Fire (Graceling Realm, #2) Fire question

Graceling or Fire?
Tanecia Tanecia Jul 10, 2011 03:03PM
Did anyone think fire was as good as graceling? I so much as like fire as I did graceling.... what do you guys think?

This is a great question. I loved both books. Both of them have scenes and lines that really touched me. I think I like Graceling a little more because of two reasons. Graceling was nonstop action, suspense, and anticipation. Fire was more of a gradual build up with a great ending. I could not stop reading Graceling. Reason 2 is simple: I read Graceling first, so I got to know Katsa before I met Fire. So I would say Graceling by just a smidge. Like others here though, I am really looking forward to Bitterblue. Anyone heard anything about when it's actually coming out?

I have to agree with Catherine and Renee. Katsa is a good character, and the first half of Fire wasn't as full of action as I thought it would be. They're both amazing! Can't wait for Bitterblue! :)

I think Graceling was the better book.

Fire started off with a really interesting idea, then went somewhere else for awhile. I felt that Fire was building into something really amazing, but I never got the payoff.

Graceling grabbed me right from the start, hurtled me along, never let me go and left me wanting more.

I like Graceling better! The first half of Fire didn't capture me like Graceling did. But I prefer the ending of Fire over Graceling!

I can't wait for Bitterblue! I loved her in Graceling!

I preferred Graceling over Fire, but have to agree with Reneè that I prefer the ending of Fire over that of Graceling.
Cant wait for Bitterblue????

What is Bitterblue???

I love Graceling but I think Fire was better, just because it had a better ending and romance I think.

Graceling. Po stole my heart. Its just to bad he became blind. :(

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Melanie Yes! Why did he have to go blind?? (What is it with Cashore always debilitating her main characters at the end of her books?? Fire with her fingers.) ...more
Aug 08, 2012 11:24AM

I loved them both. But I just really liked fire better.

I liked them both (I can't wait for Bitterblue), but I must say that I liked Graceling better. Sorry Fire fans.

I like Graceling better, mostly because I like Katsa better than Fire. Don't get me wrong, I liked both but Katsa is just tougher than Fire.

I havn't read Graceling in a long time, but i did love it. Even though i'll have to say that Fire was wonderful and i really can't get it out of my mind. So right now it's a tie, but after i review Graceling i'll see which one was best. :D

Graceling:) i like the warrior type girls

I think both of them were amazing books besides the pro-casual-sex themes, Fire comes out on top for me though:)

Graceling, I like Katsa's personality better.

I adore Fire. As KevinB said, the book is written better for sure. I love the consistent partial memories at the start of each chapter until the big reveal about Cansrel.

Katsa is great, if I love anything it's a determined but reluctant hero and indeed she was one. I'm actually about to reread Graceling so I don't have too much detail to say about it. (after reading both in a row I loved Fire more anyway though)

Fire is also a slightly more unique character. I find her extremely likeable but miraculously not infallible! The land is more developed and the Politics really appealed to me. I enjoyed the adventure style of Graceling but Fire was political and interesting.

And as Brigan says quite late in the book, he didn't love Fire for her beauty but for her sadness. As grim as that sounds, it is beautiful to me in and of itself. The romance is not exagerrated but fluid and lovely. And the pacing of the book is quite unique. It doesn't really follow the standard which many have criticized but I applaud.

Dee (last edited Feb 11, 2012 11:38AM ) Jul 28, 2011 10:05PM   0 votes
Both books were so good!! And its rare to read a sequel to a book that's just as good as the first one. Me and my sister had this same discussion once and she picked Graceling, and I chose Fire. I dont know why but Fire left more of an impact than Graceling did. But i still love them both.

Loved them both, but I've re-read Fire more times than Graceling, so... has to be Fire. :)

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Melanie LOL, yep!
Aug 08, 2012 11:26AM

Personally, i perferred Graceling mostly b/c it was a lighter read and wasn't depressing like 'Fire' was. Plus, the characters in 'Graceling'were more relatable to me. But Cashore did give more history and culture of the land of Dells than she did of the Seven Kingdoms, which i kinda resent-but it does give me one more thing to hope for in 'Bitterblue'.

I really liked Graceling but I fell in love with fire and have since re read it twice. I loved Fire as a character and connected with her more then Kasta and the world built in Fire was intoxicating I loved reading every vivid scene it was breathtaking. I simply loved the book.

deleted member Jul 12, 2011 07:10AM   0 votes
Graceling, because Katsa is awesome!

I liked Graceling but for some reason I disliked Fire.

i think graceling is better than fire。

Both of them are great but Fire wins!! =D

Fire. I loved the idea of what Fire was.

Graceling by a bit- yeah for Bitterblue

Graceling was so much better! there was more action and less sitting around talking about how pretty she was and how horrible her past was.

I read Fire first too, and I liked them both. I would have to say that I liked them both pretty equally. There were parts of each that I didn't mind and there were parts of each that I loved.

Fire because I loved the ending!!! I hated how Po went blind in Graceling!!! :( so sad!!!

Fire is the better book imo. It's better written and is more consistent overal. The author has grown in her skill between writing the first book and the second imo.

That being said I preferred Katsa as a character over Fire and because of that I liked Graceling bette

I loved both of them equally, and I think Bitterblue is going to be awesome.

I read Fire first then Graceling then re-read Fire, I definitely like Fire better.

I liked Fire way more than Graceling, I liked Fire as a character more and the story line better, even though it didnt have as much action

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