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message 1: by MizziQ (last edited Jul 10, 2011 04:34PM) (new)

MizziQ This is Jake's Jame's, Trever's and Sorin's dorm room.

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((And Sorin. Add his name up above))

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((You know you could just edit that first post?))

message 4: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Trever opened the door and flopped on the unoccupied bed in the room. And he fell asleep to his roomates snores.

message 5: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Trever woke up, standing up groggily from the bed. Trever noticed that his roomates were still asleep so he decided to see if there was any food in the mess hall.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Jake woke up fairly early the next morning, unsually early, but he wasnt sure why. (Ill be gone soon today)

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