (jazzy123) | 398 comments Mod
small puddles of water trail out of the room. i get up and decide to follow them, walking through the twisty hallways of the house.
the trail stops at the bottom of the wooden stairs and turns into footprints in the sand. i look up and follow the prints with my eyes un til they dissapear into the sea.
the sun peeks over the clouds setting the beach on fire.
my tummy rumbles. there's no food in the house, so i decide to go grab a bite to eat.
do i even have any money?

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments I sigh and rub my eyes with fatigue. The memory of the dream, and seeing the mysterious footprints is dulling my mood to an even darker shade than it already is from the start of a negative morning. And hunger isn't making my mood any peachier.

Hmmm...wonderful morning indeed. That dream...it means something,and the fact that in the dream, instead of me feeling comfortable with the deep sea, but scared of it, greatly disturbs me. I've never had a dream with me in danger OF the sea before.

I shake my head and decide that despite my deprived stomach, I'll just lay hear in the sand and watch the sun rise for a while. As i sink my body into the warm beach, a long, deep sigh escapes my lips as the sand seems to enfold my body with soothing comfort.

For some reason, it is much more comfortable than the bed i slept on last night. The humidity of the sun and it's radiating warmth covers me with an artificial blanket that makes all my stress, hunger, and crabby mood fade into a large collection of vanishing memories. I close my eyes and soak in all the abundance of this one moment because i know it won't last...


"Excuse me," says a distant voice in the back of my mind.

I hear a cough. Then something much louder. "Excuse Me!" That's definitely not in my mind.With a jolt, I'm awake. At least i didn't have a freaky dream, but as I sit up in the sand, I'm startled out of my mind. Because there's a girl standing in front of me. See, people...don't talk to me. Ever. I mean that. Which makes me automatically think that this girl only has one intention in her mind. To kill me! Or something like that.

I desperately start to scramble to my feet when all of a sudden, this girl with a soft tan, straight blond hair; purple highlights, and long legs starts laughing. She kicks her head back, and laughs and laughs. I'm so startled that i plop right back down on my butt.
My legs would be carrying me far from this girl in split seconds on my regular days, but today isn't regular. Obviously. I dare to speak. "W-what do you want? I didn't do anything."

The girl finally stops laughing and sits down beside me. She gives me a package that i haven't noticed until now. She has a soft smile on her lips, but I'm still on my guard. She giggles. and says, "I'm not gonna hurt you, and the package isn't a bomb or anything. I just came over hear because you're kind of on the part of the beach that no one else comes to,and I've seen you hear for a while." I just look at her.
She continues when she sees my blank stare. "Look, everyone deserves a friend, right? Now open up the bag. There's something in there that i want you to have-like a gift. You know what a gift is, don't you?" I nod and draw my eyes away to the present in my lap.
I open up the bag and inside is a blue and green tankini bathing suit. I cant help but look at her questioningly. The girl shrugs. "I didn't know if you were comfortable with bikinis so...yeah. I thought that you might come over to join civilization on the other side of the beach sometime. Ya know, hang with me and my friends." The girl held out her hand. "My name's Alisson by the way-Aliss for short."

By now my guard is completely down, and i've definitely realized that this girl isn't a threat. We shake hands. "Thanks," I say, "Maybe i could...sometime, but why were you laughing at me?"

A smile breaks out on her face and she says, "'Cuz when i woke you up it looked like you were about to start crapping bricks. So how long have you been sleeping? It's almost sundown."

I'm pretty sure that my eyes look like they're about to fall out of my face. Sundown?! I guess that dream i had last night had made me more tired that i thought. And a rumble in my stomach brings me back to reality-I'm seriously hungry. But first thing's first. I need to say goodbye to Alisson then go to see Levi. I plan on telling him straight out that he's not here to be my summer love.

Last time i talked to him-lets just say i don't know what i was thinking. No matter how much I'm attracted to him, I CAN'T get distracted. I need to focus on the important things right now. Ever since that dream i had, I feel like i got a wake up call. SOMETHING is happening, something bad, and i don't exactly know what that is, but it's just one of those gut feeling that you get. He has the right to know, and i have the responsibility to tell him.

"I need to go," i say to her. "Thanks for the bathing suit, but I'm not sure you being my friend would really be the best thing." I can't help but glance in the direction of where I'm supposed to meet Levi.

Alisson waves her hand in front of my face to get my attention. "I'll be the judge of that, kay?" She stands up and brushes off the back of her shorts. "I can see you're needing to be somewhere so I'll go, but I'll be seeing you tomorrow, and we're going to the habituated part of the beach, too."

She starts to walk away, but i throw my hands up in the air with frustration. Why can't she just take a hint? "I don't even know you!" I bellow at her retreating back.

She stops in her tracks, and turns back to me. "Well you will. Listen, I just feel like I'm supposed to get to know you. I-I don't know, but i, like, NEED to know you, and have you as a friend." She shakes her head in embarrassment, but soon gives a confident smile. "And most people know, that i usually get what i want."

For the first time, I'm actually considering this girl in front of me, and that's when it hits me. She's part of this whole thing(whatever this "thing" is)-i know so. First Levi comes, then the dream, and she shows up? Its gotta mean something.

A smile spreads on my face as i surrender to her bossiness. "Okay, Aliss. I'll see you tomorrow." But as soon as i had said "okay", she'd already began walking off.I turn away from her retreating figure with a whole new feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Time face Mr.Gorgeous.

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments HOLY CRAP!!! That's way longer than i thought it was gonna be!!-SORRY!!!!! :Z
But theres like a ton of enters cuz of the dialogue, right? gee-im reeeaaaly sorry, guys. It's a common problem for me to write a lot and not really notice it-SORRY AGAIN. :L I feel terrible

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments Wow-its been a while-im surprised no one's added to the story.... :C

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments If someone came up to me at these very moments and asked me, "What happened to you?" This would be my amazing, philosophical, emotionally deep answer: "Life."

And there is nothing more to it. Drama happens, weird things occur, crappy dreams, hot guys drowning in water, girls with purple highlights who want to be my friend like I'm Elmo from Sesame Street, old women who give me random acts of kindness, and a bunch of bizarre gut feelings while the world seems to be crashing down on me. Fortunately, it’s all an illusion. 'Cause the world is still spinning, and I'm just a speck of dust in the wind.

I pull the covers off of my body and get out of my bed. Luckily, it miraculously dried up before i had arrived home from the restaurant yesterday. After i had left, i wasn't sad or hurt. I was just plain out angry. The one guy i knew i needed-somehow need-is a player and a liar! Not to mention a cheater wannabe whom i graciously stopped from being a cheater by guessing that he was already with someone. That cad, stupid, Mr. Liar of gorgeousness and-and...Mmmmm...i won't say anymore.

I walk out of my bedroom and fail to untangle my hair with my fingers. But i don't care-not really. I need to take a swim; something to comfort and quiet my mind. And that's when i remember! Today is the day i get together with Aliss! My first actual friend…wow.

I run into the common room part of the broken down house that i reside in to look through one of the main windows. The sun is highest in the sky, and from the surrounding palm trees along the beach having no shadows, i know that it is noon. I slept extremely late this morning! Whats up with me and sleeping so much? I hurriedly try to fix my hair and decide to slip on my tankini to show my gratitude of her present. I'm excited and scared about this day all at once as i hurry throughout my house to get ready. Then i slip on a shirt over the bathing suit and with jitters in my stomach, say "hello" to the bright, radiant sun as i eventually walk outside my front door.

Barefoot, a contented smile of gratitude spreads on my face as my feet sink into the beautiful dense sand and i run far along the beach with my hair flowing behind me. I don't know why, but as soon as i stepped out of the house, i realized how astonishingly breath-taking the sun is. And the sky is a whole different story in it's magnificence. Sometimes, when i see things of such angelic exquisiteness, i have this bursting need to just jump in the air or twirl in circles and lift my eyes to the sapphire cerulean sky. I realize that everyday of our lives, we wake up and do we what we want, but forget to realize just how amazing everything around us truly is. I feel as if i take advantage of this factor of life way too much. It's in those rare moments of my existence on earth that i remember how precious this world is and I have to run or leap or do SOMETHING positively crazy with my bursting joy. I know; that's weird, but guess what? Welcome to Me.

With my pointless laughter vanishing in the air around me but a smile still plastered on my face, i suddenly (and blindly) run into someone who i haven't even seen come up to me and it scares me to death! But i snap to my senses quickly and see that it is only Aliss. Whew! Thank goodness it isn't Levi or worse. "Hey, Aliss!" I say. "I'm wearing the tankini you gave me. Its a little tight, but not too bad!" O, crap. I sound like a giddy school girl.

"Hey!" said Aliss, "Um, question: What's your name? You never told me last time we talked." She asks.

"Maisie. My name's Maisie."

"Maisie! Nice." She smiled cunningly. "Thought I'd meet you here. We're gonna go down to the beach that way," she says; pointing behind her; the part of the beach where everyone goes. The part of the beach that I DON'T go to.

I shake my head in hesitation."I...uh...i-i don't know if that's..you know..um--"

Aliss raises an eyebrow at me. "Shush. You're gonna meet my friends and we're all gonna hang over at Brit's place which is right on beach over there," she says pointing obscurely in the direction she came from.

And then i think about what Alisson just said. She said WE'RE. "Wait, what do you mean 'we're'?"


I am only thinking logically. "You said: 'We're gonna go down to the beach that way.' Did you mean just me and you or me, you, and someone else?"

She rolls her eyes and checks her phone. "Well, my boyfriend should be meeting us where we are right now any second. He always runs a little late. I told him i would be here."

I swallow. "You have a boyfriend?"

She smiles and says,"Yeah, but he's getting on my nerves. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's cheating on me. I'm not an idiot, you know. I can tell when a guy is seeing someone. Today, I'm gonna see how he acts around me to verify my suspicions. If I'm right, it's ending today."

"Oh...I'm sorry."

She waved her hand in the air as if to shoo away my sympathy. "Please. I'm in high school. I'm bound to end relationships; only to start new ones that are even better."

I laugh and Aliss's phone vibrates. She checks it and says, "Oh. He's meeting us at Brit's place. Come on."

So we head down the beach to Brit's house. Whoever the heck Brit is, anyways. I'm so scared of going near so many people my age that if i could, i would hold Aliss's handright now, but that's not happening. We start getting closer and there are people hanging out on the beach. Guys and girls see us and stare at me. At me. NOT okay. I scoot closer to Aliss instinctively.

She leans into my ear as we walk and says,"Maisie, what's wrong with you? Hate to break it to you, but this isn't snuggle fest 101."

I back off a little and try to ignore the people staring at us. "There's people staring at me. That's not exactly good, thank you."

"Duh, you're seriously pretty. Guys are going to stare at pretty girls. They're teenagers. What do you expect?"

"Me? Pretty?" I am greatly amazed. No kidding.

Aliss just rolls her eyes and smiles. Again. "Jeez, I've gotta remember that you haven't ever hung out with people much."

We arrive and there are people walking around with drinks, and you can smell the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs waft through the air. More girls and guys stare at us as we walk up to the beach house deck, and there...sitting on the steps leading up to the houses front deck was Mr. Liar of Gorgeousness.

His shirt is off showing his gorgeuow body and he's hanging with what looks like his guy friends. He looks me straight in the eyes, and i sharply turn around. "Crappit!" I murmur.

Aliss turns around with me and whispers, "What is it?"

I shake my head and explain. "That really hot guy over there..."

She turns around and looks at Levi openly and even smiles and waves at him! I grip her arm and yank her back to my attention. "What are you doing? Don't look at him or he'll know we're talking about him!"

Aliss shrugs. "It doesn't really matter--well, tell what you were about to say first."

I breathe in and out then say, "Well, his name is Levi and i met him a few days ago. He started saying he wanted to see me and...well, to make a long story short, i figured out that he was seeing someone else and was basically cheating on whoever that girl was to tell me all this "I want to see you" stuff or "Your eyes are mesmerizing" crap. Thing is, he had me-till yesterday when i figured it all out." I shake my head. "Jerk."

And then, Alisson starts to laugh a bit, and turns me back around to face Levi who was obviously staring at us talking to each other. He is trying to send messages to me with his eyes, but i'm going to ignore him. I can feel the tension in the air right now is taut. "What's so funny about what i just told you, Aliss?" Forgive me for being peeved.

She shrugs and looks Levi dead straight in the eyes while she says to me, "It's just that i realized that observing my boyfriend to see if he is cheating on me or not shouldn't be so hard. I mean, i didn't even know you HAD a love life!"

I sure as heck know what she's talking about but i don't want to admit it even to myself. "What do you mean?"

Aliss sighs; not even showing a smudge of sadness. "Mr. Levi is my Mr. Boyfriend, Maisie. And he's about to be Mr. Butt-kicked Puke Piece of Crap." Aliss isn't raising her voice, showing any angered emotions, or acting at all like what she just figured out about her boyfriend is a big deal. And when she assures me that she definitely isn't mad at me and starts to head toward Levi dragging me with her, THAT is what scares me most.

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments oh shoot-that was longer than i thought guys. Sorry-again-i got carried away. :/ i hope more people will post the story

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this is goin to be hard to write...

As we reach Levi and his group of friends. Levi looks at us. First he smiles but Aliss shoots him a look and he suddenly looks a bit un-easy. He looks between the two of us, a questioning look on his face. I think he knew what was coming.

"hey," he says getting up. Wow, he is cute. Wait, no, i'm mad at him. i mentally slap my self for even letting that thought come into my mind at this moment.

"hey," Aliss says cooly, "This is my friend Maisie. I met her on the beach the other day."

"that's cool," he replies calmly eyeing me with suspision.

"Can we talk?" she asks.

"sure," he says staying where he is.

"alone," she adds.

"oh, okay," he replies. she grabs his arm and pulls him away from all the commotion.

"I'll be right back Maisie," she says quickly as she storms off, Levi in tow.

Levi turns back to me and mouths 'Help me!' his eyes pleading in a way that almost made me want to help him. Almost. Instead, I just look at him with a face I hoped was anger. Let him have it Aliss.

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np :)

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Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 88 comments Mod
Kk :)

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments hey-its julz. Itll probably be hard for me to go on gooodreads as much cuz im seriosly busy, but, dude! i really like how Milan writes! And Toni-did you change ur profile picture? It looks REALLY cool!!! Can;t wait to see ur new peice of this story! :D

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments yeah-you sound like a really good writer. i hope that maybe one day you could be some awesome book writer-cuz i know you said ur writing two other stories and all which shows serious determination. Me and my friends who are all writing our own novels(which we hope to, one day, become published and stuff)always talk about how one day, we're gonna be grown up reading each others books after buying them from B&N or some other bookstore. Just thinking about one of my greatest wishes coming true like that makes my heart flutter-no kidding. People who don't get it sometimes think we are just monkeying around making little stories, but we aren't. My story becomes my world, ya know? I feel what the characters feel, and experience what they experience. I cant say how many times during my day i totally zone out from this world and start imagining something from my books in my head or have some awestruck revelation at the beginning of a good plot. Or i hear something that someone says and i think of this PERFECT scene, chapter, or story. I guess what i've learned most about writing is that you have to listen in order to create. And when you finally DO listen in order to percept things, its the most amazing thing in the world. i heard on tv once that at the end of the harry potter books, J.K. Rowling had cried when she killed off some of her characters. I never understood her until these past few years. Because once you create this story, novel, or book-whatever you wanna call it, and it truly develops to its full potential, its the weirdest thing-its like the story is created from you, but in a way, its become something in and of itself, and even if you don't WANT to cut off a character, you know that it HAS to happen. The author no longer has a say in the evnts that occur-only the story does. The day when you can actually cry for you own characters who have become SO deep, you know ur writing is in the right place. :) *sigh* :)sorry-im babbling. A LOT

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments AH! I'm soooo glad you know how i feel!!! You are completely right! I've written songs and poems for my characters experiences, too! And i can't count how many times I'll be sitting in church and the preacher says something that makes me totally zone out. And writers certainly DO find somethings from nothings, but the funny thing is, I've never thought of it like that so I'm incredibly glad you said so! And when it comes to me and my writing, God will always be the main factor, too. I always pray that he'll give me the strength to persevere when sometimes, it seems like its harder to write. And the one sole thing that i have to always remember is that i need to write for God's glory and not my own. Oh my gosh! you have no idea how what you just said made my day!!! I'm glad beyond the point of gladness that you understand! YAY!!! Funny how you said that what i said almost brought you to tears, because what YOU said had the same effect on me!!! well then-i hope that one day, we can both read each OTHERS stories after buying them from the bookstore. :D

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Julz wrote: "hey-its julz. Itll probably be hard for me to go on gooodreads as much cuz im seriosly busy, but, dude! i really like how Milan writes! And Toni-did you change ur profile picture? It looks REALLY c..."

Thxies :)

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Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 88 comments Mod

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Julz Rulz (callmejulz) | 11 comments XD yeah!

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Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 88 comments Mod
is anyone gonna post more??

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Cassie Lynn (sissylynn) | 6 comments (Just read the story. My first writing! I'm eleven, by the way)

I watched them walk away for a few moments more, and then heard murmurs behind me. Levi's friends were too close for comfort. Their eyes tingled on my back as I took a few paces away. Where was I supposed to go? The beach was full!

I looked back to Aliss and Levi. She seemed calm, talking knowingly with ease. Levi was flustered. His hands linked behind his head as he turned away and back again, stretching his tanned skin over slightly visable ribs. I suddenly didn't think I could withstand a confrontation with him. Summoning all the courage I could, I sank onto the wet sand and folded my legs under me. My gaze fell to the myraid waves fighting for a space on the surface. It seemed each bulge of liquid wanted the bright yellow reflection of the sun to rest on their backs.

I lost myself in the ocean, forgetting the clusters of bodies around me. I couldn't wait untill Aliss was done and I could lose myself physically, too.

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Nice :)

The boys behind me whistled and i looked back.

"Hey!" one said. "You must be that girl Levi was talking about, Maisie right?"

"I guess so..."

"She is hot," another murmered and the others laughed with him.

"I'm Ryan," one yells over. I look at him suspicous. "You don't need Levi. He's a player. He's probably just fooling around with you cause he's done with Aliss," he says motioning to Aliss and Levi who were still deep in conversation,"You should hang with us." He steps down from the porch steps they were on,"We would treat you like a proper lady."

One of the other boys stands up and bows forward and says in a bad british accent, "Yes. A proper lady," causing the other boys to laugh. I smile curled at the corners of my lips.

"Isn't levi your friend? You're talking awfully low of him."

"We are. the best. but you know, things aren't always what they seem," ryan says grinning mischeviously.

"Like how you may seem to be a charmer but actually you are a player just like you claim Levi is?" I reply with mock sweetness. the other boys "O" at my come back causing me to smile.

ryan walks over and plops down next to me, his muscular tan arm wraps around my shoulders, "That hurt Maisie, but i'll forgive you. cause that's the kind of person I am," he says mimicking my sweetness.

"You wanna know the kind of person i am?" I ask leaning towards him.

"I certainly do," he says leaning closer to me, our faces close together.

"I'm the kind of person who will do this to a douche bag!" I say quickly standing up and kicking him where it hurts most.

he falls over in pain, "I'll get you back for that," he says tensely. As the other guys laugh. I smile down at him. "Sure you will."

((ryan: http://i.theones2watch.com/wp-content...))

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Cassie Lynn (sissylynn) | 6 comments LOVE it!!! Your an AMAZING writer, seriously. Im totally jealous.

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