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Sidney > Would you change any end of a book of Sidney Sheldon? In that case, which on?

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message 1: by L´Amoureuse (new)

L´Amoureuse (lamoureuse) | 5 comments Hello, people, I was just wondering if you would change the end of some Sidney Sheldon´s book and which way would it take.

message 2: by Allen45 (new)

Allen45 | 6 comments Would change Rage of angels..didn't like the turn of events as well as the end...didn't even complete the book but i'd make her son live,the president wd find out he had a son and i'd let the readers know what happened to her red-haired friend who left coz she got involved with the mafia.
Would change Master of the Game a bit as well,would make the guy in the beginning not treat the mother of his child so badly and 4give her understanding that she had nothing to do with what her dad did 2 him..

message 3: by Darcia (new)

Darcia Scates (darciascates) | 3 comments I haven't read Rage of Angels yet. But I would maybe let Constantin live in Memories of Midnight. He was so crafty like a snake up until the end. Normally Constantin would have seen through Napoleon's sneaky ways.

message 4: by Dinakar (new)

Dinakar (msdinakar) | 6 comments I would change Rage of Angels... I did not like the way it ended... First her son should't have died. The prez should have learnt all about Jennifer and also he should have got her out of the Mafia.

But the the final paragraphs of the book are soo awesome only because of the way it ended...

message 5: by Maan (new)

Maan Penaflor (maanpenaflor) | 4 comments I'd want to change the ending of "Rage of Angels". Her son shouldn't have died or at least Adam should have met him or just knew of his existence.

message 6: by Dinakar (new)

Dinakar (msdinakar) | 6 comments wow... all for the same book...

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