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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((here it is!))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Name: Brianna
Age: 17
Looks: http://api.ning.com/files/ZX617DrlKYV...

Personality: shy, unnoticeable, loves to read.
other: has had a HUGE crush on Tyler since 5th grade.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler
Age: 18
Personality: Outgoing,Smart, a Playa
Crush: none (doesn't know Brianna exists)
Looks : HOT, black hair, abbs, http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=ht...

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Kiki | 51 comments ((I <3 Taylor Lautner but hate TWILIGHT!))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((AGREED!!))

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Kiki | 51 comments So is this going to be like High School or summer vacation?

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Kiki | 51 comments ((or something else, srry forgot the brackets))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((ummmm...your choice...))

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Kiki | 51 comments ((High School but they actually get together during Summer Vacation))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((Kay!))

Brianna walked into the school and sighed. She hated first days.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler was relieved summer was over, his girlfriend has broken up with him because she thought he was cheating, he was but he would never admit that

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna went to her locker, which just happened to be next to Tyler's, and opened it. She took out her books and shut the locker.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler got his books out of his locker, ignoring anybody who tried to talk to him. He didn't feel in the mood... Still getting over his break-up

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna turned around and ran straight into Tyler, dropping all of her books. "Sorry!" She blurted. She bent down to pick her books up.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler looked around "watch where your going!" he said rudly.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna hurriedly picked up her books and mumbled another,"Sorry,". Then she speed-walked to class. That was way too embarrassing!

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler just thought about what just happened. He felt really bad. But quickly go over it.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna sighed. And I thought he was nice... so much for that!

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Kiki | 51 comments "Maybe I'll apologize to her later..... Idk... I don't even know her name" Tyler thought as he walked into a desk in homeroom

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna sat at her desk and read a book.

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Kiki | 51 comments "ouch!" Tyler yelled. Hardly anybody looked, was he invisible? ((are they in the same homeroom?))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((sure!))

Brianna noticed someone standing in front of her desk and looked up from her book. When she saw that it was Tyler, she quickly went back to reading.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler looked at The girl sitting at the desk. "I'm sorry..... Hey your the one who bumped into me earlier"

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna looked up. Hesitantly, she nodded.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler looked at her and thought "wow she is beautiful" and was so distracted he said it out loud

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna didn't hear, though. She was too into her book.

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Kiki | 51 comments "whew"Tyler mumbled relieved. "hey, I'm really sorry about how I acted earlier, I didn't mean to act so rude. I'm just kinda getting over something that happened during summer" Tyler aPologized

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Kiki | 51 comments ((they should become like best friends but they still date in the summer, if that is okay with you?))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((idk... let's see how it goes! LOL))

Brianna mumbled,"It's okay,"

Well maybe he is nice after all! Hr day was going well after what happened this morning. Her older sister was forcing her to go to the beach this summer. She liked the beach, but she'd rather be at home, reading. But her sister bribed her,"I'll do all your chores 'til you're done with high school and buy you ten books," So she agreed.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((i'm gonna be on and off all day... just letting you know!))

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Kiki | 51 comments ((okay))

Tyler listened carefully while the teacher did attendance. "Her name is Brianna!" He screamed when he got home. Tyler sometimes feels lonely because he lives in a separate house from his parent's. It is like a barn beside the main house.... minus all the farm animals.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna finished her HW and sighed. Kristen, her sister came up and asked,"Something wrong? So bored you wanna do your chores?"

Brianna smiled at her sister,"No. It's nothing,"

Kristen smiled,"Yeah, right! Wanna come to the mall with me?"

Brianna didn't want to, but there was nothing to do here,"Sure, why not?"

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler called up his best friend, Ryan and asked what he was doing today. "Going to the mall with my girlfriend" He said. "Ugh, talk to you later then, bro" Tyler's mom, Janelle walked in and told him he had to babysit his little 2 year old sister, Anne. So Tyler put her in her crib and started masturbating while watching porn videos and thinking of Brianna.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna went to the mall and decided to buy a new outfit.

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Kiki | 51 comments Janelle was back early and Tyler had fallen asleep with his hand down his pants and Brianna's Facebook profile on the screen. Janelle grabbed Anne and brought her to the main house.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((can u not make him this.... weird? sorry... just my opinion.))

Brianna came back home and read herself to sleep.

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Kiki | 51 comments ((sorry))

Tyler woke up and freaked out because Anne was gone. He ran into his house and slowly calmed down because she was in her high chair getting fed by her mom. "Oh, Hey Mom!" He said. "Hello Tyler.... So who was that girl on your laptop screen, I saw when I came to get Anna?" "Oh....She's just someone from school, no biggy." But he was thinking in his head, She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. "Ok, Honey" Janelle said.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((thx:) sorry bout that!))

(Can we have a time change?)

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Kiki | 51 comments ((time change))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna yawned,"Morning already?"

She quickly got dressed and rode her bike to school.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler woke up to Super Bass by Nikki Minaj on his radio. He got dressed and waited at the bus stop for his bus.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) While waiting for the bell to ring, she sat behind an old vending machine and read.

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Kiki | 51 comments The bus was really late so by the time Tyler got to school, he had to go to the office and get a late slip! It was 5 minutes after the national anthem

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Brianna sat in class and focused on her work.

((maybe we should skip to later in the year? IDK..))

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Kiki | 51 comments ((ya sure, mid June??))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((sure!))

Brianna sat in the sand, reading one of her favorite books. She was waiting for her sister to come so they could go surfing.

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Kiki | 51 comments Tyler and his mom were arguing

Janelle: Time to go to the Beach!
Janelle: Too Bad
Janelle: YES YOU ARE

Janelle pulled him into the car and drove to the beach

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((lol!))

Brianna stood up and smiled at her sister. Then, she ran to the water. It felt so good!

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((HULLO???))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) (note: What if he doesn't recognize her cuz her hair is blonde with a purple streak? so she can act differently...))

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