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Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) Do you want me to have a link or just post my ending straight to here?

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Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) Ok, thank you :) I'll just post mine now so I won't forget about it later :3

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Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) Then...
the car begins to spin uncontrollably, Bram flying back onto his side of the car. I try to get the car back on track or to at least stop spinning but its way out of my control and completely out of my driving abilities. They definitely didn’t give us a test on what to do in situations like these; not in the one I had taken anyway. Distantly, I can hear Bram yelling out curses next to me. The tyres are screeching, trying to find purchase on the wet road. It’s as if everything is in slow motion; there’s a small hill right beside the road and I can see us getting closer as I desperately try to get back in control of the car. No such luck; we go over, the momentum of the car making us roll a couple of times until we smash into a gumtree. Luckily it hits the back seat on the passenger side so neither of us is seriously injured. At least I thought we weren’t. I can feel a burn of my neck from the seat belt, and I swear I had whiplash from the sudden stop. I wasn’t sure if the rest of me was ok because I was still in shock. I turn my head to the side to look at Bram. He’s breathing heavily and looks deathly pale, his hands gripping the dash board. His hair is covered in blood from a wound on the back of his head. A piece of glass must have got him when we crashed. Shakily, I get out of the car, leaning against the door when the world starts to spin. When I’m feeling able to walk again I go around to the passenger side, opening the door to check on Bram properly.
“Bram, are you ok?”
“Oh of course I’m ok. We only just smashed into a tree but I’m just peachy.” No need to be sarcastic.
“Well can you move?” I ask, trying a slightly different approach.
“Let’s find out shall we?” He responds, swinging his legs around and placing his feet firmly on the ground. I step back, giving him room whilst still being close enough to catch him if he fell. He stands up, wobbling a little, but at least he’s staying upright.
“Yep, I can move. And even stand.” He announces moments before he falls heavily against the car, much like I had; although I’d like to think I had done it with a little more grace. “I will be able to stand.” He mutters, wincing when he touches the back of his head. I assumed he had discovered his head wound.
“You might want to get that looked at.” I tell him.
“How? We’re in a deserted stretch of road. No one will find us here. And we’re definitely not going anywhere in that.” He says, gesturing toward the car.
“What about the party? Won’t someone drive passed and see us?” I can feel my hope, pushing to the surface; until he shakes his head.
“I doubt it. The party started a few hours ago. I only knew about it because it was on Facebook. No one is this late to a party and we’d be lucky if people started leaving before 2am. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly want to wait out here in the cold when it’s dark.”
“At least it’s stopped raining.” I say, trying to get as much enthusiasm into my voice. I don’t know why I bothered trying because it just fell flat. It had stopped raining though, so that was certainly a plus, but by the look of the angry dark clouds in the sky, it could start up again any minute.
“Let’s just go up to the road.” Is all he says, grabbing my sleeve and pulling me up the small hill to the side of the road. I don’t know how long we stand there shivering, maybe half an hour, maybe more; I had no idea. I glance at Bram out of the corner of my eye, seeing his stony expression.
“Are you mad at me?”
He looks at me incredulously. “Yes I mad at you.”
“Why, what did I do?”
“You crashed the car.”
“You’re seriously blaming me for this? I’m not the one who wanted to crash that stupid party.”
“You were driving too fast. Even I know that’s way too dangerous, especially on a wet road.”
Our voices are beginning to rise as we get more frustrated with each other. “And yet you were the one that failed their drivers test.” I retort. His eyes narrow in anger and he’s about to respond when his mouth drops open. I see a light reflected in his eyes and turn around to see a car coming toward us. We yell at them to stop but they just drive passed us. I’d seen them looking at us but they’d still driven passed. I’d also seen something else, but a quick glance at Bram’s expression told me he hadn’t seen it. He looked furious that they hadn’t stopped though.
“Wait, Jaz, the car has stopped.” I look further up the road to see that they had stopped. The doors to their car open and two figures step out. We both run toward them, wanting to get home so we could curl up on the couch with a good movie. Then my brain takes in what I’m looking at and I stop abruptly, grabbing onto Bram’s hand in the process, not even caring when he almost falls backward from the sudden stop. He looks at me questioningly and I nod silently to the figures that are now a few metres it front of us. When he sees what I’m talking about, his face loses what little colour it had left and he stands there gaping. It’s then that I know he sees what I’m seeing. They’re wearing long coats that go down to the ground, dragging against the road, the sleeves covering their hands. But they don’t have hoods, and their faces would forever be burnt into my brain. They’re all sallow and wrinkled, skin peeling off in some places. They grin at us, their teeth rotten and yellow, some of them barely managing to stay attached to the gums; but the worst part was the eyes. They were like abysses, looking bottomless and so dark and haunting, I felt like I would be sucked into them and never be able to find my way out.
“Run!” I screech, pulling Bram with me. We take off as fast as we can, Bram pulling me to my feet when I trip. We run out onto the road and notice too late the flashlights coming straight towards us. I scream in terror and it gets mixed up in the blaring of the trucks horn. Distantly, I feel Bram put his arms around me; then everything goes black.


I wake up to a tapping on the window, the rain still pouring down heavily outside. I’d fallen asleep reading again; great. The insistent tapping draws my attention back to the window and I see my crazy best friend, Bram, balancing precariously on a tree branch. He gives me his best puppy dog look and I open the window for him, trying to wrap my head around these all too familiar events.
“We’re not Crashing Brian’s party.” I tell him before he can get anything out. By the look on his face I had guessed his motives for being here. I didn’t like disappointing him, but I really didn’t want to go through that again; even if it was all just a dream.

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Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) But I did do the ending...
I wake up to a tapping on the window, the rain still pouring down heavily outside. I’d fallen asleep reading again; great. The insistent tapping draws my attention back to the window and I see my crazy best friend, Bram, balancing precariously on a tree branch. He gives me his best puppy dog look and I open the window for him, trying to wrap my head around these all too familiar events.
“We’re not Crashing Brian’s party.” I tell him before he can get anything out. By the look on his face I had guessed his motives for being here. I didn’t like disappointing him, but I really didn’t want to go through that again; even if it was all just a dream.

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Rebecca Jane (bec3sjhdbzljldsgwsm) Yep, gotta love iPods :/
I'll check it out.

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Then, before the car could spin out of control, I righted the steering wheel just in time.
"That was a really close call!" I said.
Bram looked pale. "Yeah."
We continued on, myself driving much slower than I was before. Bram instructed me to park in front of a broken-down drug store on Main Street. He looked nervously around, then started to open the car door. He stopped immediately as he saw a police car approaching. His face was white, and for the first time that day I noticed something very different about him. His eyes were bloodshot, which didn't fit in his character. Bram might have partied too late most nights, but he always slept it off.
"Bram?" I asked, starting to get scared. "What's going on? This isn't Brian's house..."
He pulled a little white package out of his jacket pocket and shoved it at me. "Take this," he said quickly. "Hide it."
I looked at the package and realization dawned on me. "Bram... you're not really..."
He looked angry now, glancing every few moments at the police car. "Take it," he insisted.
The cop car was quite close now. It stopped parallel to my old truck and a policeman came out. Bram looked around frantically and ended up throwing the packet under a blanket in the back seat. The policeman approached, and pulled out a flashlight peering into the car. He knocked on the window.
Bram rolled it down. "Problem, officer?" He said, trying to sound casual.
The policeman didn't buy it. "We've had a tip-off that there's a drug deal going on tonight."
Bram shrugged, but his voice sounded a bit shriller. "Drugs? We don't have anything to do with drugs."
The cop glanced at me skeptically. I jerked my head inconspicuously towards the back seat. The policeman nodded knowingly.
"All right," he said. "Get out."
Bram got out slowly, but I wanted to leave this situation as soon as possible. I almost ran over to the other side of the car.
Unlike me, Bram seemed to have decided he didn't want to comply after all. He scrambled for the drivers' seat, but the cop pulled him back, slamming him on the side of the car.
I knew Bram. He wouldn't give up. They started to struggle. I could see the other policeman in the car coming out.
I glanced back at the fight, which was starting to get dirty. Bram was kicking and punching as hard as he could. The cop seemed to have only one last resort. I saw him reach for his gun. Bram saw it, too, and understood what would happen. In a fit of rashness, he wrestled for the gun, eventually pushing the cop to the ground. He got up, and they started to fight again.
In a rush of horror, I felt I knew what would come next. Bram held the gun at an odd angle, and gripped it hard. He had pulled the trigger.
My legs crumpled under me. Not from shock -- but from the bullet now lodged in my right leg.
I started to scream. The pain rippled through my blood, neverending. Thoughts burst in my mind, as if a strobe-light had been put on the world.
Bram -- ran away. The cop... I didn't know what happened to the cop. An ambulance. Loud noises. Then a familiar voice. Mom. Dad. My sister, Lucy. No Bram. My eyes rolled back in my head.
The first thing I thought was bright. Bright lights, everywhere. When my eyes opened, and my senses returned, I found myself sitting on a mountain of pillows in an extremely white room. Curtains hung on a darkened window to my left. To my right -- my heart leaped -- Mom, reading a magazine restlessly, and Dad, stroking Lucy's head. And there was Lucy, asleep.
I rubbed my eyes and winced at the dull pain in my leg. Mom noticed me and nudged Dad, who settled Lucy on her chair and came over to my bed.
"What happened?" I asked, in a hoarse voice. Hoarse from being unused, I took.
"You're fine," Mom comforted, smoothing my hair back behind an ear.
"And Bram?" I asked.
Mom's lips tightened, and Dad took over. "He got away. Turns out he was selling... something."
"Pot," said Mom, "He was selling pot."
Lucy yawned, and shuffled over next to Mom and Dad. "Hey, Jaz," she said. "Howya feel?"
"Not bad," I smiled weakly, and Lucy laughed, and yawned again.
Mom looked at me lovingly, and leaned in for a big hug. "I'm just so glad you're okay!" She said in choked voice, starting to tear up.
"Yeah," I replied, and before I knew it, all of my family was hugging me to death. "Oy! Watch it! Got a bad leg here!" I said, and the family released grudgingly.
"So..." I said, "What's next?"
Mom looked up brightly. "Prom is soon!" She said happily. I laughed.
And, I was sure, even if Bram wasn't found, even if my life was turned upside down once again, somehow, I always had my family. I smiled.

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Well, that was my best shot! :D

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Vevê (Veve) | 2 comments Then…
A dark minivan passes by, a car with six or seven drunk teenagers in an awesome speed against the traffic, we are SO lucky.

“Bram, where the hell is this party? I don’t see ANY houses around here!”

Bram started looking around, he was so focused, but I knew him better then that. “We are lost, aren’t we?”

He flashed his green eyes to me “Yeah!”


“Hey, I’m sorry, alright, that crazy car lost me really bad! If you turn around here, maybe we’ll… What the hell is that?” He was looking through the window. I followed his look, there was a tower on the top of the hill, it was spitting fire like a factory, it had lots of buildings around it, all dark black, some windows were shining yellow!

“I have never seen that town before!” Bram said. “I’m curious, Jaz. Can we go there?”

“Of course not! That’s frightening, Bram!”

“I’ll protect you!”

“Right, with your powerful fists and strong legs!” He laughed.

I push the gas and we head to the weird town, in less then three minutes were entering the darkest town I’ve ever seen, the sidewalk, the walls, the people, the clothes, everything was plain black, there were no cars on the street, and nobody seemed to care. Some people were holding their heads down, some looked at the sky, as expecting some alien spaceship to land there.
All of a sudden we hit a wall of people, they were shaped in a circle, and in front of us was a tall black guy, he was holding a stick and wore a dark poncho.
If we weren’t so scared Bram would have said something about that poncho, but he didn’t.

I think I could hear a song, the tall black guy, suddenly, threw his hands to the sky, singing even louder. There was a light, a blue light, a yellow light, a red light, all colors, and yet no colors.
It was the only thing to bring brightness to this city.

Through the clouds we could see a spaceship, the source of the light, coming down and landing. All the people knelt, from inside the spaceship a thin and tall figure left, she was colorful, and bright, and acted like their God.

The thin alien realized me and Bram, inside the car, she knew we didn’t belong to that town. She raised her right hand, pointing toward us, she didn’t shape her mouth to this words, but we heard it.

“You should not be here!”

All white.


“Jaz you agreed to come along!” He stated voice rising.

“Well what else was I supposed to do?! You would have black mailed me into doing it anyways!”

“Hey, turn here! Yes, third house on the left side. That’s it! Ready for some party crashing?!”

“No, but I’m sure you are!”

“You can bet I am!” He opened the door of the car and hopped out, a gigantic smile on his face.
I ran after him and we entered the house.

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Vevê (Veve) | 2 comments hope you like it... =D

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Christos Tsotsos Then nothing, but noise, a loud ringing sound echoed in my head like a mid tempo Morse code (communicating secrets bound to be revealed). I could not speak; tubes came out my mouth, my nostrils. Then there was silence, it lasted a small eternity. I dreamt of broken glass raining on me. I could hear the sound of wood yielding and fracturing under the weight of snow. I heard crackling firewood in the fireplace. I saw two dimensional forests painted in watercolours coming alive and growing. I dreamt of tree branches in sepia tones falling in molten metal. I picked up fruits that tasted alkaline. In every dream there was the smell of blood, a thick sickly smell mixing with the humid air.

When I came round it was obvious that I was in hospital, surrounded by people who acted strong but ready to crumble at any moment. The long laborious sound of life support equipment engulfed me. I could not move. I could not speak either. I could think many parallel thoughts, interlocked in a web where I was tied and ready to be eaten by this great monstrous spider of machinery noise. My relatives chatted in fabricated normality. One time some friends from school brought me flowers, the nurse asked them to get out so that she could clean my mess. My body functioned without me. Some of them sniggered, others pitied me, the latter was worse. You come to think that ridicule is unbearable until you met pity.

Then the dead came to visit. My grandmother was first. It must have been mid-day, or so it seemed. She wore her favorite dress and hat. The one she always wore in the summer for Sunday Sermons. She smiled and laughed, reminiscing my childhood years. She brought back memories of me climbing to reach the cookie jar in the kitchen. Her voice resonated in my head, calming my palpitating heart. She hovered above the floor and her hair spread like flowers about to drop their petals in stormy winds. Her breath smelled of tobacco and wine, intoxicating me. Then my old piano came, the one that mother taught me to play the tune she danced at her wedding. I opened my eyes one time and I saw it placed by the medical ventilator. It waited patiently for my father to tune it. When he was done he pressed his ear against the wood and I could see the sweat trickling down his temple. His was resting, tuning hammer on his lap, and standing still listening to the whisper of time delaminating coats over coats of varnish. Dream and reality came and gone, I was getting lost in my watercoloured forest eating the alkaline fruits allowing the dead to talk to me. One morning I woke up to the sound of rain tapping on the window. Bram came to visit. He looked beautiful.

“I am so sorry Jaz, will you ever forgive me?”

I felt warm tears rolling down my cheek. It triggered him. He moved rapidly and locked the door. Then came to my bed and removed the tubes and wires. The machines went crazy; an orchestra out of tune sounding the alarm for an army of nurses and doctors to march down the corridor. Bram lifted me up and kissed me, his hair smelled like citrus blossom, his sweat carried the pungent smell of earth after the first rain in the end of the summer. When we were kids we waited for the rays of the sun to dry up the edge of the road, after the rain. We would walk out barefoot cooling off in the heat, lying on the pavement, watching the clouds go by.

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Then, I glance out the windsheild realizing with horror that we are spinning uncontrobly towards the gaping hole of what used to be Angel bridge.

"The....The bridge it's gone!" I mangage to yell as Bram fight to bring the car under control with little sucess.

Then, at what seemed to be the last moment our tires found purchase on the slick asphalt; but it was too late we quickly slipped over the torn flood tortured edge. My heart lodged in my throat making it hard to breath as we plunged downward. I screamed as we plunge into the icy water.


I hear my name being called from far away, my head is filled with soggy cotton. I have a headache and feel as though I am upside down with a major hangover. I try to think recalling an awful nightmare. I still hear my name being called and I seemed to be soaking wet and there is a giant knot in my neck. I stuggle to open my eyes but they won't function.

"Jaz don't do this to me come on, I can't leave you!"

I start to slip back into the comforting darkness, leaving the pain and icy wetness behind. A sharp pain on the left side of my face brings me back to reality and my eyes snap open to see a very worried Bram.

"Sorry Jaz, I thought I lost you. We have to get out of here, now!" He says with a voice filled with panic and worry.

I try to move but the car slams into dibre in the water bending the drivers door and pinning me. Bram is thrown through the cracked back glass and water starts to flood the car. I scream realizing that this is probably the end I have a few presious seconds before the car is completly flooded and I drown.

"BRAM! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY!" I yell in an atempt to be heard but my voice is carried away by the water.

They can't hear you anyways, it's no use to scream. Poor little Jaz once again swayed my MR.Charming and look where you are now; mocked the voice in my head. Water started to come over my eyes and flood my mouth the back of the car was filled and more was comming in. I sucked in as much air as possible just as my head was covered. Closing my eyes and focusing on holing my breath just as I was tought by my cousins I tried to find a peacful memory as my world went dark and I embraced death.

Everything was muted and fuzzy I felt pleasant and on a cloud. I could hear voices. Maybe I have gone to heaven I thought. If I was in heaven how come I couldn't see anything? I started to listen to the voices around and sounds around me.

"Mom, why don't you go get something to eat I will stay with her; you need to eat. If she wakes up I will come and get you." Whispered someone who sounded alot my brother Matthew.

This didn't make sense. Matthew was in Iraq and didn't get leave untill spring of next year.

"Mom!" I tried to say but my lips wouldn't work and my throat seemed to be cloggged. I faded back into the darkness, struggling to stay awake as I was dragged down into a dreamless sleep. I regainded the fuzzy sightless consiousness agian This time to someone sweeping my hair out of my face and behind my ear just the way i like it. I felt someone holding my hand and talking to me.

" I know you probably can't hear me Jaz, but i wanted to say I am sorry and that this is all my falt. I shouldn't have dragged you out of the house. Please wake up sweetheart. I met you brother outside and he seems really great. He was slightly reluctant to let me in but I promised I wouldn't cause you much more pain; so I wanted to say good-bye. I have caused you enough trouble and will be moving with my family out west to New Mexico." Wisphered Bram, His voice thick with emotion.

I felt him squeze my had and his tears on my cheek as he kissed my good bye. I struggled to bring my self out of the coma. Fighting the darkness with a new found stregnth. His hand started to release mine and slip away.

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Only 5 entries so far! Think many more will try???

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how will you tell us which one wins? do they have titles? will they be numbered so you can say "#17"?

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another question:
who is on the judging panel?

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Yeah, how will we know which one wins ect. I think numbers is a good idea. Maybe send us an email with our number in it.

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Okay, thanks guys.

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thnx for the answers

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Okay, i will :)

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AnnaRose (book-thief) | 32 comments Then, a scream escapes my lips as i feel the weight of another car smashing against the passenger side. Horns scream in my ears as the car comes to a hault. Agonizing pain fills my leg and i look down to see blood covering it. Tears stream down my face. I look around in a daze, and my eyes fall upon Bram. "Bram!" I scream. Bram! Sobs choke my throat as i reach over and shake his shoulder. No response. "Somebody help!" I try to move, i have to help Bram. But my legs wont take me, the car door remains digging into my thigh. "HELP!" Ambulence sirens fill the air, and people begin crowding around my car. They call out to me, they ask me if im alright. But all i hear is my own voice, screaming out to Bram, "Oh my god!" A lady yells as she sees us. "Move aside!", paramedics push through. "Help him!" I scream to them. The ignore me, "Can you move?" They say. "Not me, him!" I look over at bram, a woman leans over him shaking her head. And thats the last thing i see, the last thing i see before the man put the gas mask over my mouth, and the last thing i saw before the whole world went black.
I woke up in the hospital two days later. I had tubes and wires injected into my skin, and my leg was up in a cast. The first thing i saw was my mothers face, her soft face looking lovingly at mine. I gazed back at her, my face blank. There was only one thought on my mind that day. She had begun to open her mouth. "Wheres Bram, mom?" I asked. Her features went dark, and her eyes looked to the floor. I remember thinking that i was going to die.....right then and there. I could feel the pieces of my heart, breaking into a million pieces. Bram's funeral had been 3 days afterwards. people wouldn't stop coming up to me, offering me their apologies. They told me that everything would be okay, and that the pain would go away in time.
Its been 3 years since that day, and i sit at the window in my new apartment, watching the rain make its way across the glass. I've stopped blaming myself for the accident. I know that Bran would want me to be happy. Tears stream down my cheeks, its a familiar feeling.....but this time its different. Because im not crying because im sad. Im crying because im finally happy.

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Awsome job Ingrid (even though I'm not judging i come here to see if more people have put in). I read the others after i submitted mine.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) I'm new, but I'll give a shot at this...

Then....lightning struck. Bram shouted out in surprise, and tried to take the wheel. "Stop it!Oh!" everything went black.

"Jaz! Jaz? Are you okay? Jaz?" I opened my eyes.

"bram? Are you --ow!" I clutched my arm. "what happened?"

"You ran us in to a pole. You were knocked out bad, and so I called an ambulance over. I'm happy you are alive." He breathed heavily.

"But what am I going to do?" I asked. "I don't want to stay here forever!"

A nurse came up. "I'm sorry, but you will have to stay here till you improve. We'll have to give you some tests. How are you feeling?" She took out a clipboard.

"I feel fine. Like nothing needs to be done." It was true. "I feel like nothing happened to me now!"

"What? Oh my! I need to get some x'rays from you. Try to walk," she instructed me.

I got up in a hurry. I walked like a normal human. I felt taller, and prouder for some reason. And power surged through me like a sudden heat wave. Why, I don't recall.

When the nurse revealed the x-rays, she gasped. My bones were not broken, like they should have been. I was amazed. What had happened?

Bram took me out after that for a talk. "Jaz, I should tell you something."

"What? what is it?"

"I--I'm not normal. and neither are you."

"What are you talking about?" I questioned.

"We're warriors, jaz. People to save the world from destruction. Look at your arm, then look at mine." He took off my bandages carefully. What was waiting for me was a black scorch mark with the silhouette of a rabbit. "what?"

He lifted his sleeve to show me a black dragon. I backed away. "This is too much for me. goodbye!" I ran away at the speed of light. The rabbit genes were kicking in. god, I was thinking like it too!

[more to come...][it may turn in to a series if Toe-Knee will let me...]

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) okay! Thanks! I'll send it to you on e-mail if you want? Or goodreads? I could make a new topic for that...

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Kelli (kelli4321) Then the lights of the oncoming car blur passed my window and it feels like we’re safe again. The road is clear and I navigate back into our lane but my speed hasn’t slowed quite enough to handle the curve coming up and the slick road. Before I know it the wheels beneath me have taken off; hydroplaning across the standing water.
No matter what I do or how hard I brake I can’t control the car. I think the guardrail will stop us but the car comes off the road before the railing even begins. The next thing I know we’re careening down a steep cut that I know leads to a thickly wooded ravine.
Trees are buzzing by the window and I feel Bram’s arm stretching across my chest trying to act as a human seatbelt and then we hit. There’s a loud crunch before the internal explosion. An alarm is sounding but it’s getting fainter with every pounding heartbeat and then as if the walls of a tunnel are closing in around me, my whole world goes black.
When I come to, my vision is blurry. I blink my eyes but all I see is white. For a minute I wonder: Was that it? Is this Heaven? The smell of gasoline brings me back to my seat in the car and I fight gravity and pull my back to the seat. I have to fight the airbag for space.
“Bram?” My throat is croaking and because it is I wonder how long I’ve been out for. When he doesn’t answer my mind goes wild. “Bram!” I turn my head to the side and fight through the stinging and cramping pain that it causes but I need to know he’s alright.
I’m afraid of what I’ll find. I’m afraid I’ve lost him. I gave him a lot of grief but he is my best friend. I’m afraid I never once told him how I feel. Did I tell him that I love him? I force my eyes to focus. I have to blink several times but eventually the seat beside me becomes clear. I had expected the worst but what I found was far more frightening … nothing.
Bram was no longer beside me. I unbuckle my seatbelt which throws my body into the steering wheel again and sharp pain in my chest steals the breath from my lungs. I’m momentarily disabled. I harbor the strength and energy to force myself out of the car.
My feet sink into the rich dirt crunching sticks and ruffling decomposing leaves beneath my feet. It’s hard to stand on such a precipitous grade but I somehow manage. Holding onto the door of the car I look back up the hill toward the road where we came from hoping to see Bram flagging down some help but I don’t.
“Bram!” I call for him but my voice is weak. I am weak. “Bram?” I call again but I know that if the last several times I tried to call for him were not loud enough this time will not be either.
A thought comes to me which brings a burst of adrenalin to my system. Was he wearing his seatbelt? Had he been thrown from the car? It was possible. The windshield was shattered and in giant hunks of glass on the hood. Bram was gone. Guilt and fear rushed through me. He could be in worse shape than I am.
Gingerly with soft steps I creep around the front of the car. I’m partly hoping to find him there on the ground just so I could find him at all. The other part of me is hoping I never see him again if the alternative is finding him limp and cold and dead.
He’s not there and looking farther into the ravine although it’s dark with the help of my headlights I can tell he is not down there either. I walk around to his door which I hadn’t realized was open until now.

I force myself to breathe, although the pain is sharp if I take too big of a breath, so I keep it shallow. Eventually my head is clear enough to begin hatching some kind of plan. I start to look for my phone but I can’t find it. With my luck it flew out of the car, through the windshield and is now lying in a shallow watery grave at the very bottom of the ravine.
My heart palpitates and my mouth goes dry. I try to keep the image from my mind of the possibility that Bram is there lying beside my water logged cell phone. I begin to feel queasy and I’m afraid that I’m going to pass out. I sit down in the soft Earth for a minute with my head tucked between my knees and taking deep breaths and breathing through the hysteria and the pain.
I look up and I can see a flicker of light on the other side. I move my head just a little further to the right and I can see perfectly through a clearing in the trees. There’s a party on the other side and now that I’ve spotted it I realize that thumping I’ve been hearing and feeling isn’t all from my heart, but a loud rattling bass from across the creek.
It’s Brian’s party. The party we were headed too. I suddenly realize geographically speaking I know exactly where I am. I’ve been here before. The three of us used to play in the creek as children. There was a rickety old rope bridge back then that led from Brian’s backyard over the creek. I could be at Brian’s and calling for help in a matter of minutes if I could find that bridge.
I walk along the narrow walkway for awhile before I come across it. I’d begun to worry that the bridge was in the opposite direction. I feel guilty for taking so long but my body hurts. I force myself to move quicker. I could feel the ticking of the clock. Every second that I wasted, was a second Bram couldn’t afford.
Navigating over the rope bridge each step is a possible landmine of termite infested and rotting wood. The rope is fraying in places and by the time I’m hopping over missing planks sometimes three missing pieces in a row I’m already halfway across and I’m not going back now.
I relax a little when I’m well past the halfway point but a board splinters beneath my feet and it’s just sheer luck that I manage to catch myself. My body can’t afford another fall. I crawl the last three feet and if I had the time to spare I would have puckered up and kissed the soil; thankful to still be alive. I can’t think those things without simultaneously wondering if Bram could say the same.
A mild sense of relief engulfs me. I stumble into the sea of people in Brian’s backyard. The noise and bustle nearly swallow me up whole. I can barely breathe now and my hands are shaking and I think that my knees are about to give out on me.
“Someone, help me find Bram,” I say but no one can hear me. No one is even looking at me. I grab onto a tall kid with dark hair and eyes; his skin is a chalky white color. “Bram!” It is all I can do to scream that one word.
The boy with the dark eyes extends his arm out to the side and points. My fear dissolves in my chest in an instant. Did Bram have the same Idea? Did he make his way to Brian’s for help? Is he here?
I give the guy with the extended arm a grateful not of the head and move in that direction. The way he was staring at me was unnerving anyways. I go to one person after another and each of them points the way.
The ocean of people give way like a fantail and I’m the boat. There on the porch propped up in a chair by the wall, sitting all alone, one shoe on one shoe off, head hung low, was a sopping wet lump of man that I would recognize anywhere. My feet quit moving. “Bram!” It was a cry of sheer relief. His watery brown eyes lift to meet mine and with an energy reserve I didn’t know I have I run the last few feet to be next to him.

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Kelli (kelli4321) I land in the chair beside him. I touch his face and he cups mine. There is ferocity in his eyes and urgency in his hands. They both travel over my body checking and double checking that I am intact.
“I woke up and you were gone and I was so worried. I thought …It doesn’t matter what I thought.” I wrap my arms tightly around his neck and crush myself into his chest. It hurts because by now I’m almost certain I have a couple broken ribs.
“Jazlyn,” He whispers smoothing my wet hair down my back.
“What happened? Why did you leave me there?” I ask pulling away waiting to hear him speak. I noticed his eyes were strange. “Are you high?” I ask.
“No. Why?”
“Because your eyes… they’re weird.” But it wasn’t that. They aren’t dilated or glassy, just lighter than I ever remembered before. They aren’t his eyes. They are but they aren’t. It had me so confused that I didn’t know whether to keep looking into them or back away.
“Well, Jaz!” I turn tearing my gaze away from Bram to find Brian approaching. He is blonde and has traditional good looks. Bram has the dark sexiness of a musician while Brian looks like the traditional all-American hunk. “Good to see you’ve made it.”
“Yeah.” Something is wrong. This party is strange. Everyone looks so pale. Had I knocked my head on something harder than I realized? “We need help though. I need an ambulance-“
“No you don’t.” Brian laughs which gives me chills. Hadn’t it just been raining? Where is the rain now? Why isn’t anyone else wet? This party is outside. “You’ll be fine, better than fine really.” I look down at the abrasions on my hands and arms. Earlier they had been spackled with cuts and scrapes and they were dripping with blood but now they are healing. Not just clotting and scabbing over, but healing. Abrasions are disappearing.
“Bram?” My voice is shaky. “What’s going on here?” Brian laughs again and I realize that everyone’s eyes are on me.
“He told me you were gone.” Bram’s hand reaches out and takes mine he is boiling hot it’s almost too much for me to handle.
“We all thought you were. “ Brian motions to the yard full of dark-eyed people and my imaginations starts to run wild but the suspicions my mind keeps leading me to are things that are impossible. Things that could never really happen but seeing is believing and I’m beginning to. “You shouldn’t be alive right now.”
“I’m so sorry.” Bram whispers to me and squeezes my hand tightly in his. I’ve never heard his voice so full of sincerity and he’s scaring me.
Brian moves in so quickly I barely see him move, he’s now in Bram’s face which means he’s inadvertently in mine too. I can smell his breath, it’s warm and familiar but I can’t place it. It makes my mouth water.
“What are you sorry about Bram?” Brian is obviously trying to intimidate Bram but I thought he knew Bram better than that. Bram’s not afraid of anything and that’s usually what frightens me the most. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. She’s alive and will be forever.”
“What?” I hear myself say.
“I woke up and found him-“ Bram cuts himself off and looked away from me. “And you…He was…”
“He was what?” I ask. The crowd of people is closing in around us, my heart is racing and I’m taking deep breaths that suddenly don’t hurt so badly anymore.
“Saving you.” Brian answers.
“Killing you.” Bram says over him.
“She was already barely breathing. They don’t taste as good once their heart stops beating. I need to survive too.”
“What?” I’m following this just fine but my common sense keeps telling me this isn’t really happening. None of this can be real, there’s no place for this in the real world.
“Bram awoke too soon and I didn’t get to finish the job before I had to bite him to keep our secret. I hadn’t sucked you dry but pretty close. You should have died instead of turn but you will be a strong soldier.” Things start adding up and making sense, although they shouldn’t. Like my stiff neck, was it whiplash or was it from a bite than nearly drained me?
“Vampires?” I whisper and Brian laughs again and his eyes darken completely. Right before my eyes I watch as his k9’s appear more pronounced than before. My eyes start to water. I’m stuck. I’m locked in a nightmare. Why aren’t I waking up?
“Very good, Jazlyn. You’re quicker than Bram here.” He says into my ear before pulling back and motioning around to the party. “Most of us in this brood or what we call POD People Out of Death feel Vampire is a derogatory word and we prefer to be called Everlasters. Because we never die.”
“What about a stake to the heart or a beheading?” This causes another laugh from Brian.
“There are exceptions to every rule, but honestly how many people do you know who’ve been stabbed through the heart or decapitated? My guess is none.”
“But you’re not people….you’re monsters.” Bram is squeezing my hand silently telling me to keep quiet. I sincerely hope he has a plan. Brian glides quickly and seamlessly in front of me. He’s tipping me back in the lawn chair and I let go of Bram’s hand and take up a death grip with the arm of the chair.
“Whatever I am…you are too.” His growl is insidious. As intimidating and as terrifying as this whole thing is I know that it’s not true.
“Leave her alone.” Bram warns and Brian keeps laughing. He grabs my face quite gently between his thumb and forefinger and squeezes my face forcing my eyes to meet his and unexpectedly I can’t move.
“He wants me to leave you alone,” He whispers. I can feel the puffs of air coming from his lips. With each and every word his lips brush against my lips as his mouth forms them. “I don’t think either of us really wants that.” His hand slips behind my head and into my damp hair. “Let’s show him what you really want.” I can’t move with Brian’s eyes locked onto mine like that, not even when he pulls my face forward and kisses me deeply right in front of Bram.
“I said don’t touch her.” My heart was screaming “no” but my body wouldn’t listen. My body is frozen and is seduced by Brian’s. Bram pushes Brian away from me our lips separating like a broken seal as he goes flying backwards into the yard.
Bram looks down at his hands and so do I. He’s more powerful than either of us realized. “Run,” He says to me as Brian jumps back up with a loud lion-like roar. “Run!” He says again taking off with me by the arm and my legs that had once been so weak are fast and strong now.
“You can’t run. You belong to us.” He sounds so sure and so powerful that I’m scared to disagree with him but with Bram running by my side his firm grip on my arm he keeps me tightly tethered to some semblance of reality. I keep running.

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Kelli (kelli4321) I can feel the heat of their breath on my neck. They move like a pack. They’re so quiet I can barely hear them but I feel them sneering. I can taste the blood sport on their breath. They were stronger and they were faster. Brian was right about one thing. I can’t run, at least not for very much longer and stay out of their grasp.
If it hadn’t been for Bram I don’t know what I’d have done. He’s the one who pulled me down the road and flung me over puddles and he’s the one who spotted the church glowing up the road like a sign from God. I hate to admit I’d never given him much thought before now.
Bram shoves the door open and the sound of it shutting closed behind us is the most beautiful sound in the world. “How did you know?” I pant with my back pressed against the painted wood.
“I didn’t.” I watch Bram look around the little chapel. That’s what it is. There isn’t a whole lot to it. I wonder if there is even another room to this place. The alter is aglow with lit votive candles flickering in red glasses. One aisle leads through the center with five rows of pews on either side.
“Can they come in here do you think?” My heart is still pounding in my chest and for the first time all night I let these events really sink in. This is real. This is happening. I touch my neck and feel the faint scar tissue from where Brian’s fangs had been and imagine they are identical to the ones that Bram has on his neck.
“I think maybe if they could they would have.” Bram starts walking near the windows but I’m afraid to do that. They might not be able to come inside but what’s to keep Brian from locking eyes with me again and making me immovable.
“That’s good.” I tell him as I sink to the floor suddenly too overwhelmed to do much else.
“That’s debatable.” He tells me. His hair is beginning to dry, his wet clothes clinging to his defined chest and biceps. I’ve never noticed how handsome he is before. It’s undisputable how unconventional sexy Bram is but he’s handsome to me right now and a deeper admiration and gratitude begins to blossom in my chest.
He’s saved me so many times tonight and I ignore the thought that tells me if he’d never begged me to go to this party in the first place we’d still be at home in my room hanging out on my bed. I wonder if he would have been as handsome there as I find him here.
Then what he says disturbs me. “What do you mean debatable? We’ll just wait until morning when they turn to dust.” He comes to me in three long deliberate strides and picks me up by my arms and presses me hard into the door. He’s forgotten how powerful his new strength is.
“Do you think it’s that easy?” He asks me softening his hold just enough that I’m no longer grimacing. “Do you?” He shakes me until I answer.
“I- I don’t know I guess.”
“This isn’t some Friday night Halloween special Jazlyn this shit is real.” My heart is racing. “Brian goes to school he’s out in the daytime, don’t you think that maybe not everything that’s portrayed in a movie or fiction about vampires is fact? Even still say we wait here until tomorrow and then what? You think he’s just going to give up?” I don’t answer because I don’t know what it is Bram wants me to say. “This mark on your neck,” He twists my chin to the side so he can see it. “Mine.” He points to his as well. “Suggest otherwise.”
Bram sets me down. My arms burn but only for a minute. I somehow find my backbone hiding beneath all my cowardly thoughts. “What are you saying Bram?!” I demand of him. His back is turned to me now. I can hear the lull from outside. Their demands that we come out are getting louder and knocks are coming at the door. The windows rattle from the vibrations. Then they’re all around us on the roof even, not trying to get in, but to scare us out. “Are you telling me to forfeit?”
“I don’t know.” He’s talking now but that doesn’t stop me.
“Was Brian right?”
“I don’t know!”
“Are we already one of them?”
“Jesus Christ Jaz!” He shouts loud enough and fierce enough that I quit. He takes one look at me and sighs. “I don’t know.” He says again but it’s quieter now, his eyes are calmer now, and then he reaches for me and folds me under his chin. He wraps his arms around me. “I don’t know.” He murmurs one last time.
“We need a plan.” I say after awhile.
“I know.” He finally says and pulls away from me.
“We’re stronger now right?”
“You are at least.” He shakes his head at me.
“No we both are.” With an obvious struggle Bram somehow manages to lift the entire pew up over his head and he heaves it into the whole row. The wood cracks and splinters before our very eyes.
“Why did you do that?”
“We’re going to need as many sharp pieces of wood as we can get. I wish we had a bow but this is going to have to do.” He looked at me, and my surprise was written all over my face. “We’re going to have to fight them.”
“Ok.” I’m scared. I have never in my life done anything remotely violent. I don’t even live close to the edge. How Bram and I are friends, I have no idea but I’m not the brave one. I’ve never been the brave one. The smart one, yes. I can’t be brave or smart about this because I know nothing about vampires. Truthfully my media knowledge on vampires is pretty basic. I usually avoid horror movies at all costs. I’m out of my element entirely on this one. The only thing I know in this whole situation is that I trust Bram completely.
“I don’t care how you manage it but you get these into as many vampire hearts as you can.” I nod. His hand is on the door and I’m not quite ready for him to open it yet.
“Wait Bram.” I stop him from opening the door. Although I don’t hear the Pod anymore I know they are still out there. They’re not likely to give up as easily as I would. “I’m scared.”
“Good.” He said with conviction.
“Doesn’t that worry you?” I asked wide-eyed. I know Bram better than anyone else on the planet and he still manages to surprise me.
“It would worry me more if you weren’t.” He leans forward. My heart starts to beat even faster, so fast that I worry that I’m going to faint soon. I can feel his breath, my body is buzzing in anticipation. I think he’s actually going to kiss me. This one feels like it’s going to actually mean something too. It only took a near fatal car accident and vampires to make him realize that. Just as our lips are about to touch everything goes black.

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Kelli (kelli4321) The brightest light I’ve ever seen appears.
Blackness falls all over me. Then I’m being pulled back out of it and then the light is even brighter than before. My eyes are opening but I can’t hold them open and there’s something being held over my face everything is blurry.
“She’s conscious.” Somebody says and I lift my hand reaching out for that image of Bram that I just had. I try and croak out his name but I can’t force any words out. Something warm fills my hand and squeezes. I do my best to squeeze him back but I’m drifting back out of the light.
His lips touch mine and I’m lost. “I’ll have to collect on the rest later.” He whispers against my lips breaking the kiss far too soon.
He pushes open the door and it’s daylight when it was dead of the night only seconds ago.
I’m woozy. There’s beeping. I’m trying to grasp onto it, trying to stay in the light and then just as quickly as it came I’m falling out of it and back into the black.
Bram shoves a wooden sliver through one of their hearts and I watch them shatter into oblivion and then fall to the Earth as dust on a breeze. I take a long slivered spear in my own hands it’s rough and a million little slivers are finding a home in my hand but I hold it out in front of me and one of them charges me and skewers themselves.
Each one died and fell to the earth already dust before they were even given a grave. One by one they go down. There is only two of us and hundreds of them but we are winning, we are surviving, we are concerning against all odds.
“Enough!” Brian shouts and his snarling snipping POD backs off. He comes front and center.
“How about we settle this one on one, no weapons just bare hands?” He suggests.
“Deal.” Bram extends his hand for Brian to shake and the deal is sealed. “Let’s go.” Bram drops his stakes to the ground and puts his knuckles up.
“No.” Brian shakes his head and laughs. “I’m not fighting you.” Brian takes one look at me and I already know what’s coming. “I’m going to fight Jazlyn.”
“But you said-“
“I said,” Brian cut Bram off. “One on One and you shook on the deal.”
“No absolutely not.” Bram pushed his sleeves further up his arms. “It’s me or it’s nobody.”
“Bram.” I said quietly. For some reason I know that I have to do this. “Let me.” I can tell he’s not pleased but I drop all the splintered wood except for a five inch piece that I keep hidden in my closed fist.
Brian takes the first punch but I duck backwards missing it by only an inch. I reach out and grab his arm hoping that I’ll be strong enough to flip him over my head but I’m not and instead I get an elbow to the face which forces me backwards into a somersault in mid air.
I fall and he’s coming after me. I give him my best kick; lining up my foot with his solar plexus and he flies backward. He’s flung into the open door of the church. I think the fight is over. I didn’t know he could go inside a church, but then again I didn’t know there were actually such things as vampires.
He emerges after I’ve picked myself up off from the ground. He is sweating and blackened he is burning holes through his clothes. I’m not sure I can beat him. He comes after me and his hands feel like hot coals. It burns and it chills me all at once.
The air is acrid with the smell of my burning flesh and I scream fighting against his constricting hands. I hear Bram calling out my name. He wants to step in but he’s being held back. With a fresh vision of Bram in my mind I suddenly realize why I’m fighting. I’m fighting to be alive again. I’ve fighting to feel his hands and I’m fighting so I can collect on the rest of that kiss.
In a second burst of energy I wriggle my hands free and force him far enough away from me that I can kick him. I jump up and connect with his chest. Having used both of my feet I fall onto the hard ground again. I can’t breathe and when he’s coming back down on me I hold up the splintered piece of wood that I kept in my hand and the force of his fall shoves it clean into his heart.
I watched the life vanish from his eyes and then he was gone. He was nothing but ashes now and I looked around me and the rest of them fell to dust as well. Bram came to me with an extended hand.
“It’s time to wake up.” He says and his voice is far away. “Please wake up now.” He slams my chest hard. I don’t know what he’s doing but the world glows. “Please wake up.” He punches my chest again and the world is brighter again. It lasted longer that time. The last time he punches me he’s gone and I’m gone and there’s nothing but lights.
I blink once.
I blink Twice.
I’m awake.
I’m alive – but barely.

“Bram?” I croak out. I try to sit up but it hurts. There are tubes going up my nose and tubes draining into my arms. Machines are beeping all around me.
“Oh my God.” I hear my mother gasp. That’s not who I’m looking for.
“Bram?” I ask again as everything comes into focus. I’m in a hospital room. It’s obvious. My mother is crying. I don’t know if it’s because she’s happy I’m awake and alive or if it’s because she’s about to tell me Bram didn’t make it. I remember the car accident. Is that why I’m here? “What happened?” I have to know. Did I really kill Brian? “Where is Bram?” I’m panicking now and a monitor is beeping radically.
“You were in a car accident. It was horrible. They think Bram’s arm saved your life. If he hadn’t deflected some of the air bags force you might have snapped your neck.” My mother grabs a hold of my hand; a hand that had just forced a piece of a wooden pew through Brian’s heart like a spear.
“Bram?” I ask one more time, afraid of what the answer might be.
“I’m right here.” I hear him and I glance towards the door. He comes in, in a sheen of light from the hallway. I want to get up and go to him and ask him what was real and what was not. My Mother backs away so Bram can get closer. He looks shocked to see me.
He looks good though, he doesn’t look like he’s been in a car accident and I tell him so. “It’s been awhile.” He grins at me.
“I came back for that kiss you promised.” He gives me a strange look but I’m not sure if he knows what I’m talking about. Then he leans down and he touches his lips against mine.
“I missed you.” He says to me and squeezes my hand.
“You’re ridiculous. I’ve been with you this whole time.” I’m getting groggy again and my eyes aren’t staying open for very long. I can see the worried look on Bram’s face. “Don’t worry.” I smile at him. “I’m not going anywhere.” He doesn’t seem reassured. “I’ll be collecting on the rest of that kiss later.” I fall into a dreamless sleep.

Weeks later I’m heading home. Vampires don’t exist. The therapist says this was my subconscious way of fighting out of my coma. I’m in the bathroom rounding up the last of my things. I’m ready to go home.
I grab my toothbrush.
It’s so good to be alive, I think. I’m also glad vampires aren’t real. I’m glad Bram is alive and so is Brian.
I don’t know what it is but something catches my eye in the mirror. I lean closer, close enough that my breath begins to fog up the glass. I wipe away my breath and stare long and hard at my neck. There. It couldn’t be. Vampires aren’t real but yet the proof was being reflected back at me. I was wearing it like a badge.
I scrubbed the mirror again, praying they were just spots on the finish. It wasn’t. It was there on my skin. It was forcing me to question my reality and taunting me with questions I will never have the answers to. There reflected in the mirror, were two perfectly placed snake-bite silver scars.

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Okay :) i'm really excited to see who wins.

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I was intently focused on getting my book read as the ra..."


Then darkness filled my vision. I expected to feel pain or fear, but none came. All at once light burst into my eyes. The thought ran through my head "Is that the car that hit us?" I felt nothing, then a calm came over me. My surroundings were unfamilliar, a sound entered my ears, muffled at first then growing clearer. I couldn't get away from the light. It was drawing me. "I must be dead." The lack of concern I had was odd. I mean, if your dead you should be scared right? At the very least concerned. I began to notice I wasn't just sitting still, I sensed I was moving at a high rate of speed. I was just enjoying what I was feeling.
As I looked into the light I saw something move. Maybe it was... what was his name? That's crazy, I have known him for years but I can't recall his name. The light continued to hold me in a soft cloud-like grip that made me feel like I was totally safe.
The figure I had seen moving is closer now. I wonder who it is. "I'm an angel" a voice said.
I heard myself ask outloud,"Is this all real?"
My angel replied, "More real than the earth you have always known."
"Is this heaven?" I asked with a half-smiile on my face.
The angel laughed and said, "No, this is not heaven." For the first time I felt a twinge of fear. "Then what is this?" The angel didn't answer.
"Hey, are you still there?" My breath began to come quicker and I could feel my chest tightening. "Yes, I'm here." Now I was feeling more than a twinge of fear it was washing over me in waves, drowning me in a grip I couldn't break. "You are not destined for heaven," the angel said without an ounce of pity.
"What?" My mind was spinning, and fear had totally conquered me. The light dissipated and I saw my angel. The skin was dark and seemed more scaly than an angel should. "Who are you?" I yelled. His face grinned a smile that held no joy and said, "My name is not important, but my job is. I am the host, or your guide, you might say."
"Where are you guiding me?" I choked the words up.
"To hell." he said flatly.
"No!" I screamed and screamed as the light gave way to darkness and the sound of my voice joined a host of others in torment.

I was intently focused on getting my book read as the ra..."

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Gosh, three more days! I can't wait to see who wins!

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Me three! When will you guys start judging?

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Meg | 155 comments wa[rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrltoeh
Exactly what time does this end?

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Meg | 155 comments ok thx!

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Ingrid wrote: "we ARE judging! just not in front of the rest of the members! at our private group!"

Like the final judging when the winner is picked?

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Meg | 155 comments yep

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) 2 DAYS TWO LONG!!

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Two!? Tommorow is the 20th, ill we not know by tommorow?

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Irene (wingdesilverii) | 2500 comments Okay :) (i'm highly excited)

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